Naked on The Grassy Knoll

In Music on March 31, 2010 at 6:03 am

A Window Seat with Erykah Badu

A Naked Erykah Badu on the grassy knoll in Dallas where President Kennedy was shot, is stirring up all kinds of controversy over the last two days. The “WINDOW SEAT” video is phenomenal and for a plethora of reasons; unbridled ART being #1.

Ms. Badu walks the downtown streets of Dallas towards the exact spot where President Kennedy was assassinated. During her walk she sheds her jacket, shirt, pants, bra and panties — ultimately revealing the “EVOLVING” tattoo (message) across the upper part of her back (between the shoulders). Once she reaches the approximate spot where President Kennedy was shot, we hear gunfire and a shapely NAKED Erykah Badu falls dead in the road. At that point we hear the following narration:

“THEY (playing it safe) are quick to assassinate what they do not understand.
They move in packs ingesting fear more and more with every act of hate on one another.
They feel more comfortable in groups – LESS GUILT to swallow.
They are us. This is what we’ve become: Afraid to RESPECT the Individual.
A single person within a circumstance can move one to CHANGE;
to LOVE herself;

By God Erykah is right! WE are THEY –collectively.

More over that, the video demonstrates Erykah being “one person within a circumstance” — a circumstance that the city of Dallas investigated for possible copyright infringements. There were none.

The music video was edited to have a dated & historical feel, much like the original footage archived of President Kennedy during his visit to Dallas, TX. GENIUS!

I’m always a fan of recalling history. Today I am also a fan of The Window Seat’s chorus:

“I need you to want me.
I need you to miss me.
I need yo’ attention!
I need you next to me.
I need someone to clap for me.
I need yo’ direction.
Come back – Come back Baby.
Come back.”

I’m back, 🙂 and I’m so that glad I’ve got a window seat into the vision of Ms. Badu’s artsy exhibition of history, present, and future. What did you think about music video?

I need your Support, I need your Love, I need your Attention,
I’m Qui

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  1. As noted at the beginning of ERYKAH BADU’s new video “WINDOW SEAT” — ’tis was inspired by MATT & KIMS “Lessons Learned” video that was shot in NYC on a cold day. They stripped naked and ran thru the masses — showing their pASSES. 🙂 I LOVED IT. Check it out:

  2. […] ago I went to a house party (around the time that Erykah Badu was under scrutiny for her “Naked Grassy Knoll” video, and as stunning as her naked body was, (mother of 3 kids), there was a guy at the […]

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