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Rail Roading The WRITER

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Meet SOPHIA STEWART – The Black Woman that wrote THE MATRIX?

I don’t remember Sophia making “the credits list” back when I went to see Neo ‘nem in The Matrix blockbuster [1999]. So what gives? The TRUTH will prevail and hopefully render the original producers a little hell for Rail Roading Sophia out of her just due. If her claims are true — What a rip off. What a wound.

I don’t remember Sophia’s name making the Matrix’ credit list.
Isn’t a successful FILM HIT an aspiring writers wish?

The MATRIXs’ credited producers ought to feel a tad bit ashamed.
Sophias intricate knowledge of “her script” – makes other claims look lame.

Click the following video to hear the details of how the thievery went down.
The MATRIX was written by a black woman – Hear it from Sophia’s own mouth::

Click Here for PART II, PART III, PART IV, and PART V.
IT’S DEEP!!! (especially PART V of the audio thrive).

It’s a mess. Big industry wigs can be a financial smother;
But that doesn’t down play The Matrix’s DNA birthing mother.

Sophia allegedly wrote a treatment that was stolen and produced;
And when she took the producers to court they withheld the juice.

Kudos to USTREAM and YOUTUBE for sharing the audio view.
I’m Qui
This is not isolated to Sophia Stewart – it could happen to me & you too.