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In Communication, Griot on December 31, 2010 at 11:40 am

Today is the eve of another NEW YEAR
I pray we all enter SAFELY – what feels so near.

I bid thee tidings of a more prosperous cheer – in stride.
I pray that you drop in more to parallel my vibes.

I think that we’re in for a blessing in the upcoming year.
I believe that HOPE springing forth – will crush all fears.

I believe in you and am pulling for 52 new weeks of WIN,
My name is Qui 
and I appreciate thee for rolling through. Please do it again. πŸ™‚


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They're Talking to ME

I was bound to watch it – it’s just what the doctor ordered (along with Mother Natures low temperatures) and it is fast becoming one of my favorite talk shows – along side of Tyra Banks and The View. Are you watching it? It comes on CBS @ 2pm/1pm CST. The Talk is hosted by: Julie Chen, Sarah Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson-Peete, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Marissa was the former host of “Dance Your Ass Off”. Remember her? With the big hair and the big smile? Well on The Talk she’s working the audience aisle. She’s also toned down ‘the BIG HAIRSPRAY do’, added a blonde highlight or two and wha-lah! She’s back in business & looking good.

Though I’ve not caught an episode (yet) of Marissa sitting at the round table or perched on the couch alongside the other ladies. I’ve only been watching a week or two, because when it comes to adopting “new shows” I’m slow to move. I’m just picky. But the last couple of “Talks” I’ve tuned in to have been right on the money. Their current topics are dead on in vibe. I can honestly say I appreciate each woman on the panel and dig her individual vibe…what she brings to the table.

It’s a beautiful fresh bouquet of beauty, laughter, and relative life experiences. It’s a great afternoon pick me up. Tomorrow I’m sure to turn in because todays preview of Wednesdays show showed clips of Niecy Nash crying on the couch. Oh Lawd! Not Niecy. That’s my girl. I miss her on “CLEAN HOUSE“. Tempest Bledsoe is the shows new host and sticking true to how I do — I’m slow to move. I admit I have not tuned in yet to catch her in action. All the same, I KNOW I’m tuning in to The Talk on December 29th – I have got to see what the flower with the flower in hair has to say. Unnnn! (the noise Niecy is known to grunt). I wouldn’t miss it for a thing.

I’m sure I’ll hit the comment box with the details tomorrow.
Was Niecy crying out of happiness, or some sort of sorrow?

I don’t have a clue, so I won’t fictionally squawk.
I’m Qui
Instead I’ll update ‘my online conversate’ post Wednesdays broadcast of THE TALK.

Keep up with the conversation on TWITTER: TheTalk_CBS.
I’ll see you there.

We made it through

In Griot on December 26, 2010 at 9:59 pm

We made it through another Christmas

My wish was
for all to go smooth.
And in the end – all was real cool.
Nobody played the fool or hinted to: cut up
and our 5 course meal was more than enough.

We told stories and watched baby videos
of days long gone on a VHS roll.
Memories whose weight superceeds that of gold.
We’ll have to convert them all to DVD – if future generations are to behold.
My digital conveying services were then promptly sold. πŸ™‚

No. I’m not a jew. I’m a free lance artist who rarely minds working for free.
I’m a black chic with a skillful list – I’m just glad my fam’ is down to support me.

So we made it through another end
And facing a new 52 week begin
I’m Qui
May 2011 follow suit – I’ve got plans for you & I to WIN!

Uncle Funky’s Daughter

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If you don't know HER - You SHOULD

Don’t act like you don’t know Uncle Funky! Okay, okay in the fairness of honesty — I didn’t know Uncle Funky or his daughter TONYA REED, nor did I know the Salon and Boutique reside just down the street from me in Houston. Uncle Funky’s Daughter is an experience made possible by a young woman that was born in the ’70’s (a FUNKY era) who must undoubtedly be MADAM CJ WALKERS great, great, great DNA’d kin.

Who, since Madam CJ Walker has really cared about our hair without chemical application? If you know of another product that parallels Uncle Funkys Daughter – please tell me about it. For long black women, have jerry curled, straight permed, and/or covered their heads with lace, full, and half wigs to achieve “mane control”. We’ve even utilized no-lye (as if there is such a thing) texturizers to help coil our hair onto one wave pattern accord – to no avail.

