I appreciate a STRONG RAP

In Movies on May 15, 2010 at 4:38 pm

As laid out in the barber shop scene of “FIVE ON THE BLACK HAND SIDE“. Remember that?

Today is a good day to kick it with FUNLOVING (the principle in the video scene). Did you find yourself digging his philosophy?

and I quote

“I’m The baby maker and the cradle shaker…

I’m the bed tucker, the milk shaker,
the record breaker and the population maker…

I’m the judge, the sludge…
The womens pet – the mens fret…

I Crossed the burning sand and shook the devils hand…

I walked 49 miles of barb wire
and used a cobra snake as a neck tie…”

Now THAT’S Game!

I am Woman.
I’m Qui.
…and I appreciate a STRONG RAP. Can you dig it?

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