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There’s a hole lot of HOOP‘la on the basketed courts of a whole lot of games;
These young women by will have NBA skills – on the real – Please know their names:

[TX] BAYLOR’s Brittney Griner is “WIN” pickin’ and choosin’;
Brittney was born and raised in Harris County – rep’ing “BIG H”: Houston.

Brit is under media fire this week
not for being highly skilled nor for being meek
but because of her reaction in a moment of heat
When an opponent fouled her – Brit punched her in the teeth

Oooo Weee. Passion and heat in a good ball game can be a bit raw.
Click on Brittney‘s name to peep the game of “passionate” footage that I saw.
Femme etiquett doesn’t apply @ the hoops.

A funny paraphrased quote comes to mind that Stewart once said in a MAD TV skit
Don’t push black people – because they get mad“. My side was split. 🙂
[peep the skit @ 2:43]

Please call Brit SKILLED —if out of name you should call her.
Please click the remaining links for ten more skilled sister ballers::

Player Pos. Grade State

1. Chiney Ogwumike PF 98 Texas
2. Natasha Howard SF 97 Ohio
3. Odyssey Sims PG 97 Texas
4. Chelsea Gray PG 97 California
5. Kaneisha Horn SF 97 Alabama
6. Richa Jackson SF 97 Oklahoma
7. Alyssa Thomas SF 96 Pennsylvania
8. Shoni Schimmel PG 96 Oregon
9. Karla Gilbert C 96 Texas
10. Samarie Walker SF 96 Ohio

The NBA isn’t the only one hoarding shot callers.