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The New Karate Kid is a Smith

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In their Pursuit of Happiness Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are building a family tree of exemplary actors like the Barrymore’s, Douglas’, and Southerland’s. So far Jaden Smith has taken the family business and is steadfast making it his own. After starring opposite his father in Chris Gardners life story, “The Pursuit of Happiness” he’s already generating buzz reviews about his upcoming role as The new Karate Kid.

Communication is Crucial

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Communication is Crucial

There are so many ways to communicate: by phone, fax, email, snail mail, hand signs, hand gestures, senses & prayers. You should know that hand gestures and hand signing aren’t quite the same method. Hand signs would be utilized in American sign language where hand gestures could be classified under flipping someone off – either way, both forms are viable communication but will yield very different results.

Communicating through Senses and Prayers would be classified under Spiritual and Paranormal. To communicate with a force that is not physical would supersede faxes, snail mail and emails, though the responses are just as concrete as those received in hard copy form.

What? — WORD.

Have you ever watched Ghost Hunters, Crossing Over with John Edwards, Medium or The Ghost Whisperer? There’s obviously a public interest in what lies beyond the physical world & that’s a good thing. To be curious is to be human, since no man is immortal. More good news — there is existence after death. Yep. That’s why the fore mentioned shows exist. They were not drawn out of thin air, they parallel “the goings on that you can not see”. Sixth Sense peep shows, if you will. More and more people are becoming receptive of such unseen reality. Me? I’ve never questioned it. They exist among us, in the quieter space. It saddens me that people don’t acknowledge the spirits of their past loved ones, even when they feel their presence. If you have life, you will have death and I don’t think it’s going to feel that great to be forgotten about so soon.

Wondering about Heaven and Hell? Oh – I’m sure they have their place in the spiritual world, but until the rapture takes place – body or not – we’ll all be here waiting. So the next time you find yourself engulfed in thought about a past loved one, say their name aloud and ask them how they’re doing? It’ll freak them out, but the acknowledgement will keep them around – because it feels good to be remembered. Communication is not dead…that only applies to the body.

Communication is Key, and I am…

World News – Griot Views

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When surfing various news views remember that you do have choices,
CNN and your local news station kin – have nothing on BlackVoices.
It was there that I read:

A rapper coins the name “Tiger Woods” in a rap;
A paralleling metaphore that yields infidelity some dap.

Regardless of the jeers, we’ve got to yield some cheers
To President Obama and his relentless first year.
Opposition groups have much to say but the intelligence on (their) deck is dense
Many nay sayers are nothing more than haters – unqualified to be the president.

God Bless the earthquake victims in Haiti who have no resources or say –
God Bless Wyclef Jeans efforts to help out – God forbid any corruption in regards to YELE.

The number one Tennis gal @ the Australian Open is no doubt the thick-n-fit Serena
Caveat: No one’s retiring anytime soon- including the other AO winner: big sister Venus.

There are other views bouncing on the wire- some well conveyed, some may resemble ‘blurting dither’
Either way it’s good to read one’s thoughts as those freely dropped in 140 characters on Twitter.

I’m into meeting folks & networking. I’m sooo into connecting with intellectual kin
Because of my desire to be productively on fire – I often kick it on LINKED IN.

Social media is important – and news views need not always define our look
So when I’m not thumbing through the news I’m on QuiVision or FaceBook.

However you do it, whenever you do it – I’m glad you’ve stopped by to see me,
I’m Qui
Digging you 7-days through. I bid you griot views on Day 3.

It’s Wednesday baby!

Off Broadway or Chit-lin Circuit

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Tonight Sheree Whitfield will star opposite of Dave Hollister in the stage play
“HEAVEN I NEED A HUG” at the Granville Arts Center in Garland, Texas.
Novelty write ups have already tagged this stage play “another round on the
chit-lin circuit” – and I tend to think they may be onto something with their

I pray that “Heaven I Need a Hug” is nothing like the chit-lin circuit design
it is prospected to be, because I plan to go out and support it. Heaven help me –
I will definitely need a hug if they’re on the same corny design. As for Sheree,
I hope she’s fabulous in her debut. I’m a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan myself.
My favorite femme personality would be KANDY though I must admit I have not
been able to watch the show since AJ died. The entire misfortune was too real and
deeply felt; however the rumor mill has been buzzing, her co-stars Kim Zolciak
and NeNe Leakes have been having difficulties negotiating their contracts for the
show, Sheree is set to return for the third season of ‘Housewives.’

It was announced yesterday on that the network has been given
a new season green light as it remains the highest rated show of the ‘Real Housewives’
franchise and last season it maintained its rank as the #1 series in its Thursday night
-10 PM time slot. Congratulations to the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Sheree
for landing a role opposite of Dave Hollister
. Vocally – He’s the best. If he takes over and sings all night, I’ll be happy and moist, but if the corn comes in via
the script… let’s just say I will be exiting the theater at the first whiff of chit-lins.
I’m absolutely allergic.