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Celebrations of LEGENDARY Proportions

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Happy Birthday Fab5Freddy 2010

Today is important! Today I must mention:
Tis The Birthday of Fab5Freddy! Such a FABULOUS indention.
My Scholarly Mentor.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Legend.
You look good for 32.
Ooo! 😉

I’m Qui
I remain griot grateful and intellectually steady.
Feel free to Celebrate “THE DAY” – if you dig the LIFE of Fab5Freddy .

What could have been

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Glitter Photos

If MJ hadn’t died last year in June
This week he’d have been a young 52.

If our soldiers hadn’t been away in Iraq – fighting the wrong war
Would they have been expeditious in countering Hurricane Katrinas spar?

When it comes to reppin’ female comedy – Wanda Sykes is ON IT.
But did you happen to catch her latest, “I’M GAY” moment?

The topic was opened on LARRY KING LIVE and at 46 Wanda did say
She remembers her first inkling of “being gay” happening in the 3rd ro 4th grade.

I’ve always wondered when it happened? When did my fellow sisters decided to cross?
I remember a girl coming on to me in the 6th grade and me physically fighting her off.

Darn. She was my best friend and our inseperable ways did part in stride.
I sure hope that today she’s doing well and living out loud like Wanda Sykes.

Civil Rights reclaiming and Glen Beck
What could it mean? What the heck?

Texas re-writing text books is the perfect platform
To rally the uknowing for a little spectator showing of Becks charms.

Be Informed.
Don’t be alarmed.

If our president wasn’t such a hard worker & wasn’t duly on his job
he could spend more time fighting against the tea party mob.

As much as I’d like to steady on ‘What could have been’I’m focused on what’s about to be,
I’m Qui
Still loving MJ &
to Wanda I’m saying “Hey-eyyyy” ’cause it ain’t nothing like living free!

Imagine asking that [freedom] of the slaves of 1863
Imagine them arriving in an America – without slavery.
Oooo Weee

I’m a MONDAY Lover. 🙂

New Hosts

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Steve Harvey is the New Host of FAMILY FUED starting Fall 2010.

His comedic skills on this conservative show – is a real chancer.
He’s so raw, that when I heard the news, I clapped & yelled: “Good Answer”.

Jasiri X is the New Host of Intelligent Hip Hop. Based on this brothers delivery I’m becoming more convinced that his HIP (in Hip Hop) stands for “High Intellect Person”.

Enlightening, Educational lyrics backed by eXemplary beats and eXceptionally insightful videos.
If you didn’t know Jasiri X – Peep the “REAL GANGSTERS” video; hence YE SHALL KNOW:

Have you noticed that Don Lemon is getting more show Hosting time these days on CNN? Awesome. He’s informative, intelligent, and easy on the eyes. lol! God bless CNN. 🙂 Don tackles topics that are far less appealing but so necessary and revealing. He has my full support and viewership. His main gigs seem to broadcast on the weekend, but last week he sat in for Rick Sanchez and I was all too giddy to see him during my weekday grind.Ow! This rising host invokes a sweet pucker out of me. Muah!

TJ Holmes CNN career is casting a positive new light too,
though I don’t understand what ‘the hold up is’ on his extended view.[?]

But I won’t complain….How could I?
CNN is of late quite pleasing on the eye.

Let me stop now, as there are a host of HOSTS that I like:
Oprah, Tyra, and Kiran Chetry put a tasteful spin on ‘the mic’.

Soledad, Tony Harris and Whoopi Goldberg definitely diversify ‘the view’.
I’m just glad television is extending the gamut of African American hues.

Show Hosting is soooo a cool thing to do,
I’m Qui
and I like it so much, I’m online ‘Hosting’ you.

**PLEASE KNOW: I apprecaite you for continuously rolling through.***

Riding the pole

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It’s not just for strippers — by the bed post, I swear it;
These “Pole Riders” are men of the Indian heritage.

The Players Club Cast had nothing on these men as they lift it & drop it.
Ludacris’ girls – give them a lil’ run for their money as the Pole Play in P-Poppin’:

[Video is rated-r, uncut & explicitVisually & Literally]

I’m a Lone Star Girl – give me a hat, a booted pair, a dare – and I’ll ride it,
I’m Qui
Digging the male pole riders — the skill alone, is reason to get the OLYMPICS excited.
…I’m thinking about trying it. 🙂

School is back in session

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School is back in session
and what a blessin’

it is to have my DAY TIME hours back.
Time to myself, is a huge summer lack.

