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In News, Politics on January 28, 2010 at 5:10 am

The State of The Union Address

It was better than an Oprah’s “Favorite Things to Give Away” Show. There was a burst of applause with every other word the President spoke, (or so it seemed), on the other hand he was “giving the people what they wanted to hear”. How do you shut up a whiney people? You can either say, “You get a car! You get a car! and You get a car! (like Oprah does), or you can recognize and address the burdens of the middle class union and state processes and procedures that you have put in place to relieve them of their economical woes, among other things. …and that’s pretty much what President Obama did last night in his 1st State of The Union Address. Check it out::

CBS conducted a poll after the ‘applause laden’ address that proved 83% of Americans who tuned in approve of the proposals the President made.

A Few of the Highlights:
 He said jobs would be “the number one focus in 2010”
 He reiterated the need for health care reform
 44% of speech viewers polled were Democrats & 21% were Republicans.

Not bad at all. I’m stoked. In fact I’m standing & clapping @ the positive percentages right now. Hey – it feels like I’m on an Oprah Show or in the House of Representatives chamber at the United States Capitol. 🙂 What did you think about the address?

  1. I think we’re failing to communicate and I accept the responsibility for that; I didn’t make my point clear enough.

    I find the 2010 SOTU address to be “the shameful descent of a man, once thought to be powerful, into the realm of absurdity and useless pandering,” because in it Obama essentially back-pedaled and reversed many of the decisions he had previous claimed to have made and went against many of the points he campaigned on.

    Why? What triggered this reversal?From the timing, I would say one Senator’s election and the loss of a super-majority.

    Sure many of his proposals sound good to people, myself very much included. But they were things that McCain wanted to do and Obama derided during the campaign!

    • Our communication is just fine. I happen to think of it as “a show of bi-partisanship” – using a page from McCain’s Campaign book. Is it not? If it’s good enough for the Republicans to respect and IT WORKS – why wouldn’t he utilize it for the good of the whole? His ascent looks good to me. Would you feel better if President Obama sent John McCain a “Thank You” note, text or Twitter? 🙂

      I positively respect your position of loathe. It’s cool that we don’t agree on everything. Write On!

  2. Despite my loathing for Obama, the speech was painful to watch and listen to. It was the shameful descent of a man, once thought to be powerful, into the realm of absurdity and useless pandering.

    I didn’t wish that that particular sort of publicly displayed personal failure upon even Obama.

    • Your opinion is respected Jonolan — however if you loathe Pres. Obama you weren’t open to any dimension of positivity in his 1st State of The Union Address. I appreciate you stating your position. According to the forementioned poll, 83% of Americans don’t agree with you @ all (regarding last nights address).

      I admit the constant applause reminded me of the responses that are often given to another “feel good person” (Oprah) 🙂 — however the paralell alone reveals proof that President Obama is not only decent, but quite powerful (The Leader of The FREE World), and the realm of his 1st State of the Union Address was GOOD NEWS to the middle class — which is ultimately GREAT NEWS for the entire Union. I wouldn’t wish a pessimistic point of view on any one — including yourself.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us — I appreciate your honesty. WRITE ON bloggin’ brother.

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