TBFF 2010 – Are you in?

In Movies on February 3, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Click here to visit TBFFI’m ready! It starts today [Wednesday Feb. 3rd] and ends Sunday [Feb.7th]. Here’s a line up of the reel festivities:

February 3rd @ 8pm Hosted by: Giancarlo Esposito
Tonight TBFF will premiere two billant short films, “Thank You For Washing”dir. by Camille Brown and “Empty Spaces” dir. by Rob Underhihll. Line starts at 7pm with program starting at 8pm. What a way to kick off the TBFF 2010. Are you in?

February 4th – 6th
10am – Midnight

The Texas Black Film Festival will host three (3) full days of entertaining and insightful films, workshops, and events. Programmed for family entertainment and inspired by the African-American experience, this festival will provide film makers an opportunity to reach audiences with films seldom recognized through major theatrical release.

Film categories will be screened in 2 hour blocks. Each block is a separate $8 ticketed event (bundle passes available $25-$60).

Click here to get your tickets:

In the spirit of keeping it reel,
I’m Qui
Digging Film Festivals w/an Urban appeal.

  1. […] time last year I was a “first time spectator” at the 4th Annual TBFF. While I cruised the streets networking “what I want business to be” — I heard a […]

  2. OMG! The Texas Black Film Festivals RED CARPET PREMIER was FANTASTIC and Giancarlo Esposito’s Q&A segment was enlightening, educational, entertaining and real. His down to earth nature is appealing. His brutal honesty about his ‘intricate Acting & Directorial ways’ was refreshing. I can’t express how much my mind was fed.

    I dared to leave the theater without purchasing his new film: GOSPEL HILL. He only had 10 copies on hand and guess who was the first in line? Speed and Agility is Qui. lol! During his Q&A session, a young lady asked, “How can an aspiring writer get their work read – if they’re an unknown?” He responded in short, “Send it to me. I’ll read it.” You should have seen my eyes light up & in my mind I was saying “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Naturally @ the end of the night, I got in line to shake his hand and have him sign my dvd copy of GOSPEL HILL. Please do not think for a minute that I didn’t ask for his email info and drop my card. Not only did he give me his email info, he backed it up with his contact#. Real talk. REEL TALK.

    Who knew the TEXAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL would yield me such an opportunity, not to mention it was CAMILLE BROWNS Birthday. Camille is the beautiful minded sister who dir. “THANK YOU FOR WASHING”, (the second short film we saw @ the premier). We sang Happy Birthday to her before it aired. Her short film is HILLARIOIUS and it lit a reel fire under me. I’m soooo on fire. The first film “Empty Spaces” dir. by Rob Underhill – was “historically telling”. The cast consisted of one guy, Mike Wiley (Actor) & the content was deep…about the last days of Emmett Till. I dare not give away any details. Should you ever get the opportunity to see “Empty Spaces” – YOU MUST!

    Kudos to the TBFF 2010. The PREMIER went HARD!!!!

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