Uncle Funky’s Daughter

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If you don't know HER - You SHOULD

Don’t act like you don’t know Uncle Funky! Okay, okay in the fairness of honesty — I didn’t know Uncle Funky or his daughter TONYA REED, nor did I know the Salon and Boutique reside just down the street from me in Houston. Uncle Funky’s Daughter is an experience made possible by a young woman that was born in the ’70’s (a FUNKY era) who must undoubtedly be MADAM CJ WALKERS great, great, great DNA’d kin.

Who, since Madam CJ Walker has really cared about our hair without chemical application? If you know of another product that parallels Uncle Funkys Daughter – please tell me about it. For long black women, have jerry curled, straight permed, and/or covered their heads with lace, full, and half wigs to achieve “mane control”. We’ve even utilized no-lye (as if there is such a thing) texturizers to help coil our hair onto one wave pattern accord – to no avail.

Me? I opted for braiding my hair and wearing interchangeable fuzzy hatsie full & half wigs. I love my hair and refuse to damage it with one more chemical or one more comb & brush that’s not suited for my mane. Yes! I quit the comb and brush years ago. I tame my mane with my hands and water — much like Uncle Funky’s Daughter is going to do in the following video [courtesy of GREAT DAY HOUSTON]. The only difference between she and I is that the end result of hers was a road to freedom. She pampered the clients kinky hair into a happy mane of natural curls with an amazing soft feel & healthy shine:

I learned about her from My Moms.

She went to Houston wearing a wig that covered her natural [dry] curls
and returned with a shiny bounce – having quenched the bulk of her manes thirst.

She had the EXTRA BUTTER product in her purse to share with a friend.
She shared some with me – now WE both WIN!

Meeting Uncle Funky’s daughter is a fabulous New Year begin.
Out with the wigs because NATURAL funk is in!

Don’t live close to Houston, but looking for a real good tame?
You can shop online for the products to hydrate and unite your mane:

  1. Okay – Okay, I thought today would be a good day to update my PRODUCT REVIEW on UNCLE FUNKYS DAUGHTER “Extra Butter” Brilliant Shine Cream: IT’S GREAT. I’m still using it. It’s been 3 months. I cut my hair really short before using the product, because I want to grow my hair back out completely healthy and chemical free.

    Well it’s working. My hair is short and curly and soft. I wear a short do...I’d like to think of my haircut as ‘a black RACHEL MADDOW hair do’. lol! I kid you.

    But it is cut in a comparable style to Rachel Maddows, except my hair is naturally curly – where her’s is naturally straight.

    I feel so professional, so sexy, so free, so HAPPY THE CHEMICAL PHASE is finally dead.

    THE EXTRA BUTTER creme is so awesome. I’m certain I’ll be moving on to purchase more from their line up of products on their website.

    Do yourself a favor sister girl & check ’em out:

    Reel & Natural,
    I’m Qui

    Profile w/me.

  2. Post running this story I stumbled across a Mrs. Jessie’s and Dr. Miracle’s products review on YouTube Video Review. So naturally I followed through and visited Mrs. Jessie’s website as well as Dr. Miracle’s site. Both were forth right in products, but I seem to cater more to the “show and tell”, so Uncle Funkys Daughter is getting my money this holiday season. However DivineBlackness stated in her review a mixture of products may not be a bad idea too.

    I’m new to them all and I’m certainly willing – in the interest of “mane tame”. Amen. 🙂

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