Gordon Jewels

In Griot, Sports on March 22, 2010 at 11:55 am

They’re not the kind you’d find in stock at any Gordon Jewelers warehouse, but you can find them on the GORDON SPORTS NEWSLETTER website. Do you know Joe Gordon?

Besides Coaching Sports at KSU he’s “The OFFICIAL TEAMMMATE of Todays STUDENT ATHLETE”. When walking down the aisle of positivity – it’s hard to pass this brother up. He’s coaching winners in the great game of life.

On his Gordon Sports Newsletter website is where we found Xavier & Isaiah — a couple of rare jewels by any standard. Anytime you have the youth quoting Dr. Cornel West, David Walker, James Baldwin and the likes — it’s definitely reason to get excited. The future is looking good via the YouTube hood::

Reciting Dr. Cornel West, James Baldwin, David Walker, and more
What an awesome & reflective positive role model score!

Gordon Sports isn’t the only future molder – RoLife and QuiFilms are ON IT too.
When it comes to shaping tomorrows leaders – we are The INVESTORS. Oooo! 🙂

I’m Qui
and ‘The future‘ is looking BRIGHT.

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