Good Brain

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Yes we know it. Sure we believe it…but do we aim for it? Strive for it? Are we achieving good brain on a daily?

As much as I’d like to say “Yes. Yes I am“, after the first few chapters of Daniel G. Amens book “CHANGE YOUR BRAIN – CHANGE YOUR BODY” I had to think again. Have you heard of it? It’s definitely WHAT’S UP. It’s certainly what’s good for my ‘my dome’.

I’m a reader. Friend to the book. Knowledge addict. Reading keeps the mind fresh and alive. Reading almost always leaves me with something new on some level. However in the face of technology and i-pod shuffles I have downloaded Daniels book thus reaping Good Brain every morning during my 2 mile walk. Amazing stuff. Knowledge is power.

As of late I’d felt squeezed between breaking news and real life
that it’s caused me to question much and think twice
too much…
I shouldn’t touch such intense levels on any day
especially if it’s not reaping me some sort of 7 figure pay.
Hey – ey!
…but still I felt squeezed.
Reminding myself to slow down and breathe.
Brain reserve was low.
I was watching a PBS telethon
and Daniel G Amen, M.D. was on
and boy was he dead on in summary
I’ve been looking for a CHANGE – my BRAIN is hungry.

I loved the snippets the telethon shared
Then I bought the audio disc set with no expense spared.
There’s something about GOOD BRAIN.

How’s your head? 🙂

  1. […] of your life, starting with a healthy brain. You know how much I do appreciate GOOD HEAD. Mm-mm-mm. I could go on and on…however, in the book Dr. Amen suggests that you practice writing down 5 Things for which you […]

  2. I have to look for this book, it might do the trick…
    I too have felt squeezed, my melon hazy and thick…

    With life chaotic and job market woes, I forget to BREATHE in my daily grind…
    I welcome any chance to “pop the hood” and recallibrate the mind…

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