LL COOL J’s American Story

In Griot, Music, News, Politics, TV Shows on April 2, 2010 at 11:08 am

She’s ba-aack!

The Republican Sweetheart Sarah Palin is getting more ‘face time but with a show hosting shine’. So…did you miss her?


She’s the host of FOX’s new show “Real American Stories”. The shows debut was last night @ approximately 10pm EDT. It was the perfect show to doze off too. I kid you, but LL Cool J wasn’t kidding when he slammed the show’s interview resources before its premier.

He heard about ‘his legacy being a topic for discussion on Palin’s show’ through the grapevine — much like Toby Keith and GE’s boss Jack Welch whose stories were also slated to be aired. Jack wasn’t aware that he was a part of the Repub Sweethearts showcase and Toby Kieth‘s PR Manager reaffirmed that ‘he has not been notified or requested to appear on Sarah Palins show’. Hm.

Uh oh and Oh no! Where did all the COOL hype go?
Sarah Paling is back and governing her own show!?!

LL denied that Palin would be discussing anything about him.
Jack & Toby weren’t jumping w/joy about her highlighting them.

Sarah’s the chic that quit Governing Alaska in 2009. Why? We don’t know.
Perhaps “She Came – She Lost – She Quit” should be the name of her show.

And so it goes LL Cool J’s American Story is one that Sarah’s show had to shoot to hell.
LL didn’t need her conservative stage for his Hip Hop famed page when he’s got ROCK THE BELLS!

I’m certain you know his story. He’s a LEGEND in the RAP Diocese
I’m Qui
digging the Repub Sweetheart’s show (last night) – it so easily lulled me to sleep.
Gotta Luv it…Ooooo Weee

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