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I’ve been reading (and audio booking) “Change Your Brain – Change Your Body” by Daniel G. Amen. It’s not a diet book, it’s a book about taking control of your life, starting with a healthy brain. You know how much I do appreciate GOOD HEAD. Mm-mm-mm. I could go on and on…however, in the book Dr. Amen suggests that you practice writing down 5 Things for which you are grateful for everyday (ie..psychologically highlighting your positive points early in the day) . I’ve taking his advice hence…

There are several things I rise and thank God for right off the back,
These are the reasons WHY my daily outlook rarely positivity lacks.

I am grateful for::

I. Life and Good Health.
This alone out weighs Warren Buffetts wealth.

II. Unconditional Familial Love.
Worth that is divvied in the show of strong wordless hugs.

III. A Creative Mind.
Amidst inspiring low tides – I yield to no boring finds.

IV. Enduring High Energy.
Its a part of the DNA structure that God put in me.

V. Ill Will Repellent.
I wish no bad towards any fella’.

SELF PRESERVATION is my word – it’s solely good for self
You must often recharge if you intend to help someone else.

A Good Deed
Renders a feeling money can’t exceed.

I’m grateful each day, for my internal riches,
I’m Qui
my humble outlook keeps me from outgrowing my britches. lol!

What are you grateful for?