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And then…

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And then THE NEWS

Larry King decides to leave his LIVE show,
After 25 years – CNN will let him go.

For familial reasons — and who could argue with that?
His kids are 10 & 11 now…years he’ll never get back.

Thus anytime is good time for Ol’ Larry to hang his suspenders
We’ll still be talking about his work for as long as time remembers.

As Larry kicks the mic, FIFA continues to kick the ball to many a fan – in losing disbelief,
That such an important event would be so out of touch with GOAL and SCORING TECHNOLOGY.

NY is being primed as California is up to vote on legalizing pot
and as long as Montel Williams lives (with MS in NY) – he won’t stop.

Hurricane Alex is currently acting up — fa’ sho,
Looks like he’ll be wetting up our Texas coast.

Today is HUMP Day – let us make it a DAY of WINS,
I’m Qui
Applying Griot to my World News flow – tis current until – And then

Who can refuse a good NEWS PERUSE? πŸ™‚

BET’s Impressive Beat

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Glitter Photos

Well, Moma always said, “You can’t keep a good Chris Brown [man] down”.
His tribute was dead on and rather eeerie — if nothing else, can we give him a pound?

Not the kind that hurts, but the kind that inclusively loves.
I’m sure MJ himself was impressed – with his technique, courage and glove.

I was surprised to see El Debarge & (it’s about time we hugged) Kanye West.
An insightful hue and cool review was posted by The Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES— It was comeback night at the BET Awards.

Kanye West opened Sunday’s show in his first TV appearance since dissing Taylor Swift at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards. T.I. made a triumphant return to TV for his first performance since being released from prison in December. And 1980s hitmaker El DeBarge blazed back onto the stage to play old hits and the title track from his first new album in 16 years.

But most unexpected was Chris Brown, who offered an emotional tribute to Michael Jackson.

The embattled pop star has mostly kept a low profile since pleading guilty to felony assault for beating up Rihanna in February 2009. But here he was, center stage, mimicking Jackson’s signature dance moves with almost eerie accuracy. Introduced by Jermaine Jackson, Brown embodied the King of Pop, wearing his fedora and spangled glove and moonwalking across the stage to “Billie Jean.”

Then, as Brown grabbed a microphone to sing “Man in the Mirror,” he broke down in tears. His voice cracked, he couldn’t sing, and at one point he crumpled to the stage in apparent agony. It was a moving moment made even more so by the song’s lyrics and his own recent past.

The 21-year-old returned to the stage later to apologize to his fans.

“I let you all down before, but I won’t do it again. I promise you,” Brown said.

Performances were so plentiful during the 3 1/2-hour show that prizes were almost secondary. (click here to continue the column read…it gets hotter!)

It was truly a night of loving, coming-up-together and looking smart,
I’m Qui
Feeling MJ today and glad we’re back to LOVING – ’cause LIFE is SHORT.

Should I Smoke Dope?

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Click HERE or on the pic to PLAY video

Have you seen this BBC Special Documentary “SHOULD I SMOKE DOPE“? Journalist Nicky Taylor investigates a growing debate on the legalization of marijuana. She visits a coffee shop in Amsterdam that sells the drug legally and participates in the month long medical trial to find out its impact on a person’s mental state.

The verge splurge experiment was a month long gig
Nicky went to Amsterdam and got highyes she did. πŸ™‚

She smoked so much dope and the array of bud was truly amazing.
The king hassan (mild) vs the Monica (strong/happy) “hash test” was crazy.

The mild hash made her mouth dry, but was comparable to glass of light wine
The stronger happier hash made her giddy and friendly with an uninhibited kind of shine.

Talk about a hard days work – Thank Goodness it wasn’t me
I do believe I’d still be in Amsterdam to this very day — ooo wee.

Research should not be rushed. I like to take my time in all I do…
Then again too much weed, will considerably slow you down.Ooooo.

I’m certainly a mover and a shaker – I don’t like to sit on my ash,
The last thing I need, (with the schedule I keep) is to NOT BE moving fast.

Once Nicky’s HIGH came down and she returned to her residential home
She concluded that being zooted for that long isn’t good for the dome.

I agree with the journalistic she – but is it so bad on an occassion?
I’m Qui
and I thought the hands on research was truly amazin’. πŸ˜‰

The Daily APPLE

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So the Apple iPhone 4 hits stores today and will fly off of the shelves with no delay. I’m sure.

