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Current Topics in Griot short

Limiting Burqua’s in France
Profiling is necessary when done for the good of the whole & intelligently so.
The French parliament is considering a restriction on burqua’s being worn to and fro.

As in not to be worn in hospitals, schools and places of transport.
If your wondering if that means the airport? Absolutely & of course.

Besides lawmakers see it as a symbol of female subservient ; an affront to French values.
I dig their moral appeal for a safer feel but profiling is all it boiled down to.
Oui! Oui! & Ooooo.

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Less Lather
ABC’s “All My Children” cast and fans are mourning the loss of one of their own,
89-yr old James Mitchell aka Palmer Cortland has bid us all farewell & is gone.
Cortland was tycoon savvy, untouchable & dope.
In ‘his younger day’ he ran the AMC soaps.

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The State of The Union needs Addressing
70% of Americans are glad the Dems lost MA to the GOP.
CNN released the polled stats during todays AM Fix. Do you agree?

A message is being sent for any and all who care to do more than just sit & listen.
The State of the Union address is tomorrow eve – what do you hope to hear in mention?

Health Care Reform isn’t looking good – ‘across the aisle opposition’ can be a bit of a slob.
Wall street stands; financial struggles plague the layman – hot dog! Where are the jobs?

The banks were bailed out
While foreclosures forced out
families that still have no jobs, no money and nowhere to go.
Health Care Reform is important but so is the feeling of morale & day-to-day hope.

Is CHANGE still in the works for the economics of the middle class man?
The Pres’s State of the Union Address is tomorrow night – tune in peep his stance.


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AVATARdid you see it? I did. What did I think about it? A lot. Once the credits started rolling and the theater lights came on, the first thing on my mind was GREAT VISUAL EFFECTS and the recollection of American History with the Indians. I know. Weird, huh? I could hardly think of anything else. The way our military infiltrated the Na’vi people and decided to reap (rape) the land for our own benefit – was reminiscent. It was also very obvious that the Na’vi’s were deeply spiritual & attuned to the earth – again another American Indian parallel. As for Sully, the Marine Character that used an AVATAR to enter the Na’vi’s world and ultimately forsake the Americans and fight us for the Na’vi’s sake — well, that was just crazy and very treasonous at best. What a moral of a story.

I dig the differences of opinion, so I dug the film that has now surpassed TITANIC in being the highest grossing box office film in American History. Awesome! That in itself yields an interesting moral… What did you think about it?