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Primetime TV Shows that Blow!

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Blow as in ROCK! Blow as in are relative to “grown folks striving to be successful in a famililal life”. TrueMODERN FAMILY does lack the darker pigmentation fact, but the scripted instances and obstacles that lie in the middle of their familial roads – preventing “smooth sailing” is catchy. The writing reflectively ROCKS.

Modern Family comes on ABC and has Ed O’Neill, (formerly AL BUNDY from “Married with Children”) as JAY – the straight laced patriarch of this family is in his second marriage to a (spicy latin) woman several years his junior played by Sofia Vergara. Sofia (GLORIA) also played a flight attendant on the hood elevated film “SOUL PLANE“. Remember the purple flight attendant (hoochie) dresses? She rocked it! However in Modern family, she’s a Columbian who met and married a successful white collar entreprenuer & moved to the US to marry him, with her middle school age columbian son, played by Rico Rodriguez. Rico (MANNY) plays a middle school aged renaissance man. He’s a charming heart stealer.

Jay (Ed’s character), already has grown children from his previous marriage, so Manny is the only child at home, being raised by a latin spicy Mother and an older Al Bundy. 🙂 The familial influences they bestow upon the child is crazy. Jay’s two biological (grown children), don’t live in the home with him, but they do live in the same city and visit often. His 30-something blonde daughter CLAIRE is played by Julie Bowen and is married to a Mediterranean/Italian/Greek character named PHIL (played by actor Ty Burrell). They have 3 children between them, two girls and a boy. There’s the tan older (high school) daughter named HAYLEY (played by Sarah Hyland) whose role is lightly reminiscent of Marlerie from Family Ties, their witty high IQ’d (middle school) daughter ALEX (played by Ariel Winter), and their innocent comical red headed (elementary aged) son LUKE (played by Nolan Gould).

Jay’s (grown) son is a red headed successful lawyer and emotional puff named Mitchell (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) who is married to a fabulously flamboyant man named CAMERON, (played by Eric Stonestreet). Cameron is a stay at home dad who loves every minute of raising their Asian (adopted toddler) daughter, Lilly.

So in short, we’ve got a show about a straight laced older white guy
whose married to a Columbian woman that’s full of sexy latin spice.

She arrived with her son from a previous marriage (her ex is played by Benjamin Bratt)
Which explains why lil’ MANNY is so “Renaissanced” like that.

Jay is successful by all accounts & on the “hetero” straight and narrow,
but his (red headed) son, Mitchell’s etux is cupid – complete with wings and an arrow.

He’s married a “cherub fellow” named Cameron; the fabulous mock stay-at-home lady,
Who loves being a full time flaming dad to their Asian toddler baby.

Claire is Jays oldest child whose blonde and pioneers (her own family) at will;
She’s married to (the ditsy comic relief & often misunderstood) Phil.

Their three kids are awesome. They’re relative characters of Primetime TV–
The oldest child is a beautiful ditz and reminds me of Family Ties’ Malerie.

Their middle child, (Ariel) is definitely the smartest of the bunch
and lil’ Luke doesn’t have a clue — though Ariel’s sarcasim should be a hunch.

Jay and his wife Gloria are the perfect “older guy/hot younger woman” two-some;
and adding Benjamin Bratt to the schtik mix makes for a menage of talented eye candy fun.

Imagine a straight dad, who hardly notices his (only) son is gay
But by no means is he disrespectful to the fact of, in any way.

Imagine Phil (Claires spouse) being enamored by his young hot mother-in-laws latin accent
And how indistinguishable her word pronounciation is…misunderstandings that can side split.

Imagine the stay-at-home Mom like Dad being a big fluffy bear,
And how meticulous he is to lace each moment with feminine care;

Not wanting to work out side of the home – for “distance” seems to be too long of a verb –
When you’re hoping to influence your (not yet talking) daughter & her soon to come first words.

Disfunction, dysfunction — yet relativity is all in between,
I’m Qui
Hillariously Blown by the writers wit – scene for scene.
So…Are you watching?

