Happy Beginnings

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jimmy-fallon-dancingGood morning sweetheart! Good morning today!
I’m up smiling and groove vibing – I’m loving this day.

It’s early and I’m overcome with the feeling of winning!
It’s my birthday week, I’m celebrating sweet – I’m into Happy Beginnings.

It’s 4:30 am and I’m grinding beans for a fresh cup of jo.
I’m out here in the mountains, thanking God for life, yo.

Last night I slept like a baby and I’m feeling quite refreshed.
Breakfast will be served on terrace, under sky and birds; the fruit is fresh.

Juice – no pulp and for my jo – no cream.
Yesterday was my born day and this is my scene.

The entire month – I reign as queen; I duly play my part.
I marinate in the moments that do massage my heart.


My girlfriend Gloria met up with me to do some Bday shopping – Gloria is 90 & FABULOUS!

Celebrate the good of love and those that love me.
Yep! I’m a LEO and of love, we acknowledge the need.

I am loved, I am happy and kicking it with you – means I’m winning.
Life is good to me! I’m celebrating Happy Beginnings.

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face.
Sitting upright in bed, I’m enjoying my space.

It’s the month of Leo, though I want to toast this jo’ to you.
I appreciate your support and that fact that you come through.

I see you in great numbers and I’m peeping your style.
This jo’s to you! Come again and stay a while.

And Ooo child, you know that another party will soon follow.
It’s the Leo thing to do – it began yesterday and will end 3 days after tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging with me, ton ambiance  is always cool,
I’m Qui
Sitting happy on this mountainous peak and enjoying the unbelievable view.

I wish you were here, too.
I’ve got a cup of jo with an extra shot of espresso or two.

Let’s wake and take…  you know, to the day the way we want to.


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dope-bday-qui-2016What is it?
Is it a feeling, is it a drug?
Is it addictable, like my )))HUGS(((?

These shoulders shrug, I think it’s an emotion.
I feel dope when I meditate; when I give praise in devotion.

I feel dope when you feel me. I love to connect.
Sometimes dope is vindication after being unjustly vexed.

Dope is your DNA. Look at your hair, skin and nails.
Stay healthy, be fit, shoot “antagony” to hell.

Dope is that good feeling, you want to inhale
when the Doc comes back and says your diagnostic is swell.

I’m on a HIGH. I stay high. I live for the life of it — with no choke.
I’m unlimited in my charted quests; I don’t scare easy. It’s DOPE to VOTE!

There’s always hope in my mind and there’s always room to grow.
Dope is ditching negativity and sticking with those who meet your lobes.

This method is effective MORE than the strongest smoke.
I dig the “intellectual relate” – I give and receive; No choke.

I don’t cough either– I say what I mean,
I’m Qui
and this is a HIGH DAY for me. DOPE is all about me.
Oooo Weee!

If you see me in the streets
throw a shout-out to me.
and that is

Mondays AirDrop — it don’t stop!

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Hustlers Convention 2015Let me drop this on ya
– it’s in the air
I caught Chuck D’s “Hustlers Convention” piece –
my heritage on broadcast – a reeled square.

It was a Friday afternoon when I landed on the STARZ BLACK station
and heard a few words that made a spirited-soul relation

to my thirsty ears.
Oh dear
I almost squeezed out a tear…

I was so excited.
Words rhymed on a dime
and I did not write it.

THE HUSTLERS CONVENTION — when first I heard of it
was the day I met Fab5Freddy – I rank no chance meet above it.

He shared the history of it all and I loved it.
He encouraged me to embraced my GRIOT root – so I )))HUGGED((( it.


Click HERE to get chin-checked by the original audio – 1973

I was shocked to see Chuck D’s documented revelation of events…
It’s been 10-years since Fab taught me — #GriotKnowledge has been on ferment.

On an average of 3-days a week I AirDrop here to vent whatever vibe may be.
I’m 12-years strong singing this Griot song
that has been broadcasted on various www [dot] Qui ‘s

Ooo wee! It’s been a blast and I ain’t stopping
this weekend was prime for the pickin’ & HUSTLER CONVENTION copping.

Knowledge was dropping y’all… and if you didn’t know
don’t feel left behind, I learned about it on the East Coast.

Check your satellite listings of STARZ BLACK if you want to see 
the orign of the DNA that seeded the #Griot writes of Qui.

I’m trying to tell ya kinfolk, via this Monday Air Drop.
You’re getting it on good authority and it’s okay to cop.

Go ahead and peep the trailer and get a whift of the vibe
and if you don’t have STARZ, YouTube will give you the reel for a real a low price.

Man I dug the knowledge dropped – it was all hype and no jive,
I’m Qui
rendering Monday’s AirDrop a little sharper and amp’d to Go LIVE.

Phoenix ain’t ready…