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I’ve been reading (and audio booking) “Change Your Brain – Change Your Body” by Daniel G. Amen. It’s not a diet book, it’s a book about taking control of your life, starting with a healthy brain. You know how much I do appreciate GOOD HEAD. Mm-mm-mm. I could go on and on…however, in the book Dr. Amen suggests that you practice writing down 5 Things for which you are grateful for everyday (ie..psychologically highlighting your positive points early in the day) . I’ve taking his advice hence…

There are several things I rise and thank God for right off the back,
These are the reasons WHY my daily outlook rarely positivity lacks.

I am grateful for::

I. Life and Good Health.
This alone out weighs Warren Buffetts wealth.

II. Unconditional Familial Love.
Worth that is divvied in the show of strong wordless hugs.

III. A Creative Mind.
Amidst inspiring low tides – I yield to no boring finds.

IV. Enduring High Energy.
Its a part of the DNA structure that God put in me.

V. Ill Will Repellent.
I wish no bad towards any fella’.

SELF PRESERVATION is my word – it’s solely good for self
You must often recharge if you intend to help someone else.

A Good Deed
Renders a feeling money can’t exceed.

I’m grateful each day, for my internal riches,
I’m Qui
my humble outlook keeps me from outgrowing my britches. lol!

What are you grateful for?

  1. Thanks HOOK! I’m grateful you think so. lol! (another bullet point to add to the grateful list). 🙂

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