Political Incivility

In Griot, Movies, News, Politics on March 25, 2010 at 3:19 pm

What’s up with Congress?

Every since the House passed the Health Care bill, there’s been alot of incivil activity on the rise.
The conveyance of law is a Democrats GOOD and ‘a counter party‘ is chafely in despise.

After the President signed The Bill – Democratic officials have been targeted and sought out
Offices vandilized — it’s no surprise, but what’s Representative Cantors “bullet hole issues” about?

Representative Anthony Weiner is also making victimized news
as his office has recieved a threatening letter of powdery hues.

Things are getting grossely out of hand – yet it’s a bit of an inside joke
things always go ary when the republican party loses and goes for broke.

“Get it together”, said Gabrielle Union to Vivica Fox in TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME
I’m extending a hug to my fellow Democrats & Repubs to follow suit and to do the same.
Incivil outbursts are often seen as no less than insane.

Don’t fall apart in the game. That’s not a “united strengthkind of view
I’m Qui
saying relax and be easy about the new Legislation – it’s a good look for both: Me & You.

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