Objectum Sexuals

In Movies, TV Shows on January 25, 2010 at 5:27 am

Thank goodness for DOCUMENTARIES or else how ever in the world would I have come up on information about Objectum Sexuals? “MARRIED TO THE EIFFEL TOWER” is the name of the documentary that educated me on individuals who’ve fallen in love with inaminate objects, including the Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Wall and the golden Gate Bridge. Have you ever heard of such?

Human behavior is the most interesting however, most objectum sexuals are women. Research yielded me the story of a couple of women who feel that loving an inanimate object is far more stable than falling in love with an emotional human being like themselves. Consistency is obviously a strong point. There was a woman who loved the Eiffel Towers form and structure – so she married it. Another woman was in love with THE TWIN TOWERS in NY – and when they fell down, she said nearly committed suicide. The same women is currently in love with a theme park ride called 1000 Nacht— there came a point in the documentary when she “made love” to the pendelum-like theme park ride, by caressing the structure and rubbing her hands in the nuts and bolts lubrication that held the ride together. The lubricant looked something like grimy WD-40 or axle grease. After about 20 minutes alone with the structure – the woman resurfaced with grease smudges all over her face and clothing claiming she and the theme ride had made love. Meet Amy – the young lady in love with the Eiffel Tower and 1000 Nachts theme park ride::

Asberger syndrome was mentioned as a possible diagnoses. Interesting enough there is no acknowlegement of “Objectum Sexuals” in the US according to their online community that proudly wave flags representing Japan, France, and Deutch.

The woman that intrigued me the most, was in love with fences — short pickett fences in particular. She loves to sit on them, citing, “Fences are such dangerous objects for me, because they are so perfect in their geometry. I have to say there’s alot of physical stuff going on right now”, she blushed as she sat atop of a short red fence [pic1], “I’d really like to get to know this fence better”. Before the documetary closed we visited her home where she has a small gated section near her beds side that she “has a relationsip with”. My only concerns are the erected length and splinter factor — neither point could be good for her vaginal walls and you can imagine starting a family is going to be bark’ish to say the least. She’ll have to take up carpentry. I kid you, I’m most concerned about their mental well being. Being in love with an object is a lonely way to live…because objects never visit you; they never send you candy or flowers; they never text or sext you on the phone and they never ever send you email, hugs or kisses when you least expect it. How lonely.


I judge no one. I love who I love.
I just feel a few of us need more human hugs.
An open mind was needed to even DOCUMENT the feed –
My research online turned up very little finds on what kind of HELP objectums need.

I’m sure OS’ers feel they need no help at all
they’re content in loving a inanimate object big or small.
They are hurting no one in doing so – PRIVACY is their right & hence
all I can do is pray for the lady that was turned on by “riding the fence”.

It’s nothing to laugh at — though in this Life it is crucial to keep things light,
I’m Qui
A Documentary loving she who couldn’t refuse listening to the views of the Objectum Sexuals stationary plight,
…and then of course WRITE.

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