The FALL Line Up

In Griot, TV Shows on September 23, 2010 at 1:04 pm

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The FALL Line Up has to include COUGAR TOWN and MODERN FAMILY .
They both premiered last night and made me quite happy.

Now I wrote about them last season, but I didn’t know for sure, if you were watching;
The new season started Wednesday night – so you’ve plenty of time for ‘new show clocking’.

Set your DVRs to auto record them both,
So we can laugh @ our class – inside of the mid sized boat.

No. There are no black people in any of these middle class casted hoods,
But it doesn’t have to be ‘a race thing’ to convey a few “common goods”.

Last nights COUGAR TOWN included the ‘friendly’ Jennifer Aniston quite proper;
She was Courtney’s charecters sexy and inconsistent confidant/psych doctor.

The writing was hot, the casting was cool and the networks viewing sex appeal shot up amply,
Until that show went off and my other one came on: The dysfunctional MODERN FAMILY.
it’s charmingly corny and hammy.

The forementioned shows are more relatable than you think even though they’re not casted black,
I’m Qui
Creatively Writing and Final Draft typing
-to help primetimes reflective view with all of that.
Ice Cube should know: I’ve got his back…

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