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No Weak End

In Griot, Self Improvement on July 30, 2010 at 12:17 pm

No Weak End for Qui

No ma’am – No sir. I wouldn’t have it.
I stay on “weekday cruise”
for 5 days of the dues,
and the following 2 – I gas it.

Merging WORK with FUN– is a prerequisite for “Mastering The Art of Living
I’m Qui
Bidding to thee: No Weak End or kill joy grins @ this end-of-the-week beginning.

I’ll continue to PLAY with these WORDS like I do. 🙂
See ya’ in two.

Juicing the LEMON

In Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement on July 26, 2010 at 10:22 pm

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

CNN on the weekends can be informative & fun
when facing COLORFUL FACTS with Don Lemon.

Have you been watching Don? He’s a CNN Anchor who works the weekend shift and usually covers controversial topics of enlightening proportions. Remember in the month of February he covered Confederate Month (in the South) and introduced us to H.K. Edgerton. The subject wasn’t pretty and neither were Mr. Edgertons comments, but Don Lemon pulled us all through it.

Recent news has Don squeezing the truth out of anyone willing to speak about the NAACP, Bret Breitbart, Shirley Sherrod, Anthony Hill (30 year old Black Man – Shot & Dragged in SC) or any of the racial situations plaguing America today. Last weekends CNN broadcasts were awesome. It takes a pretty strong person to tackle race. I mean, Obama is strong, but not even he has dawned the mic like Don has.

I can’t blame the President for not interjecting or putting RACE on the forfront of topics up until now. Our country is currently engaged in wars abroad, (Iraq & Afghanistan) as well as on the homefront, (our borders), so race relations were pending in their prospective places waiting for an entrance. I think Bret Breithbart has invoked an entrance for improved race relations the size of a pregnant elephant and well…sooner or later we’re going to have to face our racial issues as a country in order for us to all move forward “successfully” on “one accord”.

Division is a by product of ignorance – let’s open up the door;
Let’s not let ignorance divide us in our own country anymore.

We need each other more than we think; We need our brothers unconditional hand.
Why should we jump on the bandwagon with other countries who hate AMERICANS?
Come on man…

We can do better than that. At some point we need to give FEAR completely up
and stop pointing the finger @ who hates who & look in the mirror.

We’re hating ourselfs and blaming it on color,
I’m Qui
Digging Don for approaching controversy like no other.

He is one insightful brother…

Are you watching Don Lemon on the weekends?
It’s time for Racial Divisions to end.


In Griot, Movies on July 25, 2010 at 4:50 pm

IMAGINATION: I’ve got it and boy oh boy am I happy about it.

Everytime I hear Gene Wilders “Pure Imagination” song my mind is instantly thrown back to a time of innocence. And believe it or not, I heard the song long before I saw (or rather “payed attention to”) Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. The bell toned intro of the song gets me onset. The entire melody rings and invokes open, endless creativity.

Lately I’ve been studying and working with different kinds of filming software and learning the amazing functions of them. The editing bay is the reel place where creativity and imagination come alive. Great software optimizes our conveyance with no respect to limitations.

I know some good stuff
about ADOBE Premier but
I think I’ve fallen in love
with Apples FINAL CUT.

And though my IMAGINATION is still
quite bigger than my skill
It yeilds me not one boring minute –

When faced w/the editing bay
or to go out and play…
The Editing Bay always wins it! 🙂

IMAGINATION makes all of the difference in the world,
I’m Qui
A Creative SHE – Definitely an IMAGINATION Girl.

keeping it reel:

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge” Albert Einstein

Good Brain

In Griot, Science, Self Improvement, TV Shows on July 22, 2010 at 9:29 am


Yes we know it. Sure we believe it…but do we aim for it? Strive for it? Are we achieving good brain on a daily?

As much as I’d like to say “Yes. Yes I am“, after the first few chapters of Daniel G. Amens book “CHANGE YOUR BRAIN – CHANGE YOUR BODY” I had to think again. Have you heard of it? It’s definitely WHAT’S UP. It’s certainly what’s good for my ‘my dome’.

