Should I Smoke Dope?

In Griot, News, TV Shows on June 27, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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Have you seen this BBC Special Documentary “SHOULD I SMOKE DOPE“? Journalist Nicky Taylor investigates a growing debate on the legalization of marijuana. She visits a coffee shop in Amsterdam that sells the drug legally and participates in the month long medical trial to find out its impact on a person’s mental state.

The verge splurge experiment was a month long gig
Nicky went to Amsterdam and got highyes she did. 🙂

She smoked so much dope and the array of bud was truly amazing.
The king hassan (mild) vs the Monica (strong/happy) “hash test” was crazy.

The mild hash made her mouth dry, but was comparable to glass of light wine
The stronger happier hash made her giddy and friendly with an uninhibited kind of shine.

Talk about a hard days work – Thank Goodness it wasn’t me
I do believe I’d still be in Amsterdam to this very day — ooo wee.

Research should not be rushed. I like to take my time in all I do…
Then again too much weed, will considerably slow you down.Ooooo.

I’m certainly a mover and a shaker – I don’t like to sit on my ash,
The last thing I need, (with the schedule I keep) is to NOT BE moving fast.

Once Nicky’s HIGH came down and she returned to her residential home
She concluded that being zooted for that long isn’t good for the dome.

I agree with the journalistic she – but is it so bad on an occassion?
I’m Qui
and I thought the hands on research was truly amazin’. 😉


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