A Member of my Board of Advisors swear by it. Me? I’m a gadget girl, it’s true – but Im really NOT a phone girl. Computer girl? Check. Aspiring filmmaker girl? Check. Camera and Grip Equipment girl? also Check. IM loving girl? Check. I even like PS3, Wii, and any cool gaming apps I can get on my phone, but to actually use the phone to make calls —- ehhhhh, that’s not really something I’m into.

Recently Joe Gordon, (of Gordon Sports) offered to buy me an iPhone for my birthday (August). Sounds exciting, my eyes lit up but obviously not enough, because he quickly added, unless of course you’d like something else. He then went on to say that ‘he bets if I gave iPhone a chance, I’d never put it down’. Hm…that would definitely be different, since I’m hardly the one to have a phone penned to my ear. He swears the iPhone is far more fun away from my ear. Joe believes my thumbs will become addicted to personal assistant apps, the video conference calling, the HD web cam features and the hundreds of game apps (like Tetris & Jewels – because I’m old school)… He may be onto something.

So I got up this morning to see what the Apple iPhone4 is about and found THE STREET, a YAHOO FINANCE Report that highlights “5 Big Blemishes for the Apple iPhone4”. Check it out:

5) A Skimpy Camera
As smartphone challengers like HTC, Motorola (MOT – News) and Nokia (NOK – News) embrace the megapixel race with 8-megapixel and 12-megapixel cameras, Apple’s new iPhone keeps it cheap with a 5-megapixel model.

This will be a bigger point of contention this week when Verizon (VZ – News) and Motorola unveil the Droid X Wednesday, the newest Google (GOOG – News) Android phone, which features an 8-megapixel camera. Android phone giant HTC has also been generous with 8-megapixel cameras in its Droid Incredible and Sprint’s (S – News) EVO.

Meanwhile, Apple, always the laggard in cameras, won’t enter the 8-megapixel class until next year when it debuts a sweet Sony (SNE – News) camera in its 2011 iPhone. But by then, who knows where the rest of the pack will be?

4) No Swype
If you’ve seen Swype or used it, you know why this omission makes the list. Typing on a touchscreen is a challenge as the flat glass surface offers few clues to where your fat fingers are precisely making contact. It’s an error-prone process that gives one a longing for the raised keys of the BlackBerry keyboard from Research In Motion (RIMM – News).

But the Swype keypad software helps tame the new medium. Swype follows the pattern of your finger movements to type words or predict words without the usual hunting and pecking.

Apple did wonders with the touchscreen, but Swype makes it more useful for those among us who like to type.

3) Video Calling
Okay, it’s not totally bait and switch, but Apple’s hot new iPhone video calling feature, FaceTime, comes with lots of asterisks and a limited applicability.

Say you want to video chat with someone using the Apple iPhone 4. That someone has to have a WiFi connection and he has to use the same application on his own iPhone 4. You’re looking at a small club of people — not exactly an application of global Skype-like proportions.

2) iPhone 4 Shortages
Strong demand is only half the story for Apple’s iPhone sales debut. Limited supply is the other. A shortage of in-plane display panels, the crucial part of Apple’s touted retina display screens, has forced Apple’s contract manufacturers to cut production rates in half to 1 million iPhones a month.

This means there won’t be enough iPhones on hand to meet the presumably high demand. Though it’s not a terrible problem to have if you are a gadget maker, sellouts and delivery delays will mar Apple’s big iPhone 4 debut. The frustration could push buyers toward other phones.

1) No VERIZON iPhone
A new iPhone is big. But a new iPhone at Verizon? Much bigger.

Apple’s exclusive partnership with AT&T (T – News) has been a point of discord among iPhone owners and it has tarnished the public perception of both companies. It also has done almost nothing for AT&T’s stock.

Investors have been waiting for the Verizon iPhone. But that’s apparently not going to happen until next year, if ever.

So Apple fans who want the new iPhone have to lock in for another two years with AT&T. This scenario is not particularly pleasant considering that AT&T’s new subscriber plans put penalties on people (like iPhone users) who happen to be heavy data users.

Well, I’m already an AT&T customer, (I have been for more than 12 years now), and they can nickle and dime you with petty fees if you’re doing more than talking on the phone, but I’m used to them and I call billing as often as necessary for discrepancies. Maybe it’s time….Maybe it’s time for me bite the apple. I’m on the verge of…especially now that they have HD web cam capabilities and video calling. I’m giddy in thought as to how that’s going to work out and change the way I communicate on my cell phone.

