In Griot, Sports on August 8, 2010 at 8:29 pm

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Sounds like something you’d enjoy at Genghis Grill, but today it was actually The Cowboys vs. The Bengals in Canton, Ohio @ The Hall Of Fame Bowl. Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were among a few other greats that were inducted into The Hall Of Fame so the network highlighted their careers in interviews during the game.

So far we’re at halftime and The Cowboys lead in score
Anytime Terrell Owens is on the field, the show is anything but a bore.

I miss ‘the old popcorn invoker’; he’s now calling himself Batman while show stoppin’.
Even Ocho Cinco likes the game of T.O. thus his new nick name is Robin.

Together they plan to be “ball robbin”, but The Cowboys came to play too,
I’m Qui
watching the game @ The Hall Of Fame — waiting for a BIG PLAY to come thru! Oooo!

I am one chic that has duly missed football,
I’ll be back post some scoring – with the conclusion for y’all…
[SCORE @ Current: DAL 9 – CIN 0]

When it was all said and done,
Rookies trying to make the team had the most fun.


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