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OMG! I love COUGAR TOWN! Maybe because I’m over 35 and on “the thrive”. Whatever it is…even though there’s no black cast members in this regroup of ‘Friends’ — I find the show to be relatively entertaining.

Courtney Cox rocks and is the ripened star of the show
Her ex-husband and close neighbors go well with ‘her flow’.

It’s a show about being grown and having grown children too;
It’s a show about being young and having to face “mid life” — so soon.

I do believe everyone in the cast is in their mid-40’s at best
The men are still silly & the women still have perky breast.

For a gemini, born and raised in Alabama: Courtney Cox is definitely holding her own.
She’s a great reflector for the mid life spectator whose 40(+/-) and barely grown.

Courtney’s character name is Jules,
Her ex husband Bobby – is an easy going fool;
her grown child Travis domestically drools,
He’s just been accepted into college (on script) & that’s waaay cool.

If you’re a parent raising DNA offspring prorpiety
The last thing you want is to release “a slacker” out into society.
Travis leaving for college is a parental HIGH to me. πŸ™‚

The guy Jules is flirting with – is the neighbor that lives across the street
Recent episodes did unfold that she & Grayson have ruffled the sheets.

Ellie and Andy Torres are always available to ‘mingle & toast the wine’
in a FRIENDS familial setting and (the lip poutie) Laurie is never far behind.

A good support system is exactly what Jules has found,
I’m Qui
…So looking forward to (one day) thriving in my own COUGAR TOWN.
RaaaaaaaR & MeOW!

COUGAR TOWN comes on Wednesday nights @ 9:30/8:30c

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