PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up

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I just want to start this morning off by saying:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.44.02 AM

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!? Click pic to PLAY Video


The other reason that I’m on fire, and woke up feeling flight,
is because The PLUGGED IN Concert is going down tonight!!!

Recently I wrote About The 80’s and of the music of the time,
MTV, Rock n Roll and Rap immediately came to mind.

Plugged IN Concert 2014Well when this PLUGGED IN event was in pre-production and in the audition stage,
I saw the talent and deemed it valiant; reminiscent of those 80’s days.

I remember waking up to Headbangers Ball and getting YO! MTV Raps, on the weekends.
I remember thinking Motley Crew, Metallica and De La Soul were my personal friends.

It was a beautiful adolescents begin and to good music I am still kin,
which is why I’m excited about tonights concert: PLUGGED IN.

If you’re in the Chandler (Phoenix) metroplex this eve and you’re looking for something to do,
please know, there’s a seat for you at the concert and — It’s FREE too!
(Donations will be appreciated)

I am turnt up, for REEL, for QUI FILMS will be reeling the show,
I’m Qui
and I woke up like this. I’m giddy-beaming. Come with. Let’s go!

PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up
I’ll save a seat for you in the cut.

Visit the Chandler Center for The Arts website for more info:

The EXTANT of things…

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Extant dillusionsIt’s a good thing I brought up EXTANT, because tonight is a 2-hour broadcast.
Set your DVR and do set it fast,
for on the EAST COAST, it has already started
and less than an hour from now, it’ll all be departed.

Are you watching?

Also, in keeping with the loose meaning of EXTANT
I think the perfect segue is “breath versus pant.”

So you survive Hump Day during the 9-5,
duly thanking glad that you’re still alive

then just at 5, a new list of demands –
please be reminded to breathe and not pant.

Panting will surely cause your blood pressure to rise.
Instead breathe and exhale the most creative surprise.

Surprise yourself in your work-ethic response;
Consider yourself a skilled fish in an pretty quaint pond.

Remember it’s your duty to survive and surpass all.
Let EXTANT be your new beck that seekers do call.

Plugged IN Concert 2014Suit up! There’s a party going down and QUI FILMS will be reeling the mix!
Please tell me you’re coming out to Chandlers PLUGGED IN Concert event?

It’s free to the public, so if you’re going to be in the Phoenix metroplex
you definitely want to click this link and come out to JAM and connect.

Plenty of networking will be in the house – for networking is way cool.
Come out and meet the good folks at Green World or Rock n Roll High School.

Come ROCK OUT to the teen bands that you’ve surely heard
will be performing Friday night along side of INJURY RESERVE.

Yes! I will be in the house. Friday is only several hours away,
I’m Qui
and we can’t get to Friday without a little mid week word play.

is the word of the day!
(drop in on the show too)

A Handful of Tuesday

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Heidi stars in The Car Wash 2014Day 1 has passed — you’re so not a beginner!
Be like Heidi today, and show up as a spinner.

Inspired by everything chique and posh,
Heidi is inspired by the coin op car wash.

I suppose it’s an okay look – if you’re not from a suburban hood.
Otherwise, the choice is a hot faux pas and that can not be good.

Twirl, twirl,twirl. Twirl away your mundane troubles,
But if you’re not Heidi, this garment will yield you double.

Fashion or not, the USA can be quite the supportive nation,
so join your favorite celeb in donating to the ALS Association.

Tyler Perry has done it, and Ben Affleck has joined the likes.
Their challenging all to donate after succumbing to a bucket of ice.

When folks need assistance, toss economics and say screw it!
Donating has never been so fun, watch Oprah and Kerri do it:

ALS Ice Challenge 2014

It’s always good to be a good friend and to be there for those who you love, until the end, 
So whilst you’re considering the ALS challenge – think of the co-found Corey Griffin.

After raising thousands of dollars in recent weeks for an ALS suffering friend,
He dove off of a Nantuckett establishment into Straight Wharf and to his end.

TaHandsUP DontShootke a moment of silence for Corey and then bend a knee in kind for Michael Brown.  
The violence in Ferguson County continues to thrive and every night, mayhem goes down.

It ought not be a racial issue. Officer Wilson knows what he did.
I’d like to think folks would take to the street, if he’d shot any race of kid.

However, as of late, the trigger happy, seem to point, aim and shoot at target: black.
Pray for Mike’s Mom, like you would your own – they’d give anything to have him back.

I’m grateful to have life and good health today.
I’m grateful for helpful folk that do cross my way.

I’m grateful to have a voice, especially on the WordPress mic,
I’m Qui
taking nothing for granted
, in this present thang’ called LIFE.

One day you’re here and the next day you’re gone.
Happy Tuesday kinfolk – jam this UGK song:


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