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Rule #7

In Networking, Sports on January 24, 2010 at 2:54 pm

It’s not everyday I find myself spectating MOTORCROSS SPORTS, thus today was new & exciting. Do you know James “Bubba” Stewart the 2009 SUPERCROSS Champion? He’s only 25 and already a legend in his field. A legend? Absolutely. #7 is a bad boy. At age 17, James was already making millions, changing history and winning just about every dirtbike race he entered. Kidzworld coined the teenage athleto as the Tiger Woods of motocross, and he did not dissapoint.

In my effort to know more, I immediately googled James to see what I would find. Happy was I to find his web page. Mmph! I was biting my lower lip because I am most turned on by professionals who understand the importance of a global presence. Being online is not an option if you intend to extend your presence – it’s a must, and #7’s online presence is hot! Sure I’m 13 years his senior, but who doesn’t enjoy a good ride? I do! And I like the way James works it. Get to know more about this up and coming phenomenon in the Motorcross world who is by default facilitating my personal “cross” over to being a new spectating fan. Definitely stay tuned to the sport and RULE #7, because this brother is just beginning to enter into his prime.


It’s always good to learn something new
and be introduced to what other folks do.
Sure I’m a girl who enjoys sports
and rising stars invoke me to watch even more.
The sport of Motorcross has never been a bore –
still I found no time to take in the specialized view.
That was until Sunday afternoon when I met Bubba # 5+2.
Don’t sleep on him nowhe’s a legendary boss
Since the age of 17 he’s been skillfully paying the cost.
Zoom! Zoom! Meow & Ouch!