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This Week In Blackness

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Elon James White

Please tell me you already know Elon James White? The comic sport from Brooklyn, NY…?

I didn’t know of him before, but I certainly do today.
I was taken in – by what he had to say

On “THIS WEEK IN BLACKNESS” – [a Production of BcCo]
Elon says “If the Tea Party WINS — It’s YOUR FAULT – yo!

Peep Episode 11’s YouTUBE show:

Voting for Obama and winning in 2008 was great!
But that was just the beginning of sifting “politics on your plate”.

You’ve won nothing @ all (really). You still need to “support the band“.
Stand up for your political choices – midterm elections are at hand.

Elon is a cold man – he’s a comic by profession,
I’m Qui
A literary she – who feels Elons delivery is worth the mention…

Getting involved in YOUR FUTURE is a wonderful purposed indention.

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