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A Beautiful Monday

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Perusing The News

A Beautiful Monday seeks a beautiful mind.
Production is bred when the two intertwine.

How was your “thankful” holiday? Was everything good?
Did you relate and motivate with other kinfolk in your hood?

Good – Good. I hope that it all concluded on a high note
minus the news that Leslie Nielson ain’t with us no ‘mo.
That’s right — our NAKED GUN Star has crossed over to the other side
But he left us good evidence of his work to forever get us comically high.
I thanked God for his life …but I didn’t cry.
A good spirit like his has got to be ranked high in the after life.

The Buffalo Bills had an interesting weekend minus the ball game slip
When Stevie Johnson didn’t conquer the touchdown – he blasted GOD – in a TWIT

It’s a beautiful Monday and I’m feeling beautiful today
Igniting the fuse of a NEWS PERUSE – in a Griot formated way.

Hate is still rampart as good prayers continue to go up:
This morning my neighbors have lost a child – the outlook (for them) is rough.

Tiffany was a special needs child with A Beautiful Mind, though 31 in age;
She ran away from her parents last week – in an adolescent like rage.
The parents were distraught, on the edge and then blindsided in the dark
when volunteers found a black womans body – dead in the park.

God bless the death and the dynamics of the situation that is.
I pray the authorities are quick in capturing the wicked culprit who’s responsible for this.

WikiLeaks tripped out by publishing classified military documents online
SECRETS being leaked make the country look weak – not quite the beautiful find.

It’s A beautiful Monday – despite the foolishness amidst
I’m Qui
That Griot SHE bidding you a productive and prosperous wish.

Don’t let media news headlines constipate your mind.
A Beautiful Monday is a Beautiful find.

Short Stop NEWS

In Griot, News on November 26, 2010 at 8:20 pm

When playing Basketball: Shoot from the hip and let it flow through the wrists.
Protocol “NO Drama OBAMA” caught an inadverdent foul to his upper lip.
12 stitches was the quip.

Yes our President balls and Yes — he shoots from the hip.
Yes our President was hit with an elbow and took 12 stitches to the lip.

You know I couldn’t hold the news long, without letting it slip.
I assure you the Pres is okay & still walks with that cool arse dip.

I just thought you should know. 🙂


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Closet Cases - Hosted by LLOYD BOSTON

HGTV has an awesome show called “CLOSET CASES” hosted by LLOYD BOSTON and it has nothing to with your sexual preference, however it has EVERYTHING to do with YOUR PRESENCE – period. Ladies Love Lloyd would be the perfect name for him if he were a rapper. lol! Lloyds specialty is ‘getting your wardrobe RIGHT. If your outward style screams exile — you might need LLOYD. lol.

I know I need Lloyd. I was watching Closet Cases this morning and saw him trash a dress that his subject had in her closet…it looked alot like my old prom dress – that I still have in my closet. Mind you I can’t wear it but the subject was currently utilizing hers in wardrobe rotation, (when the occasion called for). What “occassion” calls for a retro prom dress? All the same…my wardrobe is dusty and I’m not in denial. In fact I’m eager to shop and move forward. So I’m watching Lloyd do his thing and this brother has a lot of panache. I like his style, relative approach and delivery. I like his subtle but obvious way of cracking on bad taste with his eyes and facial expressions – clearly not needing to say a word.

Oprah already knows him. Sure! O has a thing for style.
Oh yes I did my research & they go back quite a while.

Ooo Child!
I’m shame to admit I’ve been so negligent.

I’m close to wearing skins, leaf shoes and accessories made of bone.
A fashionable slump is an easy come up, when life is good and you work from home.
Ahhhh. The Pro’s and Con’s of a Web Mastering Don. lol!
(I believe poor fashion was on the list — it should be)

I really don’t put a whole lot into shopping labels at big mall chain stores
I’m one that likes to just be me – if it’s comfy & protects me from the elements: I SCORE!

