Are you OBSOLETE, man

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technology-becoming-obsolete.pngShortly after I lock into Rod Sterling’s intro: “You are traveling into another dimension…” the Twilight Zone’s  opening scene starts to unfold and an elderly gentleman is being escorted through 40ft tall double doors leading to a judgment council where over the narrating host continues:

[June 2, 1961]

Rod Sterling: “You walk into this room at your own risk because it leads to the future.  Not a future that “will be,” but one that “might be.”

This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who’s ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.

But like every one of the super states that preceded it, It has one iron rule:  Logic is an enemy and Truth is a menace.”

STRONG WORDS. Wouldn’t you say?

For years I have been telling my 19-year old daughter about the dangers of reality TV. It came out of nowhere and when it first started up, the intimate insight into “the behind-the-scenes views of a couple of “average you’s,” was fine, but then the concept took off like an epidemic. Trump became even more popular via the reality show vehicle and our youth have succumb to heralding “this particular attitude” and often vocalizing, “Ugh! Reality shows have some of the dumbest people on them, I COULD DO BETTER because my life is way more screwed up than… (the subject under review}.

How is that a good premise for a show?

My warning to my daughter throughout the years was ‘I won’t stop you from watching output_eivj5vreality shows but you must keep in mind that they are ENTERTAINMENT and more over that I really believe reality shows came into our lives to DUMB DOWN THE viewing MASSES.’ If that wasn’t the intention, it’s exactly what has and is happening. How many young girls wanted to be Paris Hilton back in the day or wanted to be Kim Kardashian yesterday? Reality icons always fall off the radar of remembrance a month after the show cancellation but during their weekly 15-minutes of fame… they are larger than life to the onlooking masses.

I warned my daughter to avoid being “one of the masses.” I advised her to look – if she must, but to stay focused on her own journey. We ran into instances where she just “wanted to be like everyone else.”  I encouraged her to stand as an individual and then Twilight Zone comes on in the wee hours of this morning and it turns out maybe my advice is indeed “OBSOLETE, man.”

Peep the clip of episode 65, Twilight Zone, THE OBSOLETE MAN:



I love books and there is indeed a God, my friend.
Mr. Romney Wordsworth was a librarian and believer until the end.

Though government could not appreciate his diversity stance
and decided if he’s not “like everyone else” he must be OBSOLETE MAN.

Obsolete? Because he wasn’t as shallow as the weighted mass?
After watching this episode, I promptly got up off of my ass

to locate the reel and share the episode with you;
There’s nourishment in the Twilight Zone’s archived view.

Unfortunately it has a PRESENT DAY hue, and still – I’m not feeling it.
Twilight Zone saw signs of obsolete back then – they were reeling it.

This episode is perfect to review today, hop onto the couch of a true Twilight Zone fan,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day to thee and BEING YOU is never OBSOLETE, man.

A Few HOW TO’s

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things-matter-control.pngHOW TO Be H a p p y.

I can’t speak on a thing, if I don’t know it.
Kinfolk, I know “THIS.” I’m living it and strides show it.

If It’s broken, I likely broke it. 😀
Every time crisis arises – I choke it.

If it’s unnecessary, I’ll uproot it myself.
I’m interested in the productive moves and creating wealth.

“If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense.”
Read a book or two to forgo being shallow or dense.

Like yourself, first and embrace your hair: be it silky or nappy.
Love you, first and quench your own thirst – broach the road to H a p p y.

Start at the root of it all. What do you have to offer the world?
If you consume something bad: food or info — I suggest a good earl.

Bad food will make you sick and fishy situations will make you feel crappy.
Caveat the company you keep, watch the leaks and focus on H a p p y.

You can do it! If you break it — screw it! It may be necessary, so do it quick!
I’d rather see you happy and comfy in life than popular and sick.

And this is how I do it. I purge often and keep my loads light.
You deserve happiness in all the you do by day and by night.

Go for it.
Everyday you wake up is a day to #ScoreIt.


HOW TO Be E f f i c i e n t.

cant-pour-from-empty-glass.jpgFirst of all efficiency is privvy to those with knowledge of the ins and the outs
so if you want to be efficient, there’s quite a bit you need to know about.

