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4 Legalizing Marijuana

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So far, there are 4 states that are putting Marijuana on the November 2nd ballot. What do you think about that?

Fact is medicinal marijuana is legal – recreational use is not. Currently there are several states who have what’s called decriminalized marijuana. Please know:
Just because something has been decriminalized does not mean it’s legal.

What this means when you “decriminalize” in those particular states is that you’ll be fined a specified dollar amount [kind-of-like the fees that are set for speeding tickets] if you’re caught with a small amount of marijuana, rather than face jail time and a strike on your criminal record. That’s decriminalize.

Now, it’s important to note that even if California votes to legalize marijuana for recreational use, it would still violate federal law to use it in this country. But still, for all intents and purposes, the federal government is not going to prosecute a minor offender. So for practical reasons, this would mean that the legal use of marijuana for recreational use, it would be legal in California.

California’s Proposition 19 would pretty much legalize retail sales of the drug for recreational use. That’s right, if the voters go for it, what once was called the gateway drug, the so-called evil weed that allegedly led to cocaine, heroin, ruined lives and sent thousands upon thousands to jail could – suddenly after all these years become OK to consume in California. The three other states with pending legislation: Oregon, South Dakota, and Arizona are looking to either legalize marijuana for medical purposes or to modify the medical marijuana laws they already have in place.

Forum rumors have it that the proposed tax on a “legalized produce purchase” may be as much as $50 per every ounce. Could you imagine purchasing an ounce for $50 and paying $100 because of THE TAX? Well, it’s either that, or be taxed with jail time if you’re caught. lol! Some one else commented in a forum “Weed should be free. It grows everywhere, hence the name….” then they sarcastically sum their comment up with ” ‘they bought the water – sell them the weed’.”

What do you think about this new supplemental tax idea? Do you think it will lift deficit burderns state-by-state?

When debts are due – money is the only remedy –
Wether you’re pushing (fatal) fast foods or selling weed…

A States survival is at hand – with ends that need to be met.
So If weed is to be sold, please let it grow in a hydro set.

If we’re going to tax Gods GOOD Green – I don’t mind getting “a reciept for show”.
But if I’m paying a $50 tax per ounced bag – it bet’ not be DIRT from MEXICO.

California is obviously low on funds as is Oregon, South Dakota, and John McCains A-Z,
I’m Qui
Saying Oui! and good luck to the states looking to ballot VOTE in November on weed.
[TX– EARLY VOTING Dates: 10/18-10/29]