I’m a reader. Friend to the book. Knowledge addict. Reading keeps the mind fresh and alive. Reading almost always leaves me with something new on some level. However in the face of technology and i-pod shuffles I have downloaded Daniels book thus reaping Good Brain every morning during my 2 mile walk. Amazing stuff. Knowledge is power.

As of late I’d felt squeezed between breaking news and real life
that it’s caused me to question much and think twice
too much…
I shouldn’t touch such intense levels on any day
especially if it’s not reaping me some sort of 7 figure pay.
Hey – ey!
…but still I felt squeezed.
Reminding myself to slow down and breathe.
Brain reserve was low.
I was watching a PBS telethon
and Daniel G Amen, M.D. was on
and boy was he dead on in summary
I’ve been looking for a CHANGE – my BRAIN is hungry.

I loved the snippets the telethon shared
Then I bought the audio disc set with no expense spared.
There’s something about GOOD BRAIN.

How’s your head? 🙂


In Griot, Movies, News, TV Shows on July 20, 2010 at 10:38 am

OMG! I thought that the BROWN vs. The BOARD OF EDUCATION case update was bad (children choosing the white doll over the black doll; good traits vs. stereotypical negatives). Leave it to Tyra Banks to find a panel of beautiful black women in a plethora of complextion (shades) to re-define…rebirth…BROWN vs. The BOARD OF EDUCATION.

The women were indeed BROWN and alot more mature than the children that participated in the study in 1954, but the results were unfortunately still dismal: The lighter skinned guests complained about being compared to whites or “mixed kids” when they are proudly 100% black and loving it – while the darker skinned sisters complained of being viewed as “slave black” and taking the brunt of every negative connotation and stereotype put upon the black race. One male guest on the panel admitted he doesn’t date black women, because they “just seem angry – like they sleep with their fists balled up”. Yep! He was black too. Hatred inside of our own race is our own problem.

Slavery was devicive – YES – but when do we come together to claim and love our own…to love ourself?

Beyond Tyra‘s insightful expose’ of necessary views
We continue to comb through and PERUSE the NEWS:

The oil well tests are extended – amidst real concerns
If the well line isn’t completely repaired-
an explosion won’t be spared
and Louisiana will again be burned.
THOROUGH WORK. When will we learn?

Research within the AIDS foundation is still a necessary HIT!
Have you heard about the VAGINAL GEL that could greatly reduce our contracting risk?

I love me some Wesley Snipes – to the credit of Mo Better Blues it’s true.
So I’m sad to report he’s going to “the big house” to serve a few.
A brothers TAX PROBLEMS have seeped back through.

Then there’s a racial misunderstanding about Shirley Sherrod that’s sensationally growin’.
To peep my thoughts on the USDA situation, peep the Griot laid Poem.

I’m Qui
on some urban hues


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is quite the up standing man
He apologized publicly & re-extended his professional hand

Mrs. Sherrod is in thought. Mrs. Sherrod has stood strong.
Mrs. Sherrod is a gracious woman whose been done so boldly wrong.

Vilsack said asking for her resignation was his decision and his alone
and that he was not in any way influenced by the “WH” home.

DIRECT’ly Bigger with TIGGER

In Music, News, TV Shows on July 16, 2010 at 12:11 pm

What are you doing Friday Night?
DIRECT ACCESS is in reach via TV sight:

Glitter Photos

“Direct Access’ ” Friday reruns at midnight are actually snagging a larger crowd — averaging 18,200 viewers, which is about 1,000 more than “The Bernie Mac Show” repeats clocked in the same time slot a year ago.

WDCW general manager Eric Meyrowitz told the TV Column that during the test run, Tigger’s show will continue to be Washington-based but will look for opportunities to take the show on the road for big-ticket music events that speak to the audience. The most recent episode sent correspondent Katie Rost to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival, celebrating African American music and culture.

Had you heard of DIRECT ACCESS? It’s new to me.
Thus I’ll be sure to DVR it tonight on WB 33.
How about a sneak peek:

So…What are you doing Friday Night?

