The SC Scene & Alvin Greene

In News, Politics on June 11, 2010 at 7:06 am

What’s really going on?
Who’s puppeteering this unslated dome?

Okay…this dude won 60% of the Democratic Primary Vote and the nomination. Who voted for him, since NO ONE KNOWS him? He doesn’t seem to know himself, or WHY he’s running for office. Alvin is unemployed, he didn’t hold any campaigning rallies, nor did he hire a PR team to help him succeed. So how did it happen? If you watched the fore embedded video of Keith Olberman interviewing Alvin Greene, it’s clear this man is clueless as to what’s going on. His eyes appear to say, ‘Not even he knew he was running for a political office nor did he have a clue as to – on WHAT PLATFORM’. Its as if this political victory just landed in his lap without any effort on his part to campaign.[?] Easy.

Do you really think this is how the Democratic party would represent itself in SC? What do I think? I think Republicans are so desperately transparent for a WIN and a Senate seat – that it is highly likely that Alvin Greene was in fact planted into the Democratic party and voted for by Republicans who needed him to win the primary nomination, so that their Republican Candidate: Nikki Haley will have a slam dunk of a chance in the Novemeber election.

What an insult to the SC voters intelligence and the global community that is looking on. Desperation will make you do some crazy stuff.

The Democratic Party is calling for Alvin Greene to step down, but in his interview with Keith Olberman and others he has said “No” — he will not step down. Now what? He runs in November and dumb foundedly looses. Yes! Dumb founded – he isas well as the dolts that put him up to this.

I encourage you to watch closely and stay tuned to the facts,
I’m Qui

And I just can’t fathom the Democratic Party representing themselves like that.

Somebody’s lying!

I once had a friend who would say in these cases:
“Time will tell
and arse holes will smell”.

He’s right again. 🙂


  2. I concur. CHARGES should definitely be filed against all parties when this debacle is exposed. What an insult.

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