According to Lloyd (& A Tribe Called Quest): I shall not be so bland @ any point in time.
Thus I will clean out my closet, utilize a nice wallet and update my fashionable shine.
j/k Wishes are often verbalized through a writers (writst’ly) sublime… 😉

In the meantime I’ll be watching Lloyd instructing me on how to be visually pleasant,
I’m Qui
Diggin’ the view of HGTV — I guess my idea of comfort went out with the peasants. lol!

Being a THANKFUL Being

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Yep! I’ve never shied away from saying THANKS. I am by far the most THANK YOU saying person, most folk that I know have ever met. In fact, I’ve heard that my repeated THANK YOU responses coupled with my bubbly, happy-go-lucky attitude has killed many a professional colleague on many occasions. I never mean to be a nuisance, but to not be happy and to not say thank you would be totally out of my character and well…it would make me feel uncomfortable.

Sure I know some folks that grimace at the thought of having to do
Something as simple and inexpensive as saying “THANK YOU”.

I’ve never understood why they wouldn’t – I don’t put much thought in it;
But to render it when it is due is a great investment – do spend it.

Say THANK YOU as much as you can; whenever a kind gesture moves you to say so,
And you will find folks will return it in kind – as you go about your to and fro.

Trust me I know – I’m ramping up even more as Thanksgiving draws near.
I’m grateful for my life, health, and strength, as well as those who I hold dear.

I’m thankful THE COWBOYS WON today. I’m thankful they finally WON at home.
I’m thankful that I could watch it in Ag-town, residing so close to each end zone.

I’m thankful DON LEMON got so much face time this weekend & FREDRICKA WHITFIELD too,
I’m grateful CNN continues to reflect positive faces that look alot like me and you.

I’m really happy you stopped by to read me – I’m definitely A Monday Lover off the cuff.
Other races call black folks “A Monday”; and I — just can’t get enough.

I’m looking forward to THANKSGIVINGregardless of the 5-course fancy meal,
I’m Qui
THANKFUL for the opportunity to get literal with you & film reality on the reel.

Thank You, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH

The View of Barbara & Whoopi

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Ooops! There was an interesting glitch at the table today on THE VIEW
Whoopi & Barbara were the conversational timing conflicted two:

Should Whoopi Goldberg be worried about her job?

It seems as if Whoopi may have ticked off Barbara Walter’s on today’s episode of “The View.” The ladies were having a conversation about the increased security being implemented at airports. Whoopi Goldberg felt that the TSA agents need to be trained in a different method for patting down children.

Whoopi: I think you can’t pat down a child the same way you would pat down an adult, I think there has to be some training in there.
Joy: Can’t they use the x-ray machine…
Sherri: My son likes the walk through machines, but he has a tendency to touch the sides because he thinks the whole thing is fun.

Barbara: then you talk to your son before hand…
Sherri: I do, but he’s a little boy…
Barbara Nothing is perfect…
Whoopi: (talking across the table) Take care of business, Sherri.
Barbara (sternly speaking to Whoopi) LET ME FINISH.

After a moment of cold staring from Barabara to Whoopi – Barbara apologized to Whoopi, and then continued,
Barbara: This is all done for our safety.

Take a look at the timing for yourself and gage,
You can see the VIDEO on HELLO BEAUTIFUL’s page.

I don’t think there’s long term tension – conversational timing was a bit off, but got back on track.
I’m Qui
and when you truly “RESPECT” someone, it’s not hard or difficult to find your way back.

Bob’wa and Whoopi will be fine. 🙂
I believe this topic has no ax in it – to grind.
Viva La View & Viva La GIRL TIME!


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Water Cooler BULL CORN

The water cooler social vice has been on ice every since mid term elections;
While we collectively pray “bi-partisanship” will yield productive political erections.

So as of the last two weeks, I’ve refused to delve in…
My remote control did not fall for the ‘okey doke’ on CNN.
Too much bloated news – should be a sin.

