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Feeling Girlie

In Sports, TV Shows on January 29, 2010 at 11:46 pm

If there’s one time of the year when I really feel like blossoming, it has to be on SUPER BOWL Sunday. Had the Cowboys been scheduled to play in the Super Bowl – I’d have been more flamboyant than Elton John on his prettiest day. I kid you, but and weren’t kidding at all. Or were they?


CBS has pulled the high paying commerical clients from next Sundays Superbowl line up in short, because of traditional values. Traditional values are not to be confused with family values. Family Values protect the kids, and I don’t believe too many “kids” will be hunkering down to watch the Super Bowl – so “such commercials” would not offend them as much as it might offend the millions of heterosexual male fans who do support the Super Bowl every year.

Football fans have their own traditional values, and to my recollection they’ve not ever included the view of Ru Paul frolicking, lip locking or nutt knocking. However those HOOTERS commercials are BIG.

38’s-32-42 Hut-Hut!
I’m Qui

HOOTER Bouyant minus the nutts. 🙂

Long Live Ozzy

In Music on January 29, 2010 at 8:03 am

At 61 years of age he’s an alright dude
Besides the massive mumbling, his inner spirit is cool.

25 years ago almost faded into an unspoken well documented blur —
until Ozzy sat down in an interview with CNN’s John Roberts.
He’s still an entertaining flirt and hardly one to tell a lie;
He recalled it all – the big/the small- then thanked God for his life.

He’s done more drugs than Rick James and he’s still here–
He forgets not to give due credit to Sharon – his etux dear.
If you dig music at all, this guy is one figure you can’t deny
Ozzy Ozbourne still rules & he’s proof that Rock n’ Roll won’t die.

No more biting bats or doing too many shows
I’m Qui
Digging Ozzy
Ozbourne at a cool 61 years old.
I do dig an artistic & honest soul ☼.•**·.♥

Ride with Me

In News on January 29, 2010 at 7:09 am

Accelerating in a Toyota

But not in a Toyota please!
I’d much prefer a Cadillac breeze.
I much prefer to manually control my speed.
I enjoy living post my travels. I enjoy the ability to breathe…
in one piece.

Ford and GM are accelerating on Toyota’s faulty manufacturing – indeed
An opportunity to get ahead of the foreign auto maker is all that they need.
Toyota on the other hand is yielding statements that are less than sound–
When consumers call out for help with their ride– they’re getting the run around.

Consumers – Consumers: Please do your diligent duty,
Don’t let a Toyota accelerate death on your transporting booty.

Always do your homework and Please continue to breathe,
I’m Qui
Hailing SAFETY FIRST if you intend to Ride with Me.

Toyota Sells and Commercials should concerningly cease
until all is cleared up at the very least.