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Highlighting The Michelles

I am an intellectual fan of two heavily lobed women who both happen to be named Michelle and no – they’re not related. The first outstanding Michelle that comes to mind is married to the President of the United States: Michelle Obama. She’s classy, well spoken, confident and caring. The first lady was recently on C-SPAN pushing our new “LET’S MOVE” program aimed at heading off obesity and diabetes in our youth. The program is structured to begin in the school system by removing the high fat, low nutritious menus we’re currently serving and implementing more vegetables, baked items and healthier choices. Mrs. Obama is also pushing for fewer if any vending machines to be at the disposal of our thriving young on school property. The website explains the program in detail, so check it out and see what they’re proposing for our school aged children over the next 7 years. If we don’t change how we’re feeding our kids, we’ll be the first generation to have children that don’t outlive their parents. That’s not what we want, so “LET’S MOVE” to a fitter way of doing things. Our kids are bright, but they need our guidance, the website will help guide you (the parent) to making better more informed choices for your family. Improving the quality of our life would fall under “caring”. Our country could use the nourishment. Let’s Move together to extend the life our children.

C-Span is a great way to stay current and connected to what’s going on at Capitol Hill when you’re home, but did you know you can get the same good 411 when you’re in your car too? Well it’s not C-Span, because that would be boring in traffic, this station is better – it’s NPR Radio. Surely you know it. If you don’t – I implore you to try them and check out the program “TELL ME MORE” with Michel Martin. This young lady stays on top of it all. Sometimes I have to pull over and park so that my mind can fully engage in the topic of the day, because the contents are usually captivating, enlightening and inspiring. Michel asks the toughs questions and divvies the good 411. Most of the shows on NPR are fantastic, but nothing feed the mind more than kicking it with Michel and her daily score.

The Michelles aren’t the only Michelles that I happen to dig
There are too many to mention as I rolodex my wig.
I do dig a ‘heavy head hitter’ and these two ladies are always on it.
I’m Qui
A supporter of it all – Oui! C-Span and NPR just spawn it.