In Griot, News, Politics on March 29, 2010 at 6:38 am

Whew! What a weekend it’s been
There was news that made me frown and news that made me grin::

I perused quite a bit and found myself being inspired
By the love of a mother who lost her life in a self started fire.
It’s a CRAZY HEADLINE — but you should also know
The house was a crack house w/a gutted out flow.
Her daughter had been missing and drugs were the alleged louse
She found her missing teen doing drugs in an abandoned house.
After dowsing the house with gasoline, a fire ignited with no match
because of the other occupants flicking lighters to allegedly light ‘crack’.

The teen girls ran out of the front, as did a grown arse man – his daily reside.
The girls cried to the vigilant mother that there was a baby trapped inside.
The mom went back in but no baby was in sight
The burning house then collapsed, taking the “concerned mothers” life.
Everything got darker for the teens with every crack of the days new light…
This particular story happened in the DFW — over night.

I perused a few other stories and found a Christian militia group
Wanting to start ARMAGEDDON
against opposing Muslim truths.
Now my name isn’t RUTH and I certainly don’t know it all,
But isn’t it LOVE not WAR — that is the Christains call?
Tis a good reason to “pray and pause“…
A half cocked group – shouldn’t be ‘the worlds’ END ALL.

Female Bombers in Russia boarded a subway & released ‘the POW!’
They blew up 2 crowded commutes in the earlier hours of Moscow.
Ow! No terrorist group has come forth to claim ownership of the blasts
And 38 of the LIVES that were on board besides the 2 have also passed.

Sarah Palin came to the aid of Old Man John McCain
The team that lost
is back “begging to be the boss”

the broadcasted event was comically insane.
God bless the Republican train…

The Democrats HIGHEST donkey kick — goes to my main man
Mr. President Barack Obama for stopping by & relating in Afghanistan.

Last but not least: GOOD DEEDS set the tone of any new days rise,
The HEALTH CARE LAW (is the biggest call) that’s got many of us on a high!!!

I’m Qui
and I don’t mind
sharing random media outlet views.
When it comes to tying it all together I opt for a Griot NEWS PERUSE.

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