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RALLYING from Texas

Whether it’s for education or gaining a knowledgeable lick
I dig rallying for good positive forces and of course for good politics.

Bill Folham said it best on the site of The Huffington Post
Voting for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY this midterm – will yield you the most.

Peep the HPost bullet points piece and Bills knowledge of relative facts.
He went so far as to list 10 REASONS WHY you should Vote & VOTE DEMOCRAT!

Every party has it’s political rhetoric. Every party is in search of a CONNECT.
Every party has an attentive and supportive group: I’m with Stewart vs. Glen Beck.

Oh what the heck – I’m for THE GOOD of the American people and our collective moving ahead.
We may live in different households in different states, but we’re all in the same lumpy bed.

Even the President seemed to be digging Saturdays Sanity Rally
He mentioned it here in this video to a select student body tally.
quite the winning touch in the trenches of educational ally…

HAPPINESS is another cause I get excited and jitted up to rally for–
so what on Earth has happened to my: “ARE WE THERE YET” score?

I’m excited for the relative TV series to start again.
It was a comical reflection of me and my kin.

I wish the DALLAS COWBOYS would have rallied for the cause and given their fans a good win.
The 2011 SUPERBOWL will be at the new stadium in Arlington, and the COWBOYS can’t even get in.
…to be so down – is a pride seekers sin.

The TEXAS RANGERS have the right idea and are rallying around a new begin.
New to the WORLD SERIES view – They’re on coarse to take a few wins.
I’d certainly love for them to win it all in the historical end.

The baseball game starts in an hour – please believe the countdown is on (with no pause),
I’m Qui
Pushing everything that is good – I can’t help RALLYING for THE CAUSE

Tonights finale BASEBALL SCORE was ‘Ranger Danger’ hollow.
San Francisco’s [4] to Texas’ zip [0] — was a horrible TRICK to swallow. lol! 🙂

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