MODERN FAMILY comes on Wednesday Nights on ABC @ 8/7c

Post Oprah

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Wow! I thought Dr. Phil was good today [“A Predator Next Door“: Sexual Predators were discussed and some were PRESENT on stage]- but OPRAH was better. She hosted the tears of our 2006 Ms. USA (The one Donald Trump went “to bat” for) & Todd Bridges as he spoke candidly about “Killing Willis” (the name of his new book). He read page 68 from the book – aloud to the audience – at Oprah’s request…. Wow! Please tell me you saw (heard) it? GRAPHIC STUFF.

Tomorrow Oprah will broadcast the coveted interview she did with Rielle Hunter. Remember Rielle? She’s former Senator John Edwards illegitimate baby’s Moma. Sensationalism should be a sin — if it were, I’d just pray more. 🙂

Nope — I’m not a rank catholic. I don’t always get my way.
But I duly indulged & was educated during two talk show exhibits today.

Dr. Phil kept it real and went hard; Ms. USA telling Oprah EVERYTHING was also tight,
But Todd Bridges wore the crown for divvying “the most detailed & raw insight”.

What’s done in the dark always come to light; thus I’m feeling alot like Sameul L.
For the man who molested Todd Bridges when he was 11, “I pray he rots in hell”.

I kid you throughout this Griot piece – though both shows were very deep,
I’m Qui
Atop of Wednesdays Hump post Dr. Phil & Oprah‘s sufficient feeds.
Oooo Wee.
The contents were truly something to “take in” and “see”…


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Life PURPOSE. What is your lifes PURPOSE? Some find out early in life like Fab 5 Freddy.

Fred Brathwaite is his birth name, but around the globe he’s recognized as the Graffiti Artist famous for the subway spray painting done in 1979 with LEE Quinones (a tribute to Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell Soup piece). ART was the PURPOSE. Fab 5 Freddy went on to aid the facilitation of HIP HOP into America’s mainstream pop culture when he hosted YO! MTV RAPS – the perfect global segway into black culture…through Rap.

YO! brought black people (and many other races) from every corner around the world onto one insightful accord through Saturday morning joints hosted by yours truly: Fab 5 Freddy. An impactful and historical vien was opened and Mr. Brathwaite was at the helms. What a PURPOSE. HIP HOP: A HUGE cultural watermark that still moves the world on a whole — to one beat. A Grafitti Artist, turned Rap Show Host, turned Music Video Director, Documentary Producer, Co-exec Film Producing, Co Exec VH1 Hip Hop Honors Producing and now a YOUTUBE Curator… ART. He’s ba-aack.

A recent email from the Legend lead me to a YOUTUBE Curator page hosted by Fab 5 Freddy. Check out his new ART Concept on the video. It’s a jewel of a concept. He can’t help but pioneer and “host”

I believe this young man started his career in his teens.
Time has graciously missed him completely by crease or seam.

Some are lucky to find one purpose while Fab has found many.
When it comes to pioneering opportunities – his name comes up plenty.

I’ve noticed that his eyes still gleam when he’s talking about his ART.
I fancy the Legends mindI’m a digger of deep intellect & smarts.

Heightened knowledge is sound and Longevity is key,
I’m Qui

PURPOSE‘ful in my Griot formatspost educated by Fab 2+3.

I bet’cha didn’t know that. Oooo Weee.
His Knowledgable PURPOSE has also influenced me.

LAST TRAIN TO PARIS: in Stores 12.14.10

Fab5Freddy Co-Signs

Click HERE then visit and see what’s really going on in the ART WORLD.


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As the new week begins I can’t help but Griot spin current media views
that I came up on – by way of various outlets, but mainly CNN News::

Obama’s “compassionate score” will no doubt be much higher
post his recent Eulogy for the late & hardworking VA Miners.

Hundreds protest Arizonas new immigration law – because they care.
Are the Governors safety concerns for the citizens unbias & fair?

Everyone isn’t buying the ‘non-discriminating police ‘ hype.
In fact, Rev. Al Sharpton is jitted up and vowing To FIGHT!

That last media note –
was provided by The New York Post

Hell didn’t freeze over and no political party was damned
when President Obama ‘bowed in prayer’ with Billy Graham.

The NFL Draft came to pass and alas has closed its televised rounds.
Peep SI’s documentation of each teams picks and their statistic breakdown.

Living-on-the-run — is what one whistleblower is pledgin’
after linking Critics death to Top Chechens.

