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I’m a chic who likes an intellectual throttle;
Who knew I’d dig the hostess of Americas Next Top Model?
I’m not a model though intellectually I am: TOPS –
and I’m finding Tyra’s talk show topics to be kind of hot!

She’s sharp, she’s fresh, and a tad bit silly.
She’s informative, high social and response/quip witty.
Have you watched her lately?
She’s quite the captivating lady.

She’s young, she’s cool and her interests are current & fair
Though I still see the her as the cute guest star from: The Fresh Prince of Belair.
Do you remember that?
Before Will Smith’s industry clout was as heavy and fat?

Life has been good – I duly dig them both,
and I am very well Banking on TYRA’s Show
to continue to be cool, relative and strong.
She’s the perfect chic to click with once Oprah is gone.

She’s practically O’s talk show daughter – O is her mentor at the very least.
I’m sure Tyra has every intention of being a shoo in for the talk show beast.

I definitely would,
I’m Qui
Enjoying the views that reflect my hood.

Relativity & Support are both understood.
I’m Banking on Tyra – ‘cause she’s on some Good.

Our Current Position

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The State of The Union Address

It was better than an Oprah’s “Favorite Things to Give Away” Show. There was a burst of applause with every other word the President spoke, (or so it seemed), on the other hand he was “giving the people what they wanted to hear”. How do you shut up a whiney people? You can either say, “You get a car! You get a car! and You get a car! (like Oprah does), or you can recognize and address the burdens of the middle class union and state processes and procedures that you have put in place to relieve them of their economical woes, among other things. …and that’s pretty much what President Obama did last night in his 1st State of The Union Address. Check it out::

CBS conducted a poll after the ‘applause laden’ address that proved 83% of Americans who tuned in approve of the proposals the President made.

A Few of the Highlights:
 He said jobs would be “the number one focus in 2010”
 He reiterated the need for health care reform
 44% of speech viewers polled were Democrats & 21% were Republicans.

Not bad at all. I’m stoked. In fact I’m standing & clapping @ the positive percentages right now. Hey – it feels like I’m on an Oprah Show or in the House of Representatives chamber at the United States Capitol. 🙂 What did you think about the address?