How to Reboot YOU

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reboot-300x222I know what you’re thinking — “But do I have to shut down?
Perhaps and it’s okay to wear the #SelfPreservation crown.

You preserve your residence by caring for your home inside and out.
You care for your smart phone data with external hd’s and backing it up to the cloud.

You take good care of your vehicle, inspections and checkups are always made.
You take care of the kids and lurking obstacles, hid – but what about you, today?

Did the computer freeze up? Apps seem to have gone awry?
Reboot first, before your brain is fried.

Save yourself the time of delving into hack level troubleshoots
by trying the easiest choice: sign out and reboot.

Often times if you’ll wait a few minutes before powering up your device
you will find all has smoothed itself out and all is alright.

That’s a lot like life. Sometimes it can become staccato,
perhaps yielding a feeling of more STOPs than GOs.

Enough with the whoas, turn off your phone and social media unplug,
you are operating in a mundane mode and it’s filled with destructive bugs.


Step in front of a mirror and give yourself a BIG hug.
You’ve been neglecting yourself. Its time to be a “self preserve” thug.

Steal a little time away just for YOU.
Take as much time as you need to reboot.

Social media will bait and wait, your cell phone holds voicemail,
the people that love you will still be there – all others can go to hell.

It’s all about you.
Meditate for a breakthrough.

It’s okay to reboot.
Don’t get lost in the groove,
take the headlines – stick and move.
Self preservation is all about you.

Good morning family — so what’cha gone do?
I’m Qui
And this is your griot word on How to Reboot YOU.

Nobody Knows How I Feel!

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“Nobody knows how I feel!  Nobody understands!  You can’t possibly imagine what it is like to be in my shoes!”

When feeling hopeless and discouraged, these kinds of thoughts can easily come to mind.  A lot like lions hunting gazelle, Satan wants to isolate us from those who would support, encourage and protect us. His efforts begin in our minds where he plants thoughts like these: “No one has every experienced what I have been through.”

So recognize this red flag: When your thoughts begin to isolate you and make you feel all alone, Satan is at work. At the first sign of this red flag waving in your face, begin the redirect in your thinking.

Psalm 42 from today’s One Year Bible reading exemplifies this for us.  First, be honest with God about your feelings. He is not afraid of your authenticity.  “Day and night I have…

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Broadcasting the revolution

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We were constantly told during the 60’s that the revolution WOULD NOT be televised. Our parents held back. They thought they had made “head-way” and were “on top of the situation.” As they got closer to retiring old separatist pistons starting firing and we’re back at the point of protest, boycotts, and making plea’s to the justice department to recognize that #BlackLivesMatter. In our efforts to make the case we turn to technology. Body camera vests for policeman have been suggested and implemented, however I’ve found this nifty site that educates and encourages civilians to record such sensitive situations for piece of mind and “back-up,”:

Today is a great day to make a positive difference. I won’t spend my typing talents on asking you to “Love your brother as you would want to be loved,” because the Bible already prompted you to do that and I’m not into preaching to the choir. The choir sings melodically but they don’t always believe [to the letter] or execute what the verses dictate. Imagine that. Read the good book, pray and get an understanding for yourself. Live with an open heart, love freely with no fear and always keep a camera or cell phone near. You never know when a scene will unfold that legal council may need to behold.


Things look bleak and I’ve certainly felt more empowered.
I’m concerned that the love we’ve nourished is almost turned sour.

There is no such thing as a [repetitive] isolated killing incidence,
yet, PD’s across the country – are incidentally killing black women and men:

Documenting Black Deaths at Police Hands 1999-2014

Click the picture to read the list of names and see the victims faces up close.

Unarmed suspects, time and time again are meeting their unnecessary fate —
And you keep telling us to stay positive and keep the faith.

I wonder if you would feel the same… if I would still feel alone
should your beloved son or daughter be refused the right to safely return home?

Would you be asking me to “slow down the rhetoric” and “wait out due process”
if authorities were killing your family members without cause for arrest?

Think about the whole of the situation – then think about you and me.
Do you really want to see what will happen to our legacy in tomorrows streets?

Our kids are seeing that the law is some sort of off-centered game;
The law appears to be a force used to keep minorities in ‘their lane.’

To all who play the oppressors game – caveat on the forecasted end,
any intent to harm your brother will be your future impend.


You are not above the law and your entitlement demands will not ever reach us,
because we are educated, living under grace and are covered by the blood of Jesus.

Yes! Yes! There is still GOOD NEWS!
The grace of God covers more than the Jews!

Don’t be mad, but do be aware that the revolution is happening all across this land.
Society is showing us: there is little (to no) compassion for the life of a black man.

You do not have to agree with the writ and I so desperately wish it weren’t so.
Justices’ oversights — hurts my eyes. Do these murderers have no soul?

Bad police are claiming fear and good police are afraid to expose.
It all stinks to high heaven — putrid in our Creators nose.

A foul stench permeating from our social status quo’s.
To God be the glory, may the oppressors reap their roles.

A greater future will unfold and the revolution will have been digitally recorded.
I’m Qui
A griot she – documenting WE – as it’s being reported.

Any time is always a good time to sit down and get serious
Any time is a good time to start building 
a positive and progressive relationship. WE all deserve it.

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