Patriotic Flix – Meet Jasiri X

In Griot, Music, News, Politics on July 14, 2010 at 4:57 pm

A few months ago, Tim Wise wrote a widely circulated article called, “Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black ” which challenged America to take a close look at the hypocrisy of the Right Wing. Now, a Pittsburgh rapper is accepting his challenge in true Hip-Hop form.

Thus a new vid from that PA[Politically Aware] kid was born:
What if the Tea Party was Black?”

JASIRI X says that he got the idea when Paradise, a member of the pro-black rap group X-Clan, forwarded him a copy of Wise’s article. “I saw the article and I liked the concept,” says the rapper. So he hit the studio with producer Cynik Lethal while Paradise grabbed his video camera and they went on their mission to defeat the Right Wing propaganda machine.

This isn’t his first controversial rodeo and it certainly won’t be his last
Jasiri X is making substantial music for more than “shaking your backs”.

If the Tea Party was black Right Wingers would be up in arms,
I’m Qui
Digging Jasiri X
and his informative HIP HOP Charms.

Reel Talk

In Griot, Movies, News, TV Shows on July 11, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Glitter Photos

Okay, so it’s Summertime and the kids have nothing to do.
Me? I’ve got a bright idea that involves a script or two.

Children are absolutely awesome! They’re honest reactions kill
They easily resemble sponges – the way that they soak up skill.

‘Mess around and produce something Nickelodeon can feel. lol!

My PANASONIC stays on RECORD and my P2 CARDS are easily transferable;
Working with “the open minded” is better than working with the nerve wearables.

Because I appreciate and value my journey with you;
during my editing processes – I’ll be sure to share the view.

What productive plans are you executing during this already sizzling summer?
I’m trying arrive at (any of the) the 2011 Film Festivals in a REEL heavy hummer.

Reel Talk – I’m working the heck out of Auditions and Screen Tests; the process is easy,
I’m Qui
Filming in the DFW
and the pull of talent (at my disposal) is all too breezy.
Oui and Ooo Wee!

Not a PARTY – A Get Together

In Politics, TV Shows on July 6, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Are We There Yet

Yes I’m an early fan of Ice Cube’s “Are We There Yet” TV Series, starring Terry Crews and Essence Atkins on TBS. Please tell me you’ve been watching it. “The Get Together” was Episode 10, Nick thought it would be cool to have a “Get Together” with his wife and kids of 1 year. Mostly because everyone seems to be moving in different directions – socially – and he wanted to induce an-in-house “family social” that everyone could enjoy.

The menu was pot luck and wouldn’t you know, everyone that turned up brought store bought potato salad, except for Suzanne, who actually made her famous home made potato salad at Nicks request. He insisted a party isn’t a party without it….and obviously all of the guest felt the same way; there were big bowls of potato salad on every table… end and coffee table included. The house swoll up with guests invited by guests. Suzanne ended up kicking everyone out by saying, “That’s it! Everybody out! This party is over”. Everyone in the party turned at once and replied, “It’s not a party, it’s a get together”. What is it with black folks, get togethers and potato salad?

Are there hidden urban messages under these storylines?

Absolutely – the tv series is chalk full of “messages”: Like Suzannes young son keeping the lotion on his night stand…and he’s not ashy. GiGi, (Suzanne’s best friend) won’t date a guy she doesn’t like but will let him spend a months worth of his salary on her and Lindsey, (Suzannes daughter) @ the mall. (GiGi’s not a miner, but she was gold digging).

Once there was a soul food scene in the “Viral Video” Episode 7, where they lightly made repeated mentions about how over indulging in greasy, fatty, fried foods could lead to diabetes and high blood pressure. We laughed — but the message was dead on.

Nick (Terry Crews’ character) is a good show of a black man who works for himself (small business consultant) and stays successfully afloat in his relatively new relationship with his wife Suzanne, (a stay at home mom/artist). Parallel relative.

The politics of the show are pretty reflective of the average black, formally educated, two parent, middle class family – and it’s funny too (as the truth usually is). It is always good to good to laugh at thyself. 🙂

I’ve DVR’d every episode and watching them with my kid is time that I treasure,
I’m Qui
Supporting Ice Cube’s work feels like a party – but it’s really a familial get toether.

Are you watching yet?
Channel: TBS