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Where is David Alan Grier with “CHOCOLATE NEWS” when you need him? CNN’s Don Lemon surely could have used his help this weekend when he single handedly took on interviewing a few Confederate Month advocates. One black re-inactee in particular [H.K. Edgerton] ‘lost his damn mind’ all over the air waves as he implied, being a slave wasn’t so bad.?.


HK Edgerton is a piece of work. Google him. And while we seek to highlight “the good”, the silver lining in all perspectives, Mr. Edgerton is hard to suffice in category. When Don Lemon asked him if he could understand that some people (in particularly African Americans) would find “Confederate Celebration” offensive – Mr. Edgerton went into a soliloquy of sorts, as to how slave lifestyle was a misconception in American History. I was soooo disenchanted – as was Don Lemon. I had hoped by the end of the shows segment that Mr. Edgerton would have made his points of pro-Confederate Celebrations clear — but no such thing happened. The other two guests who were being interviewed on the show were white. Their positions on “Confederate Celebrations” were far more empathic on the position of “slavery”, (a hot topic that was brought to the forefront after the Gov. of VA recently omitted slavery acknowledgement in his Confederate Celebration speech. He has since added slavery acknowlegment into his proclamation speech and insists that his Confederate Celebration is about “celebrating the unions brotherhood” and not to glorify the ignorance of the slavery era).

I live in the South. Born and raised in Texas. Educated in the south. A decendant of slaves. I’m thrilled and overjoyed that our country no longer supports, slavery advocates, or tolerates slavery in any fashion. Slavery was ugly when the Israelites were in captivity; it was ugly when the Natzi’s enslaved the Jews; it was ugly when Africans sold thier own to the Europeans as slave hands –for profit; it was ugly as portrayed in ROOTS and the history of it (to date) is still painful. So where was Mr. HK Edgerton coming from with his support of Confederate Celebration when “part of” the very basis of the confederates fight was over “the emancipation proclamation” and the “freeing slaves”? Mr. Edgerton is a black man, dark in pigmentation and an obvious decendant of slaves. Not only was I uncomfortable watching him trying to explain why he was PRO-Confederate Celebration, but I was offended that he implied that it’s a positive part of our Southern History. Nothing could be further from the truth.

HK Edgerton has ‘lost his damn mind’ & David Alan Grier would have been the perfect co-host on CNN this weekend (with Don Lemon) to deliver that line. Instead, Don was forced to cut Mr. Edgerton off often and refer to the other guests on the show, who did their best to put a positive spin on an era that was so hurtful. Not to mention if the CIVIL WAR had been won by the South (…ie the confederates) slavery could very well STILL be in play today. Did you ever think of that?

It’s so easy and unintelligent to ‘not to think’,
but to CELEBRATE blatant ignorance – just stinks!

I’m Qui
Perusing views of Chocolate News by every sense of the word.
Thanking God for Freedom – a by product of the CIVIL WAR verb.

  1. […] need less of that buffoon H.K. Edgerton and his outlook of rags. His saying love of the confederate flag and the slave life our ancestors […]

  2. […] weekend shift and usually covers controversial topics of enlightening proportions. Just recently in the month of February he covered the Confederates Month celebration (in the south) and introduced…. The subject wasn’t pretty and neither were Mr. Edgertons comments, but Don Lemon pulled us […]

  3. I think celebrating the fact that “YOU LOST the fight to keep blacks as slaves” — is some bullshit.

    If you want to celebrate something…celebrate something YOU WON like almost killing off all of the American Indians & stealing their land. It’s not a cause that I support either, but at least “YOU WON”.

    YOU LOST the Civil War. Why would you celebrate Confederacy and expect others to recognize it as “an honor” in the month of April or any other calendar month?

    Why aren’t you celebrating the Vietnam War??? How about the Korean War???


  4. I was going with your statement of, “So where was Mr. HK Edgerton coming from with his support of Confederate Celebration when the very basis of the confederates fight was over “the emancipation proclamation” and “freeing slaves”?”

    But, while slavery – or rather laws revolving around slavery – was the issue in contention, it wasn’t the cause of secession or the war. It couldn’t be since, at the time of the secession, no move had been made or truly discussed to emancipate any slave via federal mandate.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy slavery – well the formalized sort – ended in America as a result of the Civil War. I’m just not willing to buy into the hogwash that Lincoln sold to the British and French to largely keep them out of the war and that so many still believe today.

    But why shouldn’t people celebrate the fact that they, for a short time, were a free and sovereign state or that they gave a tyrannical ruler (Lincoln) a hard run for his money in the resulting war, even though they were out-manned, out-gunned, out-funded, and had to fight butchers – by the standards of the day – like Sherman and Sheridan?

  5. I am very educated on American History, thus I’ll respond to your lopsided view, (if we must throw around derrogative assumptions).

    The Civil War was not solely about SLAVERY – though slavery was a big part of it. Which is why many in the South considered supporting secession at the very notion of ‘not being able to own slaves’.

    This is no cause for celebration. Ignorance has no place on this site Jonolan.

  6. You’re not particularly educated in American history I take it.

    The Civil War was already effectively underway when the 1st Emancipation Proclamation (actually 2 separate executive orders by Lincoln).

    The Civil War was not a war over slavery. It was a war over the federal government’s control over the states and their ability to secede from the nation at will.

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