Put an egg in the peoples face already! I mean really…what the hell?
Goldman Sachs cites in messages that they thrived when the economy fell.

The last two posted media grinds
duly came from The GLOBAL New York Times.

Let’s talk movies for a minute – so many reel pickers and chosers…
Idris Elba is fine -he bored my behind – I slept real good in “LOSERS“.

This weekends big box office winner – exhibited contents that contained
Something or another (a PG mother) about ‘a Dragon being Trained’?
it was an animated ‘thang.

I could go on and on and on about which headlines made the wired NEWS,
but I’m Qui
and the hour is late in the eve — thus I’m concluding my current PERUSE.
Discard the unrelatable & keep what you can use.

Quacking Ducks & LANE BRYANTS Fluff

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Rick's List TopicsQuacking Out –Or so was the case of a disgruntled parent in Atlanta who heard about T.I. being a guest speaker at Woodland Middle School, (the school his daughters attend). RICK’S LIST ran a segment today [4/23/10 – Friday] called “The BROOKE BLOCK” Her List consisted of 2 BLOCKED bullet points

#2 T.I. Speaks to Sudents:
Tom & Candi Myers were the parents battling the principle over T.I. (a known convicted criminal & Rapper) speaking to the middle school assembly. Tom was so outraged that T.I. was the chosen speaker, that he sent the Principle an email asking the school to (in the future) “notify the parent prior as to whom the guest speaker may be, so that they can decide if they want their children participating.” Tom also stated, “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it is a duck.”

The principle responded to Tom Myers email immediately & most appropriately:

I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not avaliable.

–Terry Oatts
Principle, Woodland Middle School

Oooops! We’ve got to be more careful when throwing around ‘duck’ symbolisms. By the way T.I. was the going to speak on the topic of BULLYING — a known school issue & the educators thought he would be a good speaker on the topic.

In case you’re a fan of RICK’S LIST & BROOKES BLOCKS — the other item on her list of “hold ups” included bullet

#1. LANE BRYANTS full curves being BLOCKED by the SIZE of their latest lingerie ad :

Lane Bryant accuses several networks including Fox of discriminating on their ad, in particularly the size of their models. The commercial was seeking to air during American Idol, but had to be edited before doing so, (thus it won’t exactly look like the view we just shared with you), but the ad will be run during the last 15 minutes of the show. WHICH isn’t a bad spot, (per Brooke) because that’s when everyone is watching and calling-in to vote on their favorite show contestant. So despite the size of the woman, the impact should still be felt in full figure. Ow!

Every woman ain’t a wafe;
Some men like meat on thier intimate plates.

I’m Qui
…and may no lover go unfed.

Looking for SOMETHING

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Looking for some good... SECS. Not to be confused with the acronym S.E.C. [Security Exchange Commission], SECS sounds like “SEX” and stands for: Successful, Educated, Cool, Sexy as it lives in the content of a person. So maybe you’re not familiar with the new acronym SECS —and that’s okay because I just made it up. 🙂 But SECS is totally sought out on a daily by me, thus I had to put a name on it. Yes! It’s me and I’m on the hunt for good SECS.

SECS rarely eludes me because of the circles I frequent.
I observe it in women – I observe it men.
I like a unique swagger but prefers a top shelp spin
SECS is best when in proper dress with an interesting grin.

Oh it can get deep. Connecting without words is a mother
Good intellect is the segway to SECS — and it affects me like no other!
Whew! I’m getting excited, as I’m well past my due,
Of running into “what I’m looking for” – could the interest be you?

I’m looking for good SECS – do get into my view,
I’m Qui
Filming today in a reel intimate kind of hue.
…playing between the lines is something I naturally fancy to.

I hope I find it.

Volcanic Education

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The Mauna Kea & An erupting volcano

KNOWLEDGE trumps “the don’t knows” & LEARNING can be fun.
1. ‘Big Ups’ to Mother Earth and her volcanic eruptions.

For 5 Days strong she’s been seriously kicking it out
So let us take a moment to learn what her ash is all about:

Hamari News –After five days of intense, ash-spewing activity, the eruption of the Eyjafjoell volcano (also known as the Eyjafjallajökull volcano) appears to be entering a new phase that produces more lava and less ash, according to those monitoring the eruption in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. This is good news for the thousands of travelers stranded by ash-related airport shutdowns across Europe. It appears that air traffic is again being allowed over Europe and the logjam of stranded travelers and cargo should start to ease soon. If you are not busy being re-routed by the ash cloud, you can enjoy some extremely cool images of the eruption taken by astronomer Snaevarr Gudmundsson from just a few kilometers away.

