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In Movies on February 7, 2010 at 1:31 pm

The 4th Annual Texas Black Film Festival in Dallas, TX [TBFF 2010] was over the top fantastic! From the Red Carpet Premier to Saturday nights Honoring Ceremony – the entire event was extensively fulfilling.

Everyone involved in making this occassion a success is the very epitome of success themselves. The outcome was a clear reflection of David A. Smalls hard work, Ken Macon‘s diligent hospitality and Tangela Jackson‘s great customer service dedication as well as the rest of the VIP TBFF Staff: Wanda Gross, Theda Redwine, and Ron Robertson). Each festival day began at 8am and ended at midnight. From the supportive spectactors point of view every “i” was dotted and every “t” was crossed in this multi cineplex weekend of reel exhibitions and budding big talent.

Rob Underhill’s “Empty Spaces” drew us all in on the Red Carpet Premier night. In fact, it was so good, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you so check out Mike Wiley, in Rob Underhill’s “Empty Spaces” below. Filmmakers (myself included) should take note of how Rob filled the reel space to capacity with a very limited acting cast::

There were other films that caught my aspiring eye and fueled my fire, like: ☼ “Who would you do?” A short film exploring the new couple question – which one of my friends would you sleep with if you could?“The Man in The Glass Case”, and ☼ “Changing” A court room drama about acknowledging ethnicities and plea to add a multi racial box to the census form. Based on a true story & yes– it made me cry. ☼ “Free Meal” had to be one of my absolute favorites because it conveyed a wake up message to minors who are approaching legal grown status; free meal’s are not a given post graduation.

There were more than 60 films in the 3-day line up and each one was inspiring. The Texas Black Film Festival has only celebrated it’s 4th Annual this year and to be REEL honest with you — I can’t wait until next year. In fact, I’m working on submitting an exhibition or two of my own. Why not? I’m black, I live in Texas, I’m festive and I’m an aspiring filmmaker. The conditions are perfect for me to utilize my Panasonic HVX200A digital film camera, my Final Cut Pro software and my formal writing and film education. What do you think? I know I have alot of film making kin online, you don’t have to live in Texas to be apart of the festivities; therefore, I look forward to seeing you and your work on the 3rd coast screen in 2011. Are you in?

Keeping it Real with the Reel,
I’m Qui
A happy spectator of the TBFF appeal.

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