Me? I opted for braiding my hair and wearing interchangeable fuzzy hatsie full & half wigs. I love my hair and refuse to damage it with one more chemical or one more comb & brush that’s not suited for my mane. Yes! I quit the comb and brush years ago. I tame my mane with my hands and water — much like Uncle Funky’s Daughter is going to do in the following video [courtesy of GREAT DAY HOUSTON]. The only difference between she and I is that the end result of hers was a road to freedom. She pampered the clients kinky hair into a happy mane of natural curls with an amazing soft feel & healthy shine:

I learned about her from My Moms.

She went to Houston wearing a wig that covered her natural [dry] curls
and returned with a shiny bounce – having quenched the bulk of her manes thirst.

She had the EXTRA BUTTER product in her purse to share with a friend.
She shared some with me – now WE both WIN!

Meeting Uncle Funky’s daughter is a fabulous New Year begin.
Out with the wigs because NATURAL funk is in!

Don’t live close to Houston, but looking for a real good tame?
You can shop online for the products to hydrate and unite your mane:

How much does CHARITY cost?

In News on December 18, 2010 at 10:57 pm

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So (Saturday morning) I wake up to my Mom raving about a Kids for Coats Charity that’s going down in Fort Worth, TX at Charity Church, 4400 Panola Avenue. The flyer says Bishop F.R. Mays was hosting it and claims there are “18 wheelers full of coats, hats, gloves, shoes, toys, and bikes”. The flyer also stated that the charitable donations would begin disbursement at 9 am. and at least one family spent the night in the churches parking lot inside of their car in an effort to be early in line. I arrived at 9 a.m. armed with my wonderful iPhone camera in hand to interview lined up recipients and to document what appeared on the surface to be a well-organized charitable situation in progress.

At 9 a.m. there were already at least 200 +/- people in line (later on the lined swelled to about 400). The line didn’t move until Deion Sanders arrived to do a photo-op with all of the freezing patrons that had been standing in the charity line since day light broke. He had his own digital camera guy. They shot him shaking hands with folk at the beginning of the line, overlooking the scores of other families who shameless came out to receive a little assistance. The lady standing next to me wanted to get a picture of him, so I sent my kid with my i-phone to snap a shot. She returned less than enthused and said he really didn’t seem to be that excited about people wanting to photograph him. I said, “Fine” and I put the the camera away. I left the event at about 11 a.m. just when the disbursing had alas began.

One of the Gordon Sports student athletes accompanying me spotted Deion Sanders as we exited the affair and asked me if I’d snap a picture of him with Deion so he could ‘brag about it to his friends later on in the day’. I said “sure” and got within ear distance of Deon who was now standing across the street from the event surrounded by church security in bright yellow sweat shirts with red christmas hats on. I held my i-phone up and said, “Excuse me Mr. Sanders, do you mind if I get a picture of you and this young man who…” before I could finish Deion cut me off and said “No ma’am. I’m not taking any more pictures at this time. I’ve already done that”, in a very commanding tone. I responded, “I understand sir. Thank you so much”, he then turned and saw my i-phone (likely – he became aware that I could be taping the whole thing and he said), “Ma’am, I’ve been here all day taking pictures with the kids here at the charity and right now, I’m just taking a break chilling with my fam.”

What a crock of doo hickey. I had been socializing throughout the line and filming the scene for at least an 1:15 minutes before he arrived.

His behavior was unattractive not to mention how the AP Academic Honor Student was taken by Deions rude response and the lie that followed.

One of the women that I spoke with in line [G.A.] had been there since 8:30 a.m. with her 3 children, (12-year-old girl, 8 & 4 year old boys) told me that she didn’t even know what the charity was about, she just knows that she needed help and left the house before feeding the kids to get a good spot in line. I left the charity lines at 11am but when I called her at 2 p.m. to see how she fared in the charity receiving, she politely started out with, “I’m sure who ever put this charity on had the best intention at heart in doing so, but my children and I waited 8 hours in line and they gave my 12-year-old daughter a ball and a hat; they gave my two boys toddler bikes. My 8 year old was much too tall to ride his bike – I mentioned it to the charity helper, but the lady insisted we take it any way. I asked for a coat for my 12-year old daughter who didn’t have one and they looked at her jacket and said, “That jacket is fine”. I then told them that’s my old jacket – she doesn’t have one. She’s wearing this one because it was cold when we arrived this morning. That’s when they gave my daughter a hat. A hat.? I asked for a pair of shoes for my son and the charity helper assisting us looked at his shoes and said “He doesn’t need new shoes, unless there are holes in the ones he’s wearing.” – I said, ‘Son raise up your feet’. The lady saw the holes and granted him a new pair of shoes. I didn’t know they would be assisting our needs based upon how we were dressed”. G.A. concluded , “We need help, but we should always strive to be presentable too”.