Information from the Institute for Earth Sciences Nordic Volcanological Center at the University of Iceland indicates that the Eyjafjallajökull eruption actually began on March 20, 2010. The initial eruption was lower on the volcano than the current eruption, and caused more lava flow than ash plumes. That phase of the eruption appears to have stopped on April 12, 2010, followed by earthquake swarm near the volcano and then the beginning of the second phase of the eruption on April 14th.

During the second phase, material was ejected from the top of the volcano, at the caldera. The caldera of the Eyjafjoell volcano is under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The heat from the eruption melted the glacier, leading to meltwater runoff and flooding in the valleys below the volcano. The University of Iceland reports that everyone living in the flooded areas was evacuated before the flooding and there were no casualties. The second phase of the eruption also created a massive ash plume. Winds carried this ash cloud over Europe, shutting down air travel for several days over safety concerns. Apparently jet engines and volcanic ash do not mix well, and since jets and ash travel in the same layer of the atmosphere (at about 30,000 feet) it is not a safe situation for passenger or cargo aircraft.

According to researchers in Iceland, even though the ash-spewing phase has slowed, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is still erupting. The eruption appears to have entered a third phase, with less ash and more lava flow from the caldera. How long this phase will last, or if there will be more ash production in the future is unknown.

Hamari News is all up on it – ’tis where I lifted the prior information. 🙂
I just couldn’t pass up knowledge & it’s direct correlation.

And just in case you’re wondering about the impact of this volcanos birth
on the surface of the land as we know it here on Mother Earth…
Visit the forementioned link — they’ve already laid the 411 out.
KNOW her, RESPECT her – HISTORY proves what her emissions are about.

The Mauna Kea is an underwater volcano currently resting in Hawaii.
I am Monja Qui
My name was inspired by the “century erupting” – volcanic she.
Ooo Wee and What does that say about the parallels of me?
Golly Gee…‘Gotta love education.

Rolling with Roland

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Roland Rocks!Don’t you just love Roland Martin? I do. Born and raised in Houston, TX [11.14.68], this A Phi A brother (notice the black and gold attire) is alright with me. I love his intellectual outspoken nature. Whether the topic be about April being “Confederate Month” or Ben Roethlisberger and the NFL Commissioner issues, Roland is unbias and unquiet.

He’s not for “celebrating confederate month” in any state and he’s not exactly supportive of the NFL Commissioner reprimanding Ben before he’s been officially charged by the justice system of any wrong doing…like they did PAC MAN Jones and [NBA] Gilbert Arenas. Roland also recently ripped into police on their own “stop snitching” policy for lying and protecting the cops who beat the U of Maryland student when his team beat DUKE (@ the end of the regular season).

Mr. Martin is conversationally all over the place with interesting points to make. I like the way he rolls. You don’t have to agree with him, but it sure is good to hear from Mr. Martin on any front, whether by CNN views, or his radio tunes. I am PRO-Roland Martin and today — I appreciate his voice.

Life is good and good I feel
to key in on such a reflective appeal.

I’ve got a thing for outspoken & intellectual dudes,
I’m Qui
Digging Rolands sharpness from his mind to his suits.
Oooo! 🙂


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Where is David Alan Grier with “CHOCOLATE NEWS” when you need him? CNN’s Don Lemon surely could have used his help this weekend when he single handedly took on interviewing a few Confederate Month advocates. One black re-inactee in particular [H.K. Edgerton] ‘lost his damn mind’ all over the air waves as he implied, being a slave wasn’t so bad.?.