Ergo this weeks media hype isn’t pertinent, hypersensitive, nor hairy;
‘Tis The engagement of Prince Williamhe’s ready to be married.
He’s already loosing his hair, (He’s got his Dads “royal hair line” scene).
He proposed to a “cautious speaking” Katherine – giving her his Moms ring.

I saw Dick Cheney speak at George Bush’s ground break ceremony @ SMU,
He’s frail, he’s thin and had a cough that said – bear with me & pray me through.
His cane held him up but not long enough to finish his Obama cracking speech
He said he’ll finish it at the Bush Dedication ceremony – coming up in year 3.
Personally – I think we’re in the last throws of hearing from our ailing former VP.

The DIPLOMATS Sheek Louch has been in the news as of late,
Regarding his new CD cover showing him in half GORILLA face

JAY Z and Poppy Harlow recently sat down to do an insightful interview
Where Jay explains his position – where he’s from & how he made it through.
His new book may yeild us a bit of a ‘feel good story’ too. Ooo!
Nothing like a positive bind on some HIP HOP truths.

Brittany Griner continues to be diligent in working the basketball courts
But last night Maya Moore & the UCONN ladies BEAT BAYLOR: 65 to 64.

Next Saturday [11/27] the KSU Wildcats will be storming into town
Joe G will be towel rallying in DENTON — where the game is going down.
If you see me in the stands, ‘go ahead and give me a pound’.

Keri Hilson has been in the NEWS – though before today – I didn’t know WHAT FOR,
It seems she’s made a pretty cool video with a strong under toned historical score:

So it’s HUMP DAY already and good ol’ opportunity is knocking again,
I’m Qui
on a brief NEWS PERUSE – ’tis how I relate with my online kin…
Whilst our President stays busy charting a bi-partisanship win
between his multi political party friends…
Will the petty party discord ever end?

The Pro’s & Con’s of a Web Mastering Don

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The Pro's and The Con's

The Pro's & Con's of a webmastering don

Yes. I do quite a bit of web site publishing, designing, and maintaining. I’m a great asset to any web site owner, but especially the small business man. Instead of big contracts with big companies and revolving middle men – I’m the girl they contact when they want to update their site, add/delete content, create/produce marketing sales campaigns, so forth and so on. From their mouths through my skills and wah-lahh – like magic thier update has gone global (bypassing outsourced hassles and long wait times). My office is remote. Yes! I carry a MAC PRO like the Web Designer in the headline photo. How stereotypical. 🙂 I don’t however, sport the trendy beard – it’s a weird look with the red lipstick I’m usually wearing.

The whole work from home 90% of the time is great for me, because I also moonlight in filmmaking. Always a student of the craft – I’ve developed the ovaries to throw my short film works into various film festival galleries. What on earth has come over me? I don’t know, but I’m thanking God – inspiration has never left me. ‘Gotta love the journey – Never a dull moment.

I’ve been kicking it online since 1995 and acquired my own website in 2004,
An instrument used to “get literal” with you – to share a “good & knowledgeable” score.

I’ve learned alot about html, xml, and PRO film softwares that facilitate views.
I’ve learned that it’s all about endurance; for only the strong ever make it through.

I’ve learned it’s seriously about support. You have to give it if you intend to recieve.
I’m Qui
The Web Mastering SHE with REEL insight – who’s thrilled to have you on her SCENE.

Film Festival Courting

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Productive Weekend

It’s the weekend baby and I’ve already got my mind on hitting the streets, setting up location and getting reel with the talent. That’s right! We’ve got a few short film scripts that we’re going to bring to fruition for the sake of the 2011 Film Festivals. I’ve spent the last 2 years working on collab projects and have learned alot in return. However Qui Films is ready to step out on their own submissions. Will you stand with us? Your support is more crucial now – than ever. Speaking of support, we appreciate all of the talent from Texas, NY, and California that put in time on our short film spins. Regardless of future critic ratings: because we went through the proper process and did it – we still win. Producing a low budget- no budget film in Texas is just not as easy as one would think. 🙂

First thing’s first – we’ll place an early festival bet
By submitting a short film production to the TBFF.

