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can i have it-memIs today a reason for celebration,
a step away from degradation,
a day to build on our united relation,
a day to retreat from psycho-babble connotations?


Yes-Yes. Let foolishness and misunderstandings hit the highway!
I awoke this morning, feeling SURE in my yawning that today is a high day.

Hello, howdy, and hi!
Come on over – DO stop-on by.

We’ve got Nancy Pelosi holding the gavel now
and a wall for separation — may not eat our tax-cow.

Do we need to reopen the government? — Absolutely we do.
Should we do so by any unsettling means? <– Bid ignorance adieu.

Wisdom is about me and you, as is another opportunistic Friday morn.
Rise and shine. I hope you’re feeling fine for the wool of yesterday is being sClint-Eastwood-YES.gifhorn.
Is our current state of the union still a reason for alarm?


Can we get better? — We must.
More bipartisanship and less fuss.

Can we do it for the sake of being whole and secure?
Can we put a check on what we need to correct? — Absolutely. SURE.

Unproductiveness… we need to shoo it.
Come together and get things done? We need to do it.

Can we do it today? We SURE can.
I’m Qui
and anytime I feel at an impasse – I pray for a plan.


This Cool Breeze…

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Air out the laundry…

This Cool Breeze on my neck
is a welcoming check.

Thank you, God, for the bay-style window
and for the rays of the sun, that warms my soul.

I love that you’d gift me this comforting moment.
I thought I was alone, but you are ‘all up on it.

And I feel that…
A melancholy breeze with lots of trim and less fat.
You feel that?

Trigonometry detains my thoughts today; I pray to receive with ease,
I’m Qui
In the face of tough Math and a tougher Congress  – I am loving

This Cool Breeze…

Pay attention and enjoy it, please.

Keep It Moving

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Good morning sweetheart. Allow me to catch you mid-stride
and say “There’s nothing new under the sun,” — not one new vibe.

That is if the above video is indeed a relic truth.
Isn’t that what one 2016 candidate was selling me and you?

I didn’t buy it.
Many did and now many deny it.

Still according to the 1950’s black and white narrative series clip
there was one 2016 candidate who was not shooting from the hip.

Not at all – not at all.
A script from a canceled series was recalled

and now we are living out a show that the networks cut short.
So about our collective position, whilst there be any thwart?

Especially since we know that some shows should never be remade.
Good morning Monday, please Keep It Moving and thank you for the shade.

Good morning sweetheart, I missed you over the last few days.
Were you out and about being compassionate or engaging in misbehave?

We all misbehave from time to time, and hopefully, we all know when to stop.
No one can fool all of the people all of the time – regardless of your status-quo-snot.

Things have long heated up to “hot,” and I’m so glad that I didn’t choose the turtle neck.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, please continue to be patient whilst Karma does a check.

Keep It Moving

and pray for the man whose trials yield him vex.
It may be his day today, though tomorrow – who is next?