HK Edgerton is a piece of work. Google him. And while we seek to highlight “the good”, the silver lining in all perspectives, Mr. Edgerton is hard to suffice in category. When Don Lemon asked him if he could understand that some people (in particularly African Americans) would find “Confederate Celebration” offensive – Mr. Edgerton went into a soliloquy of sorts, as to how slave lifestyle was a misconception in American History. I was soooo disenchanted – as was Don Lemon. I had hoped by the end of the shows segment that Mr. Edgerton would have made his points of pro-Confederate Celebrations clear — but no such thing happened. The other two guests who were being interviewed on the show were white. Their positions on “Confederate Celebrations” were far more empathic on the position of “slavery”, (a hot topic that was brought to the forefront after the Gov. of VA recently omitted slavery acknowledgement in his Confederate Celebration speech. He has since added slavery acknowlegment into his proclamation speech and insists that his Confederate Celebration is about “celebrating the unions brotherhood” and not to glorify the ignorance of the slavery era).

I live in the South. Born and raised in Texas. Educated in the south. A decendant of slaves. I’m thrilled and overjoyed that our country no longer supports, slavery advocates, or tolerates slavery in any fashion. Slavery was ugly when the Israelites were in captivity; it was ugly when the Natzi’s enslaved the Jews; it was ugly when Africans sold thier own to the Europeans as slave hands –for profit; it was ugly as portrayed in ROOTS and the history of it (to date) is still painful. So where was Mr. HK Edgerton coming from with his support of Confederate Celebration when “part of” the very basis of the confederates fight was over “the emancipation proclamation” and the “freeing slaves”? Mr. Edgerton is a black man, dark in pigmentation and an obvious decendant of slaves. Not only was I uncomfortable watching him trying to explain why he was PRO-Confederate Celebration, but I was offended that he implied that it’s a positive part of our Southern History. Nothing could be further from the truth.

HK Edgerton has ‘lost his damn mind’ & David Alan Grier would have been the perfect co-host on CNN this weekend (with Don Lemon) to deliver that line. Instead, Don was forced to cut Mr. Edgerton off often and refer to the other guests on the show, who did their best to put a positive spin on an era that was so hurtful. Not to mention if the CIVIL WAR had been won by the South (…ie the confederates) slavery could very well STILL be in play today. Did you ever think of that?

It’s so easy and unintelligent to ‘not to think’,
but to CELEBRATE blatant ignorance – just stinks!

I’m Qui
Perusing views of Chocolate News by every sense of the word.
Thanking God for Freedom – a by product of the CIVIL WAR verb.

God bless the child that’s got his OWN

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Oprah's got her OWN

Especially if thier ‘OWN‘ stands for the OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK. Right? God bless the Queen of Talk Show Hosts. We all know she’s retiring from her couched position on ABC in the Fall of 2011, but what then?

Oprah will actually continue to host, but this time it will be a multi-night program on her upcoming network OWN. Yes – She’s got ‘her own’. The show [Dubbed Oprah’s Next Chapter] will air two or three times a week and will feature Winfrey globe-trotting to interview prominent figures. It’s expected to premiere late next year, after Winfrey signs off of The Oprah Winfrey Show in September 2011. OWN is scheduled to launch Jan. 1, 2012 under the Discovery umbrella. Her vision for OWN “is to create a network that inspires our viewers and makes them want to be who they are on their best day.” So in essence, it’s an extension of what she’s already doing. Aren’t you always inspired to be better post an afternoon of O? I am.

The OWN Network will run a variety of shows in series, like:

Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind
This show will highlight stars such as the Black Eyed Peas, Annie Leibovitz and Tom Ford giving viewers a look inside of their creative processes.

Your Own Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star
The show’s focus will be on Oprah teaming up with reality guru Mark Burnett, goes on the prowl for the next big small-screen talent.

Gayle King Live!
(and NO. Larry King is not mad about being the titles inspriation) 🙂 O’s BFFL radio show will go visual. Not much will change in the format of how Gayle does her current radio show or interviews her guests; the only difference is, we’ll be able to see her.

Why Not? with Shania Twain
This series will chronicle Shania’s life since her marriage to music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange ended in 2008 amid reports that he had an affair.

Speaking of “affairs” Oprah dares not to close out her ABC relationship without hosting the mother of former Senator John Edwards illegitimate baby. Mm-mm-m. Television watchers are some nosey folks. I’ll be sure to document the details here on my site if any good juice should spring forth while I’m watching. lol!

Peace and Blessings,
I’m Qui
and it’s nothing like being open and telling.

You can call me ‘the Griot literal O’
I’ll always hook you up with the online flow.
…and now you know.