She was clearly taken aback at the level of degradation and begging she had to do to get a few necessities for her children that she couldn’t afford. She really didn’t come for the bikes, G.A. said her kids needed clothes, coats, and shoes. She thanked God and was grateful for what she did receive and said she’s so glad The Salvation Army and Good Fella’s charity organizations don’t discriminate based on appearances. Anyone whose ever received any kind of assistance is less likely to give a charity worker grief for “proving their financial status”, by providing a current residential bill, or pay stub etc., if asked. But when you advertise to a suffering economy that you have coats, hats, gloves, and shoes for children who need, it’s not right to judge them on their external appearances.

Now I know why we’ve always seen less fortunate (black) people looking hideous and destitute in welfare assistance lines…they fear if they clean up to receive their blessing it may be withdrawn or down graded. So we have media footage of black women receiving assistance with their teeth out and their children’s hair uncombed. I didn’t know they were just “playing their part” – working the system the way it prefers to be worked, (in full humiliation). Now I know.

Please remind me — if I’m financially down
to dress like a fool; a spectacle clown

if I expect to receive any kind of necessary help
from a charity funded by ‘show boating wealth’.

I understand that this particular charity dotes the fact that they utilized private funds
but prejudging folks by their struggling yet presentable presence – hardly meets the sum.

Any help yielded to the community deems a notable mention indeed,
I’m Qui
and I appreciate Charity Church for their efforts to “burden ease”.
May God bless them all – indeed.

On our OWN Soon…

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Supporting Our OWN

So we’re 15 days away from Oprah closing her ABC hosted show for good and opening up a world of her OWN. Will you be watching?

I’m simply here to parallel the inform:
O is leaving ABC – but sound no alarm.

She’s not being fired – not taking an absence of leave;
Not quitting the show because she’s run out of weave. lol!

Oprah’s got it all including the steady Stedman and the bffl Gayle;
In her interview with Barbara Walters – GAY RUMORS were dispelled.

With only a few days to go in the year 2010
The Oprah Show’s close will be the OWNs new begin.
So…WE all WIN!

It’s the weekend baby and I thought you should know
Even as the clock winds down – You’ll always have your “O”.

Ho’ohhhhhhh like Cuz’n O is known for saying,
I’m Qui
MERRY CHRISTMAS to thee – ’tis my preference of wish labeling.

Riding with Diddy on the LTTP

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Remember the FANTASTIC VOYAGE? Well this ride is much better! Diddy is the conductor and we’re headed to Paris. The CD drops today and you want to be in on it.

Why? Because there’s nothing like the power of unite, support, or utilizing music to bookmark moments in time. No matter how you see the economy, politics that don’t stick, or chemistries that don’t mix – All is well on The LAST TRAIN TO PARIS. Get lost in the ambience and make the most of your travel experience with LTTP in your CD rotation:


Hello and Goodmorning
Diddy is ba-aaack & he’s PARIS storming.
Sound the alarm and tell your moma ‘nem too
To go out and cop the CD — cause SUPPORT is what we do.

Support is a pretty hot sport – ’tis for every entreprenuer and artist.
‘Been waiting on a reason to show your support? Let Diddy ignite & start it.

Support him like you did OPRAH when she had that interview with BARBARA last week.
Jam LTTP and ride the creative beast. The prequisite to JAM does not include ‘the speak’.

Once in your ears – you’re in the clear;
No “sex preference questions” to adhere.

You either dig the hole or consume the elongated spear. πŸ˜‰
However Your preference to good music is what we’re holding dear.

But you don’t care for rap music anymore; You’re done with the non creative blah-blah on a digital whim.
Well DIDDY has hijacked the video view too & is rendering his feel-good-joints like films.

Taking ARTIST INDIVIDUALITY to a whole ‘nother level in 5-star stride.
So if you want to score “Get your Ass On The Floor” – cop the CD and ride.

I’m already ON – Jamming the same songs as you do — today,
I’m Qui
On the LAST TRAIN TO PARIS. Get on now – the conductor won’t wait.
hey-eyy! Put it on REPEAT and let the CD play.


Fab5Freddy: THE STUD

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Fab5Freddy: The STUD

Yes, Fab5Freddy is quite the stud but that’s not what’s calling him to VEGAS – it’s his ART:

Click HEREΒ for a more UP CLOSE and PERSONAL feel

YouTUBE knows all about it – Here in this VIDEO you can clearly see
what Fab5Freddy is doing these days with timeless moments and bling bling.