Just for the record:

My SAMSUNG Propel has been good to me,
I’m Qui
but today I’m eyeballing the Apples iPhone 4G πŸ™‚
Oooo Weee

News Lube

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News Lube

Yes– I said NEWS LUBE instead of NEWS PERUSE.


Because things are getting grimier and grimier everyday. I keep reminding my 12 year old daughter that AMERICAN HISTORY is soooo being made during her adolescent life. First we elect the United States first black president, then a Gulf Oil Rig explodes and one of our wars generals has loose staff lips that could sink ships. Can you imagine how this is going to read 20-30 years from now in history books….that is assuming TEXAS doesn’t attempt to rewrite all of our countrys History.

That’s right — History rewrites by folks with no literal insight is also in progress in the state of Texas with hopes to influence other ISD school books around the world. California has already declined on utilizing any such re-written versions. I hope their decision is catchy.

Health Care issues are also taking shape through reform
The President addressed most concerns [6-22] — w/o alarm.

General Stanley McChrystal has been dressed down and sent home.
History will recall him as the man who bad mouthed “the leaders” zone.
(shaking my head) Mm-Mm-Mm…what went wrong?

BP and TRANS OCEAN are surely not happy today
about the black dude who’s been interviewing about their “safety astray”.

When the ‘fail safe’ first blew, it took 11 with
Then today we lost 2 more — God forbid.

They were trying to help – it’s definitely shifty and risky work —
In an effort to keep off shore drilling alive – many more are bound to get hurt.

It’s a greasy situation. Todays NEWS is untimely, grimey and bold.
In an effort to exhibit a silver lining — what’s up on the production of clean coal? πŸ™‚

Early Monday

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Early Monday morning, I’ve got to get up, get out and get a job.
Sure I work for myself, but my home improvement “needs list” is a mob.

I’m into saving money, and not into spending the very last dime;
I’ve been holding off on working outside-of-the-home but now it is time.

Early Monday morning, I’ve got to figure out a steadier way
For my childs competition cheerleading tuition to promptly get paid.

Early Monday morning, I have film editing that needs doin’,
But if I don’t get a job to fund it –soonmy reels will go to ruin.

Early Monday morning before I do anything else, I usually stretch
Then I do some devotional reading to help me ace the days unseen tests.

Early Monday morning, stretching is absolutely the thing I’m into
and if I can get a little nookie on the side that counts as cardio too.

Oooo! ‘Talk about rising, striving and winning,
I’m Qui
may this Early Monday morning find us both willing & skillfully grinning

…because “the day” awaits…

EASY Sunday

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Happy Fathers Day – to all of the GO GETTER Dad’s in the world.
For those WHO know me “literally” – I’m sooo a Daddy’s Girl.

Today it’s all about HIM – Adams distant offspring.
A life without knowing a Dad – is a sad familial thing.

My parents divorced when I was in the 5th grade
But Dad kept his role as the one to make us behave.

Mom put the Christmas trees together, most bikes and helped us build the clubhouse
Dad lived near by, kept us in focus with one eye & reminded us he’d wear us out. πŸ™‚
enforcement is what Dad’s are all about

I’ll never forget – it was Spring of my 12th grade year
I had acquired a grown fan – a male stalker was near.

I had to catch two city busses in the morning to get to school.
Having my own independence felt responsible and totally cool.

Until I was repetitiously spooked by a man who’d be waiting downtown @ my transfer
I was 17 he was about 10 years my senior; thus the independent me was scared.

The first week or two I played it off, like his following me to school was no bother
But after a month or so, I broke down and confessed being scared to my father.

Days following…nothing happened & nothing changed
I was duly being stalked by the man of strange. 😦

Though by weeks end the stalker felt bold
and approached my person – scared my soul!

I felt so alone, wearing a nervous smile – in pure fright
When I looked across the street to see flickering head lights.

I looked a little harder hoping someone…anyone would come and help
and before I knew it —standing between me and “the dim” — was my dad himself.

Dad jacked him up and greatly interupted the mans devious intentful flow
I continued my route until I graduated and I never saw “the dim” no ‘mo.
That’s what Dad’s are fo’…

Happy Fathers Day
to you – Please believe your kids will never forget
The moments when you were on it – saving them from a hell of sweat.

Wouldn’t want to go through much without you.

Because of you– LIFE has muscle, shade & is breezy.
Let this Sunday be a reflection of the things you do so easy.

Oooo Wee,
I’m a Daddy’s Girl.

