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Over The Weekend

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We're not in KANSAS anymore

The weekend was great: The Cowboys visited The Colts & The Cowboys WON!
But they’re not going to the SUPER BOWL – so it was just for fun.

President Obama delivered a speech. He’s quick with words and a quip;
he had difficulties saying “superfluous” because of the stitches in his lip.

My fantastic i-phone 4 has all of the accessorized bells and whistles now:
This weekend I purchased external speakers and an awesome phone dash mount,
Then I rolled through the city and took in the awesome view.
I also did a little FaceTime and a brief Tango or two.
How was your view?

America needs an EDUCATION MAKEOVERTJ Holmes delved into this topic
and Steve Perry said all is not merry. Homework is needed to stop it.
Stop what? Poor homework ethics that often stem from disorganization at home.
He visited a couple of students rooms & quickly pointed out “the wrongs”.

There were permission slips to be signed – crumpled up on the floor
And a homework sheet, the student couldn’t find just the day before.
It’s hard to hit the high score at school when you shoot low at the crib
Steve encourages homework to start in the home to increase your competence dibs.

Good News: These issues can be resolved,
Though the PARENTS will need to positively be INVOLVED.

Steve also said something I thought was interesting when TJ asked him When a kid has tough background and situation, can a great teacher overcome those adverse circumstances and also can creating a great environment at home overcome a poor teacher?

STEVE: “A great teacher does always overcome home circumstances because very often it is the case that the teacher is teaching something that no one at home even knows how to do. So that’s proof. Can a great parent overcome a bad teacher — that’s a real tough one and– the answer is NO. In fact if a teacher is supposed to be teaching a child to count to 10 and they only teach them to count to 4 and the parent doesn’t know how to count to 10, then the parent is at the mercy of the school. And that’s where the real trouble comes from. I can do an EDUCATION MAKEOVER to help a parent get the most out of the school their child attends, but I can’t make a school a better school. Children need access to better schools”.

Recently Michelle Rhee shared her vision of tomorrows education with Oprah. Steve believes Michelle will be very instrumental in conveying the EDUCATIONAL MAKEOVER our system needs.

I sure hope education gets better. The standards are low. So sad is the truth.
I couldn’t for nothing get correct change from the chic working drive through.
If Dave were alive
he’d whip WENDY’s behind. lol! 🙂

Sunday found me at The Potters House & Paula White brought more good news
I worshipped God like I was in the club and became drunk off of: uplifting hues.

There’s a balance that was beautifully struck admist all that did come to pass,
I’m Qui
The MONDAY loving SHE – Not so thrilled about the surging prices of gas.