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Unsung Exhibitions

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A Networking Conglomerate

Welcome to Gallery Qui is a magazine that focuses on honoring creative talents. Staple American Artist like Rembrandt, Michael Jackson, Spike Lee, Andy Warhol, Fab 5 Freddy, etc. have works that are readily available in upscale galleries all over the world –and they very well should . But what about that “artist dude” that you met when you had your portrait done in that little town on beach?

The finished product is still – by far – one of the most amazing works of art that you’ve ever seen, (never mind the fact the pic of you). With the exception of him signing the bottom of the canvas you’ve not ever seen or heard of his name again?

Well we’d love to share your experience with you and even yield some global EXPOSURE for that “artist dude too. So send us your stories and pictures of your “custom made art” ( your cd, your short film, YOUR PRODUCTIVE GOODS) to share with the wwworld. Local talent doesn’t have to be limited by the distance of physical relativity anymore. — ART IS GLOBAL — and so are we.

Welcome to Qui Entertainment Magazine,
Let the GOOD Conversation begin.