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Sketching The Truth

In Networking, Politics on March 1, 2010 at 7:05 am

Do you know Lance Scurvin? He draws it like he see’s it:

Lance Scurvin, Artist

Wondering about the fine print in the sketching vent? Let me help you out…

a) George W. Bush is holding a ticket that says, Federal Payroll W.T.C. Project made out to Bin Laden, Osama.

b) The document that the statue is holding says: Total Control of the people through media deception and mass mind control.

c) Newspaper hanging on trash can reads: JAPAN TIMES: A DRUG ADDICTED LADY LIBERTY seen intoxicated in downtown Tokyo with her Pimp, Uncle Sam soliciting sex for money to help U.S. Economy.

d) The bottle the Lady of Liberty is extending from her [needle] tracked arm says: CORPORATE GREED Malt Liquor.

e) Crabs [STD]

I dig raw art in its purest conception – thus I am not at all offended or mad.
But did you happen to notice what sits atop of the floor mat-like American Flag?
Lance sketches truths from his countries bad.
[To him] The American way has a pimped out swag….

Doth thou dig his view? He’s TALENTED – you’d agree?
I’m Qui
Supporting mad REHABILITATION for the Lady of Liberty.
Are you with me?