Studding out icons like YO! MTV Raps
that HIP HOP Show – he put on the map. πŸ™‚

From flashy strippers on poles – who are doing their thing,
to historical boxing moments snatched right from the ring.

Fab5Freddy has studded it all
His exhibition likens to a players ball.

Nevada is the prrrr’fect place for the Fab5 touch;
Cali housed the gold – Vegas has the STUD RUSH.

Since “Everybody’s fly”, do let us keep it real:
Texans likes STUDS too – thus we got them grills. lol!

Fab5Freddy: Go ‘head with’cho bad self,
I’m Qui
blinded by artistic moves of creative success.
Am I a bling-ling lover? An Art loving mother? HECK YES!!!

FAB will be serving CRYSTAL PUNCH:
December 13, 2010 – January 12, 2011
Presented by: ART PRODUCTION

Exhibition On View @ The Cosmopolitan
December 15, 2010 – March 25, 2011

The Economy’s LAME – Whose to BLAME?

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The way I see it is…The President IS NOT SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for our united understanding or our voting turn out/results. WE the people gather our own individual understandings (and/or relate to a party collective). WE the people vote based on our understandings (and/or party affiliation +/-). Based on the voting results casted by WE the people, a politician whose stand is reflective of what “the people” VOTED for – is then appointed into the position. The appointed official then takes the views of “the voting public” with him to represent them on Capitol Hill.

The President is like Congress’ Supervisor. Indeed he is “commander in chief”, “the president”, “the leader of the free world”, but he’s not a dictator. The voting voice weighs heavily with him. President Obama was voted in by: WE the people. He stands for the people and the good of the country. In fact, he ran on CHANGE (for the people in 2008), and vowed to get middle class America back on its feet. We celebrated the idea of someone “looking out for the common man”, rather than looking out for the rich, (like GW Bush did over the last decade).

The President must find it increasingly frustrating that WE the people VOTED him in to change things and then VOTED in a band of party opposers to hinder him from doing so.

How CONFUSED are WE the people?

That’s like getting into your new car and putting one foot on the gas and the other on the break then complaining that the car won’t go. WE voted the president in to work for us. WE voted for the party that will oppose him, (whats worst — some of us didn’t MID TERM VOTE @ all), and WE wonder WHY nothing is getting done.

SIMPLE, however, it makes no sense at all.

So The Economy is LAME — Whose to to BLAME?

WE the people
should be at the top of the steeple.

What kind of dung are WE on –
further weakening what’s left of the strong?

This reads like a bad TWILIGHT script:
Bella wants to be ‘vampire bitten’ AND ‘dog kissed’.
(what a CONFUSED little twit)

Do you want to move up & forward or continue to decline over time?
WE the people desperately need to be on one accord, the same vibe.

For UNITY we should strive – anything else is uncivilized.
Imagine how our home front looks in a foreign country’s eyes…

The Wiki Leaks debacle has been executed and is still breaking coveted ground.
The whole purpose of the classified leak is to bring America down.

WE the people are divided on how we collectively feel
today it is your choice – tomorrow we’ll pray Gods will.

You think times are bad now? Oh mole – be still.
Come up out of the dark & lets unite on ‘the hill‘.

The HUFFINGTON POST is good for disclosing
a lot of information WE should COLLECTIVELY be knowing.

A lot of folks aren’t interested in watching the media’s lows. Stand strong. Your position is hot.
So I hit the wires, with griot fire – to educate the News-Follower-NOT.
Magazine relations are the best tool I’ve got. πŸ™‚

Entertaining, Informative and a whole lot bolder,
I’m Qui
and WE the people have put this LAME on our own shoulders.

Let’s shake it off.
Education & Unity is a better than fair cost.

Snipes Holdiay Swipe

In Griot, Movies, News on December 7, 2010 at 7:58 pm

So Wesley Snipes
won’t be home for the holiday hype.

Unpaid taxes will get’cha. We all have our legal troubles,
but if you’re a black man please know — that goes double. πŸ˜‰

I really don’t know what to think about compassion these days,
Wes put in for a delay of incarceration – but the judge said ‘no way’.

I respect ‘your honors’ decision – I just thought I’d let you know
that MO’ BETTER BLUES’ Shadow won’t be home for the holidays – YO!

Swiper don’t swipe me!
I’m Qui

bidding Wesley God speed.
Oooo Wee