I am a thespian and one of the best when I do it.
I learn everybody’s lines – I’m known for rescuing LIVE #ScrewITs.

It’s what I do: harbor efficiency for maximum benefit.
There’s tangible LIVE PRODUCTION Insurance – if I’m in it.

Learn your lifes script and the players in action
Learn the rules, the fools and the laws and the factions.

Plan each move well ahead of your counter.
Know your obstacle well, before you mount her.

By preparing in advance and knowing the ropes – makes all of the difference.
And THIS, dear kinfolk, will yield you more E f f i c i e n t.

Everyone knows that “the game is to be sold and not told.”
Please know (in griot format), I have spit-out for you pure gold.
Kinfolk: Partake & Behold.


HOW TO Get A M a t e

Be willing to give even more for what you want.
Nothing comes easy if you seek a good mate to flaunt.

Work on yourself, pray for wisdom and be more flexible.
Can’t do it – completely work through it? Be more responsible.

Elizabeth Taylor married much. She was quite the charming mate nailer.
I suggest you do something different because you are not Elizabeth Taylor.

When you commit, stick to it.
It ain’t easy at all. Work through it.

And that’s just on #Dating.
Doing IT much may be required for the right mating.

That’s okay – too. Take your time and be real with yourself.
Oh and it wouldn’t hurt if you chose someone who saves well (fancies wealth)

and good health.  All are good assets and you will need them tomorrow.
Ignore signs to save well  or take care and your future WILL bear sorrow.

Get a Mate that suits you inside and out – even when it doesn’t feel like it.
You’re the quarterback in all that you lack get your eye on ball and yell “hike it!”

Everytime the ball is in your court
Make PEACE #ShowFace and chart a #Score.

After executing a few complete runs of this route
You’ll be facing marriage — Tis’ what dating is all about.

There’s no time to just get bedded.
If you love ’em (over time), go ‘head and get wedded.


HOW TO Close a W r i t e:

It’s  quite simple for a griot gal, like me,
I’m Qui
doling A Few HOW TO’s of The Social 1-2-3’s.
Ooo OUI!!

A Happy Heart

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a-happy-heart.jpgA happy heart is what I’m working with
I’m happier than the cast of Chapter 2, John Wick.

Have you seen the interview/trailer shtick? It’s got potential burn.
I was captivated by the behind-scenes look at Larry Fishburn.

Isn’t he calling himself Laurence and not Larry now?
Laurence/Larry, Clean face/hairy — I love him anyhow. 😀

A happy heart is mine today! Dare I try to shake it.
It’s deeply rooted in my soul. I’m high and wouldn’t think to fake it.

An opportunity to share goodness? Everytime I see it, I take it.
I’m high y’all with heralding gall – Good is in progress. I make it.

A happy heart is what I’m dealing with. What is it that you’ve got on your chest.
If it’s something other than love, drop that bug and get to doing what works best.


Lighten your burdened load of mundane
and elevate your heart and elongate this chain.

Chain of Love, I’m trying to link it.
No haters in this click. Those suckers will sink it.

Speaking of Chains, I heard that soon there’ll be a halt in melodic excitement
as The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has announced she’s going into retirement.

Retirement? Now? Isn’t she a spring chicken?
When it comes to Gospel tones Ms. Franklin’s vibes are bone stickin.’

I hate that she’s calling it quits – still pending a few more tour dates.
I do love Aretha Franklin and pray that PROSPERITY remains her life long fate.

A Happy Heart is mine today.
I promise you that I’m going out to play.

My retirement is far off.a-happy-heart1
I’ll spend my youth…a productive cost.

I’m learning the ropes and minimizing losts.
I’m utilizing and executing, preparing to be boss.

A Master at the Art of Living draws little distinction between his work and play.
I’m working at mastering the art. Living good yields my heart happy today.

Hey-ey! Whatchu say? Life is tricky and that I should watch out?
A happy heart means vibing smart and cautiously moving about.
I’m not into the wince nor the pout.

Life is at hand and things are looking pretty golden.
I’m Qui
Saying Oui-Oui! I’m producing goods to be beholden.

Approaching life with A Happy Heart
is me doing my best to hold a productive charge.