South African Lingo

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Here are a few WORDS to keep you in step and hip during the FIFA WORLD CUP SOCCER events. I’ve long boasted about communicating in GRIOT which is a W. African Linguistic (including passing down stories & world news in rhyme), but during FIFA “JOL” will take you a long way.

Josh Levs of CNN and Nadia Belchek (CNN S. African Anchor & Producer) introduces us to “the hip talk”:

JOLSo we go on a Jol. That means we go to a party. You can either use the word as a verb or a noun. You and I can go JOLLING tonight”; which means partying.

ZHOOSH –means sharp as in a compliment to ones dress style. You look so ZHOOSH tonight.

GATVOL — means fed up. For example, I can be GATVOL of a situation or a person when enough is enough.

BABBELAS— means hang over. I have a BABBELAS…likely from last nights JOL. πŸ™‚

Straight from the mouths of Nadia and Josh Levs – I have duly heard,
I’m Qui
saying “Happy June Teenth” ; always learn something new. WORD!

Perusing The News

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News Peruse

I do it all of the time…
Most of the time through a GRIOT rhyme.
I prefer reflections of a POSITIVE shine
But I can’t control the World News vine…

Up to bat is Tony Hayward, on trial for BP
He thought he’d “play” congress & they turned up the heat.

He was checking his watch just 45 minutes into the preceedings,
He wants his life back — unlike the 11 who are no longer breathing.

I can’t say what will happen from here…
But I am pulling positive that an end to “the pollution” is near.

In a few moments, a wardon will give the head nod
for a UTAH death row inmate to die by firing squad.

On a lighter note, the week started out rough but is charted for a positive spin
My 4yr old neighbor who nearly drowned Sunday, just woke up — so We all WIN!

If you’ve ever seen someone ‘hard concerned’ behind something that had nothing to do with them
You’d be describing me and my praying fam – when the chips are down – we pray on a whim.
Therefore karma rarely approaches us dim.

The 4yr old’s swelling has considerably gone down in his head
His Mom said he’s awake from his coma & was up eating NACHOS in bed. πŸ™‚

There’s something to be said about “the resilience of children”
Again, when the chips are down – and I’m aroundI will pray on a whim.
…because it works!

That was a neighborly situation, but global news never stops
Tonight USHER will be on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, because his moves are hot!
…must DVR because I like him alot.

Game 7 will be on tonight and I’m sure my 56″ will be stuck on that,
I’m Qui
and I’m Happy on this THURSDAY eve! God is so goodI can’t even be mad!

June Teenth & What it means

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Yes. Β You’ve heard the term before:

“Niggers Day”.

There! I said it.

I’m black – I’m not afraid of the word “Nigger”. I’m from the South – so I’m clear on what the history of Niggers Day is and what it represents. I’m a writer – so don’t make this a WORD GAME with me. It won’t work.

If Nigger was a good enough term in 1865 to label our Ancestors with…it’s good enough for me to recall in title when celebrating (and referring to) June 19th. It was spoken in a derrogatory tone by slave masters, but we all knowΒ a non-black person using that word, will recieve a beat down from the the nearest black person – in the name of HISTORY and their ancestors who were duped into thinking SLAVERY was still legal – when in fact it was abolished for 2.5 years prior by the President, before anyone told the Slaves in the South.

Ugly. Right?Β A very sensitive subject.

For years June Teenth Celebrations were largely limited to the Southern region, but today, due to our adventurous travel across Gods great land, June Teenth is celebrated by a myriad of people in a number of states as a reminder of American History. Niggers Day was not a celebration for white folks in 1865, because they were likely not so happy about having to FREE ALL OF THOSE SLAVES. It must have hurt like hell. However being free after centuries of enslavement was no doubt The BEST DAY of our Ancestors Lives and today we welcome all to celebrate in unity.

I’m going to celebrate it. I’m going to celebrate it BIG. I will not forget History and I won’t let my offspring forget either. In fact, June Teenth is my first cousins birthday — so on this day you can usually find me at the park near the bar-b-que pit sipping red soda water and socializing with good freedom loving people. πŸ™‚ That’s right! June Teenth is a great day! I thank God it finally happened.

What’cha know ’bout it?


Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, with an effective date of January 1, 1863, it had minimal immediate effect on most slaves’ day-to-day lives, particularly in Texas, which was almost entirely under Confederate control. Juneteenth commemorates June 18 and 19, 1865. June 18 is the day Union General Gordon Granger and 2,000 federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, to take possession of the state and enforce the emancipation of its slaves.