And while I have one film in the barrel I seek to load more
So this weekend will find me shooting another short film score.

I’m giddy about withoutabox and sites like createspace.
I’m the “get reel student”, who’s looking to industry tag: my face.

Next, I plan to get in on the WOMEN OF AFRICAN DESCENT Film Festival scene –
“If I don’t step up to the plate – how can increase my home run swing?”

See— I got that little quote from my 9 year old success aspiring nephew
when he was trying to hit on a girl who’s 18th birthday is almost due.
It’s true.
I absolutely found inspiration in his go getter hue.

There are so many opportunities ( festivals) on my charted list —
But if I don’t get off of here and onto the reel – my dreams will be a mist.

Kiss Kiss
I’m Qui
The REEL weekend Ms.

Timelining my Vision – I’m on a FILM FESTIVAL mission.


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That’s right! By pass the arraignment (payment) process and get your APPs for FREE! JAILBREAK was recently introduced to me by a group of i-pod/i-phone packing teenage kids. Yes – I Often get my hip information this way. And from what one of the kids told me – “Jailbreaking is not illegal in the U.S.A., but APPLE doesn’t like it”. Duh!!!!

No – I haven’t tried to jailbreak my i-phone or my i-pod, though I am curious as to “how” it works. Will it be costly to the consumer that’s caught — like Lamewire and Kazooka facilitated to a few folk that were caught music file sharing?

My new i-phone4 has quite a few free apps on deck
I was going to pay for more – but if they’re free what the heck?

I don’t want to get arrested or to be cited for taking the popular “jailbreaking” route —
Especially if there’s no free app that I can tap that will dismiss charges & let me out.

The adolescents around me are definitely running this technological thing.
To be in “the APPLE know” bin is such a knowledgeable scene.

I’m aware, I’m shopping and it’s good to know JAILBREAK exist,
I’m Qui
Digging TANGO because it’s free & I can FACE 2 FACE kiss.
Kiss me back
if your crazy for free apps.

Marijuana: A Chronic History

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Marijuana: A Chronic History

History is ironic when talking about the chronicthat’s for sure. And even though November 2nd’s Proposition 19 was defeated – many southern Californians (on that night) got weeded. Indeed it happened. However, because pot was on the table, (ie..the ballot) the HISTORY CHANNEL cued up an awesome documentary entitled: “Marijuana: A Chronic History” that aired on the 3rd – and nothing else could have gotten me higher. Did you see it? The History Channel has been running re-runs — so check your local listing — it’s not too late.

The educational insight was broken down into 9 segments that totaled 2 hours in length: I. Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County II. Overview III. Jamaica, Portugal, Amsterdam IV. – V. History VI. – VIII. Medical Marijuana IX. Conclusion.

During the History portion of the documentary they played a clip of Cab Calloway in International House [1933] where he sang about “REEFER MAN“.

At the part of the documentary where we covered Jamaica – one of the interviewees cited Marijuana would have been legal years ago in Jamaica had it not been for the US pressing them to not legalize it. The film Reefer Madness only helped the abolition cause. President Nixon started the D.E.A. to stay on top of his “WAR ON DRUGS”. Has it worked?

Is this really a topic that needs to be up for debate
between the seams of politicians with no scientific weigh?

Proposition 19 was defeated by the majority voting dash;
Though I fell to understand why- since Cali needs the cash.

Americans are using it regardlessrather its legal or not.
Alcohol was the 20’s fall, because prohibition made it hot.

Wait. Stop. Is that what’s currently going on?
Since Nixon waged a war against the vegetative Capone?

His case was obviously compelling and strong –
because the D.E.A.’s enforcement is still going on.

I’m Qui
And the bottom line of why weed is hated – is a mystery.
Now I’m more intrigued than not – about our Chronic History.