Say Cheese with the NYPD

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Say Cheese for the NYPD 2014

.  Or perhaps you’d like to say, “Ouch!” instead of “Cheese” — judging by the picture reflections that the NYPD received on Twitter when they Twitted out a request for the public to share with them their favorite pictures taken with the NYPD and instructed them to include the hashtag #MyNYPD Pictures. The request went viral and returned dimensional #NYPD reflections from “a diddle doe – to them locking up Joe.

Talk about a campaigns #EpicFail.

The NYPD was hoping to revamp their look via social media by requesting the photos. This morning, their looking at themselves in the mirror and they don’t like what they see. I understand that feeling.  I often look in the mirror and am disgusted by what I see when I don’t have the proper matching shoes. It’s not a look to be proud of.  So imagine how the NYPD is feeling this morning. What a reflection.

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Well, everyone has flaws – none of which we like to hear of,
though a bigger blow is seeing those flaws in the the face of your mirror.

And what’s worse than that, is how their actions make the towns people feel.
It kills their respect for the police on deck – yielding a culturally negative appeal.

When I look into the mirror and I don’t like what I see,
I just change my shoes to another hue, (word to the wise: NYPD).

It’s not the shoes that you’re wearing, but it’s the soul that walks within.
If you want to regain the peoples respect, replace the scour with a grin.

Instead of stopping law abiding folk in traffic, because you just want to kill time,
try helping that man on the side of road. His hood is up… it’s a visible sign.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to help that man on the side of the road;
it’s  yielding an exhibition of compassion, instead of hounding the law abiding soul.

A negative PD reflection is not solely the flaw of New York,
I hear the other 49 states are united in the same kind of sport.

Violating peoples rights, because you were a blue suit,
is nothing to be respected for. The people don’t find you cute.

Disrespectful actions. You’re killing the honor of ‘the blue.’
Don’t believe my assessment? Check the Twitted pictures for the truth.

Again, this reflection is not solely New Yorks finest own,
I’ve seen the same pics in the Lone Star state as well as in the Zone.

Now, I’m for the good of us all – I’d love to see a new PD mindset in all 50 states.
Perhaps this discussion of #MyNYPD pictures will cause officials to do an ‘about face.’

We can do it! We can do it! Let wisdom & compassion be a ‘man in blues fixture.’
I’m Qui
and it’s either change your ways, or accept the rotten cheese that you see in the pictures.

You don’t have to dig me or my point-of-view. Feel free to disagree.
Just be sure when it’s you whose forced to endure, don’t forget to Say Cheese!

Coming around to Billy…

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Billy Miner vs Tom David

L-R: Billy Miner and Tom David, ie… the beloved Billy Abbott

Billy Abbott that is. Have you been watching Tom David refill his shoes that Billy Miller relinquished last year? I really hated to see Mr. Miner go. He shaped the Billy Abbott role into something sexy. He brought swag to the persona. I am so sure he has exited Y&R for bigger dramatic roles, I am sure. No, I have no inside information to share at this time, but you know you can tell when the depth of a character resides solely with the actor by how he comprehends and relays the writers template. Billy Minor single handledly gave Billy Abbott a huge fundamental facelift.

Tom David was the first Billy Abbott ever casted in Y&R back in the 80′s, and a couple (or few) have come and gone since, all were interchangeable and stuck to the script, but when Billy Miner wore the shoes, the writer was forced to add swag to the characters scripted choreography and to their credit, they did it seamlessly. Billy Abbott went from being Jill Abbott’s annoying, rich and aimless son to someone a house wife could and would break from mopping to study. Bravo writers! I saw it all happen and it was beautiful, then Billy Miner exited the cast last year to faites de meilleures choses

Tom David puts his baptized shoes back on and assumes his role-right.  At first it was a funky fit. He was walking funny, (in character), as if to say, ‘Now, whose shoes are these? I’m married to who?’ It was a struggle to watch Tom get back into the swing of things, but then today… today I tune into Y&R and see Billy Abbott moving forward in niching out his new view. It seems the writers have literally killed the old Billy (crafted by Billy Miner) and have started anew with a lighter, more social kind of Billy Abbott in script. Today I found myself not struggling, but Coming around to Billy. I can’t say it was anything in particular he said, but was definitely in how he handled himself in what he did. I do remember a scene he had with Chelsea Newman today, where he stopped by at a rather odd hour and unannounced, I thought I was about to be annoyed but Billy handled his role with a unique and interesting set of likable, quick-debating skills that won him entrance into Chelsea’s domain and into the favorable column in my loyal viewers mind.

Whew! That was a mouthful! That’s the work of the writing cast on Y&R. I’m full of praise because I know first hand how rough it is to keep the long-term interest of the peering public. ALL MY CHILDREN knows it. GENERAL HOSPITAL knows it and RYAN’S HOPE died shortly after it’s birth. Surely you remember? Well knock-on-wood, because that is not the story of Y&R. And I am content still, even though Billy and Victoria Newman-Abbott are filing for divorce. I am convinced that there may be a be a good life in the script coming down the pipeline for ol’ Billy – of course a lot of that will hinge on what Tom David can do in his shoes. I’m ready to see him dance. How about you? Yo DJ!! Pump that Y&R joint!


Yes! I’m Coming around to Billy, and I’m really glad about it.
I thought he’d be annoying and considered the role and ‘out-it.’

I felt like Billy Miner’s talents did the role a favor and that the story line would unfortunately show
that the scripted character took a shot-to-the-eye when they let Billy Miner go.

Yes, the switch started out slow and whenever Tom David would enter the set, I’d go and get water.
There was no interest in my mid-day routine for Jill’s son, ‘the annoying, the rich and the guarded.’

Though today the tides seems to be changing and rolling someone new up onto the beach.
I’m Qui
and Y&R’s Tom David is the one who seems to be up to dance. I’m looking forward to his role-right beat.

He has my attentions.
Enough to warrant this mention.

PS — Did you see that kiss Billy planted on Chelsea today? Wooo Hooo!

Monday Morning Goodness

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QE Mag Morning Goodness.

Good Friday was 3-days ago and today follows suit.
Good morning wired family – I’m most happy to be with you.

It’s the 3rd Monday of the month and you know I’m a Monday lover.
With compliments about me, I’m a positive-pushing mother.

I’m the chic in transit waving at you, because you were looking.
I’m the one that compliments the chef – when I smell good flavors cooking.

You are the chef and you were the transient looking.
I’m the complimenting queen‘good vibe’ hooking.

Monday Morning Goodness. We all could use a little.
So when you see bad energy coming – use your positive tip and whittle.

Whittle the energy into something more appealing – try to get the stressed-out to smile.
It may not be as easy as you’d like, thus be strong, lest it will take a longer while,

but you can do it. You can do it! Monday Morning Goodness is for all,
I’m Qui 
at the beginning of a new week, saying lets be a positive force today y’all.

QE Mag Compliments1


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