200 Gallons a Minute

In Griot, News, Science, Technology on June 14, 2010 at 10:57 pm

Kevin Costener: Centri Fugal Technology LEADER

Centri Fugal does it and Kevin Costner backs the smarts;
The technology apparently rings true & BP has taken it to heart.

Kevin Costener’s machine can clean 200 gallons of oil tainted water a minute.
So what has been the hold up on BP researching it, patronizing it and befriending it?

Oh…I know what it was, they were so in control and educationally refined
that they were sure they could resolve the plume issues with BP’s brightest minds.

…they were wrong
The plume continues to spew strong.

The top hat didn’t fit and the junk shot missed the rim
Without a little Hollywood insight the BP scene was looking dim

They refused James Cameron’s idea – it didn’t have enough whip & stir —
But the Centri fugal Seperation Technology, have them listening to K. Costner.

The oil giant has ordered 32 machines and as soon as the first dollar for such is received
Production will start; oil & water will part — yielding our oceans a little BP relief.

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