My kid is the best; Yes! The “mini me” is doing great. 🙂
She couldn’t wait for the week to start that would deliver her to grade 8.

I didn’t @ all sleep in late – I couldn’t see letting her catch the bus
When I could just rise a little earlier and chauffeur her with no fuss.
Anything for the kid…and so I did.

I’m a MONDAY LOVER & Productive Mother – who works at home with ease
Though today I opted for a PINK LADY jacket & celebrated like I was on GREASE:

I started taping AUDITIONS this morning at about 10;
I met alot of interesting characters – what a great days begin.

The PAC project is devoloping nicely – the actual script invokes ‘laughter histeria’.
Who knew Dallas was hoarding so many young “IN LIVING COLOR” fans in the area.

“MEN ON FILMS” is a gas and a lose parody of inspiration,
I’m Qui
Glad School is back in session – WORK & “me time” is my favorite vacation.

Foot-IN-Mouth Disease

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The funniest thing happened on the way to the store the other day… I pulled up to the grocery store and saw the cutest little hispanic lady with 4 tiny children, sitting on the curb eating drumsticks (ice cream dipped in chocoalte & sprikled with nuts). As I approached the entrance of the building the cute ‘family of 5′ stood up and begin to prepare to leave, (it looked as if they didn’t drive, but walked to the store – thus the ice cream break). Very cute.

I noticed when the woman stood up, she was a tiny 4’8 or so and was well into her “due date”. She looked to be in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. So as I approached the ’5-fam’, I said, “Hello”. The children smiled and said likewise, but the woman just stared at me, while licking her ice cream. So I spoke to her again and told her how pretty her “bundle of joy tummy” looked . Again, the woman just stood there, staring, licking her ice cream. Curious as to why she didn’t say “hello” and seemed to be continuously “stuck on stare”, I asked, “No habla espanol?” She replied, “Yes I speak English — but I’m not pregnant“. LOL!

Oh Damn– (too bad she just didn’t say “hello” – when first I spoke) 🙂

This was definitely an innocent case of “Foot-in-Mouth” Disease. When the cute hermana revealed she wasn‘t pregnat, I immediately dropped my full grill smile and went into straight SERIOUS FACE. My exact words were (while focusing on the barrel that was her belly), “Oh damn. I am so, so, so sorry“. Then I tried to close with something cheesy like, “…but you’re so pretty and little, and“… After an awkward silence, (so big that a MACK TRUCK could have driven right through it), I concluded, “Oh well….GOOD DAY!” and with a pep in my step I proceeded to enter into the grocery store.

My comment had nothing to do with intentional derrogativeness, but was an untimely compliment. Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Mel Gibson did not share my “intentions” during thier exhibitions of “foot-IN-mouth disease”. They were being honest with their emotions and orally responded how they felt; each one utilizing the word “nigger” to invoke some type of negative emotion. In fact, Dr. Laura said it 11 times and has since “decided” NOT to RENEW her RADIO CONTRACT because of it:

I fault no one for being honest with how they feel. I fault no one for having foot-IN-mouths disease out of the best of intentions. I do, however, have a problem with intentions to invoke pain by usine oral power. Which is exactly why, (like D.L. HUGELY), I did not go along with the “burrying of the N-Word”. No one can kill a word, let along “bury it”. Come on black people. You don’t have to use the N-Word, but I strongly suggest you don’t put it “out of sight – out of mind”, because many of our peers, (like Dr. Laura and Mel Gibson) have NOT burried it. Common sense. This is America. Founded on slavery and the country that “invented” the negative history of the N-word itself.

I am a word artist so please believe me when I tell you that WORDS have POWER. If you don’t acknowledge the power of a word because it HURTS YOU….trust me, someone soon is going to offend you with the very word you thought you buried. AGAIN you don’t have to use the word, but please know that not doing so is your personal choice; thus when it is being spewed out just remember it is A WORD and not a RESURRECTION. The word “nigger” never died and has gone no where.

TERMINAL Foot-IN-Mouth Disease is what our forementioned peers are diagnosed with. I don’t know about you, but Laura is no Dr. that I’d ever trust and Mel Gibson is an old white dude that’s quickly being forgotten. AWESOME! …and that’s too bad. I wonder how Danny Glover feels about “the condition” of his former Lethal Weapon Co-Star? Danny’s an intellectual, and like most intelligent folks I know, I’m sure he has “charged it to the game“.

Momma always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all,
I’m Qui
We could learn a few things from Laurel & Hardy…..SILENCE is GOLDEN.

