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Sorry, Haters

In Movies on April 5, 2010 at 7:37 am

Filmmaker or not –surely you watch the IFC channel? Come on son! How could you not? Sure it’s not a mainstream channel, but it’s definitely main street for a plethora of international views. The outlet is spectatular. Kudos to IFC and Sorry, Haters.

SORRY,HATERS is that rare film that dares to capture the anxiety of a city on edge. It begins when Ashade, a Muslim cab driver in New York(Abdellatif Kechiche), picks up Phoebe (Robin Wright Penn), a well-heeled professional woman. Phoebe takes an interest in exonerating Ashade’s brother in jail, which reveals a devastating hidden truth. With powerful performances by Robin Wright Penn, Abdellatif Kechiche, Sandra Oh and Josh Hamilton, it has the courage to ask the most forbidden questions about who we are, and suggest some surprising answers.

Let me be honest. I woke up one early morning and caught the middle of this film and had a complete MISUNDERSTANDING. It looked to me, that a white woman may have been being harrassed by a middle eastern man who was abusing her through forced sex & violence. I DVR’d it for later review, because I wanted to know WHY. I was also curious as to how the white girl found herself in such a vulnerable position.

After running the movie back and watching it in its entirety – I realized that I was soooo wrong. It was the middle eastern man who was being abused here. Not sexually, but racially. He was used and abused through the plot of the white girl who (I think) never intended on “sincerely” helping out the immigrant — in anyway.

Deeply embedded racism. Twisted. The face of domestic terrorism cunningly charted and carried out against an immigrant. Sorry, Haters is an inside view from the other side. The immigrants side. If you’re thinking for one minute it’s a sad song being sung for pity — think again. In fact, that’s exactly what this film makes you do…THINK AGAIN.

Sorry, Haters. You can not afford to not see it,
I’m Qui
A reel prejudiced terror — I don’t want to be it.