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George’s UNORDINARY Friend

In TV Shows on October 5, 2010 at 10:35 pm

No ordinary Family Cast Blinker

Have you seen ABC’s new primetime series, “NO ORDINARY FAMILY”? It’s awesome. Romany Malco from “Weeds” plays GEORGE ST. CLOUD, a DA and the best friend to “The Shields Michael Chiklis’ character JIM POWELL, [a police sketch artist whose acquired a few new superhero talents that include being immortal and the ability to jump hundreds of feet into the air, stop bullets, and baseballs coming at 90mph with his hand]. He’s married to Showtimes “Dexters Julie Benz who plays STEPHANIE POWELL [a lab scientist who can suddenly move at a maximum speed of 6 miles a second]. Their powers are new. The backstory seems to take us aflight of an airplane that went down and crashed into a large body of water. From early recollections of Jim and Stephanie – the water had some kind of neon green glowing fluid in it. Stephanie thought it was jet fuel, and though they are uncertain as to what it was, it is apparent that “something” has indeed transformed them.

The Powells have two children: their daughter Daphne played by Kay Panabaker has recent mind reading abilities and their son JJ played by Jimmy Bennett was once deemed academically remedial is now a mathmatical genius and his recent “knowledge” is killing his high school math teacher.

Romany’s character George is enjoying Jim’s new powers just about as much as Jim himself. After all crime fighting is a DA’s dream and Jim is the perfect person to help bring about such a turn around. Stephanie is fighting the urge to do long distance round trip travel (by foot) in an effort to scientifically research what’s going on with her family, and she vows that once a cure is found the family will lay their powers to rest.

Well hopefully we’re a long way from “a cure”, because this show is just getting started and I’m enjoying the primetime change of pace and view.

The antagonist is DR. DAYTON KING – A reknown doctor who owns the science labs where Stephanie works. he has a serious dark side, and some sort of unknown connection to a few other “special powered” individuals that do his distructive bidding. The antagonist is played by Stephen Collins and the intro of this show is refreshing and intriguing. I think I’ll stay tuned. Are you watching?

I remember when NBC’s “HEROES” was ‘fresh like that’,
I’m Qui
Today “NO ORDINARY FAMILY” is prime and up to bat.

PS…If Fall has been invoking you to fantasy-sci-fi ‘seek and fuss’,
No worries BattleStar Gallactica babies – back on the scene is CAPRICA.

NO ORDINARY FAMILY comes on ABC – Tuesday 8/7c
CAPRICA comes on SCI FY on – Tuesdays 10/9c