Groping Reality

In Griot, Movies, News, Politics on March 9, 2010 at 9:46 pm

In this new [2009] Documentary OUTRAGE – Filmmaker Kirby Dick investigates the media conspiracy to keep closeted politicians in the closet at the expense of all gay Americans.

Democratic Rep. Eric Massa couldn’t let Ashburn have all of the “same sex politically vexed” spotlight
So he’s resorted to groping a male staffer and blaming the complexities of the HEALTHCARE REFORM plight.

My goodness gracious -give me a break- What’s Eric’s real ‘House exiting’ answer?
He originally claimed he was stepping down because of his own health scare of cancer.

As we continue to probe for more insight – Eric gropes and grasps’ at straws…
Who are these “fair weathered faries” we’ve elected to write our countries laws?

That question alone, is great reason for serious pause,
I’m Qui
The TRUTH between us
and our elected leaders is dangerously flawed.

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