Keeping it REEL with Qui Films

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CASTING CALL for TALENT to star in an online streaming web ad: and that will be shot in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Are you ready for your close up?

Recently I was contacted by a forming PAC (Political Action Committee) to film a comedy byte that would stream online on their website. The producer was a goodlooking YALE brother with a zany sense of humor. The script is short, funny and is strongly reminiscent of Blaine and Antwon in “Men On Films”:

Do you remember IN LIVING COLOR? It was long before MAD TV and it introduced us to comedic uknowns (then) who are now GREATS, like Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier, Damon Wayans, Tommy Davidson, Jamie Foxx and T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh as well as the former FLY GIRL [dancer]: Jennifer Lopez.

Naturally, being a fan of the Wayans and having lived through the reign of IN LIVING COLOR we accepted the gig. Casting Calls for 2 lead males with the ability to bring comedy to reel life. We’re looking for the next Jamie Foxx, Daman Wayans, David Alan Grier…. Is that you?

AUDTIONS: 8/18/10 – 9/03/10
Contact information can be found HERE.

Total Irresponsibility

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The weekend came and brought my birthday with it.
The love was so thick- I couldn’t resist getting lost in it.

I didn’t go to the clubs and I didn’t hit the editing bay;
I actually hit the town to socialize, have fun and just play.

No work on either weekend day – I didn’t even watch the news
So I have no earthly idea about any headline media vine views.

FACE BOOK wishes were plentiful and cell phone calls were blowing up;
I really wasn’t prepared to be engulfed in so much love.

So on this night — that is my birthday— just a couple hours before its past,
I can’t recall a date in my memories bank of when I’d had such a TOTAL blast!

I kept my head about me while letting my hair down to about shoulder length,
I’m Qui
Loving you big for the wishes you’ve bid during my weekend of IRRESPONSIBILITY.

News Peruse

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Oh my goodness gracious, I haven’t talked about ‘the news’ in a while
But that didn’t stop it from being made & going ‘rogue wild’.

Ooo child — have you heard of multiple stabbings in multiple states at hand?

Turns out they may have all been done at the hand of an Isrealite man.

What in the world could have been his brotherly plan?
The US backs Isreal on the (‘iffy ally) soil in which they stand.

So everybodys got problems; life can be bumpier than the phenomena Himalayas.
Idol contestants find problems to exceed mountain peaks – just ask Fantasia.

Recent divorce papers, being filed by the wife of an “ALLEGED” alduterous man,
puts Fantasia at the heart of the break up during her ALBUM RELEASE stance.

So you didn’t know about Fantasia’s New Album? Well go on and jam a preview of it today.
Besides can’t nobody top the BREAK UP between Jennifer & Brad for Angelina anyway.
Hey-eeyy! 😉

Tyra Banks stays on my television – I’ve been digging her flow;
Her shows are an asset to our culture and insightful like…WOAH!

The links will lead you to a show entitled: “RACIAL PERCEPTIONS
and naturally “the most racial guest” would have been from Texas!
God bless the ties that connect us

Mel Gibson & Dr. Laura Schlessinger know what I’m talking about;
she recently went on a rant and ‘The N-Word’ was flying out of her mouth.
IGNORANCE is not limited to the ‘in house’ South.

Burrying “the word”
was just a lie in the form of a weak verb.

We’re at the end of our business week and wouldn’t you know
The weekend has partying for my future in tow.

I’m the birthday girl in a few short days
So “the news could bare blues”, but all I see is sun rays.

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Loving dear LIFE,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News bidding you a PRODUCTIVE stride.

Regardless of what the medias pushingEverything is going to be alright.


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Sounds like something you’d enjoy at Genghis Grill, but today it was actually The Cowboys vs. The Bengals in Canton, Ohio @ The Hall Of Fame Bowl. Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were among a few other greats that were inducted into The Hall Of Fame so the network highlighted their careers in interviews during the game.

So far we’re at halftime and The Cowboys lead in score
Anytime Terrell Owens is on the field, the show is anything but a bore.

I miss ‘the old popcorn invoker’; he’s now calling himself Batman while show stoppin’.
Even Ocho Cinco likes the game of T.O. thus his new nick name is Robin.

Together they plan to be “ball robbin”, but The Cowboys came to play too,
I’m Qui
watching the game @ The Hall Of Fame — waiting for a BIG PLAY to come thru! Oooo!

I am one chic that has duly missed football,
I’ll be back post some scoring – with the conclusion for y’all…
[SCORE @ Current: DAL 9 – CIN 0]

When it was all said and done,
Rookies trying to make the team had the most fun.