My Grown Mind

In Griot on February 3, 2010 at 8:51 am

My Grown Mind is leading the charge today,
It need not be the weekend for me to play;

I do it in an “effective say” that rarely goes overlooked.
I’m composing LIVE SHOW material because my calendar is booked.
and “THAT” turns me on.
Making Money is a sure moistening jones.
The kind I love to ride and often be on.

So often my Griot skills have crafted a song–
about Good Work.
I don’t mind mingling with it – I’m a flirt.

Today finds me feeling fit, in active wear including a short tennis skirt.
I’m wearing a fashionable wrap around my neck, so the morning elements  won’t hurt.

My grown mind is leading the charge today;Qui-1-28-16
It need not be the weekend for me to erect such a say.

I do it because I dig the feeling.
Uninhibitedly grown – the route is so appealing.

How’s your Hump Day view looking at present?
I’m Qui
Feeling like role play – I’ll be:: the knowledge hungry peasant.

FEED ME! I encourage you to have your say…
My Grown Mind is receptive and leading charge today.

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