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They're Talking to ME

I was bound to watch it – it’s just what the doctor ordered (along with Mother Natures low temperatures) and it is fast becoming one of my favorite talk shows – along side of Tyra Banks and The View. Are you watching it? It comes on CBS @ 2pm/1pm CST. The Talk is hosted by: Julie Chen, Sarah Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson-Peete, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Marissa was the former host of “Dance Your Ass Off”. Remember her? With the big hair and the big smile? Well on The Talk she’s working the audience aisle. She’s also toned down ‘the BIG HAIRSPRAY do’, added a blonde highlight or two and wha-lah! She’s back in business & looking good.

Though I’ve not caught an episode (yet) of Marissa sitting at the round table or perched on the couch alongside the other ladies. I’ve only been watching a week or two, because when it comes to adopting “new shows” I’m slow to move. I’m just picky. But the last couple of “Talks” I’ve tuned in to have been right on the money. Their current topics are dead on in vibe. I can honestly say I appreciate each woman on the panel and dig her individual vibe…what she brings to the table.

It’s a beautiful fresh bouquet of beauty, laughter, and relative life experiences. It’s a great afternoon pick me up. Tomorrow I’m sure to turn in because todays preview of Wednesdays show showed clips of Niecy Nash crying on the couch. Oh Lawd! Not Niecy. That’s my girl. I miss her on “CLEAN HOUSE“. Tempest Bledsoe is the shows new host and sticking true to how I do — I’m slow to move. I admit I have not tuned in yet to catch her in action. All the same, I KNOW I’m tuning in to The Talk on December 29th – I have got to see what the flower with the flower in hair has to say. Unnnn! (the noise Niecy is known to grunt). I wouldn’t miss it for a thing.

I’m sure I’ll hit the comment box with the details tomorrow.
Was Niecy crying out of happiness, or some sort of sorrow?

I don’t have a clue, so I won’t fictionally squawk.
I’m Qui
Instead I’ll update ‘my online conversate’ post Wednesdays broadcast of THE TALK.

Keep up with the conversation on TWITTER: TheTalk_CBS.
I’ll see you there.

  1. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE was the topic and Niecy Nash knows of domestic violence all to personally. Her reason for crying on the couch was not because of a nasty house needing to be cleaned, but because when she was younger she watched her mothers boyfriend shoot her mother (in front of all of her children) with a double barrel shotgun.

    No sooner than her mother could recover, Niecy’s brother, (her mothers only son) was shot and killed on the high school court yard. So wether it’s in the home or at the school DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is real and often fatal. However, Ms. Niecy found a way out: Through LAUGHTER.

    So then…she wasn’t born with that flower in her hair or a permanent smile? No she wasn’t. She’s a woman who aired it out on THE TALK to remind us all that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE has no place in anyones life. Notice the signs and get out – get away from it. God bless her brothers soul and God bless her mother. The power of laughter and love has her mother up and on her feet again. She has got to be Niecy’s BIGGEST FAN.

    Unnnnn! Who knew the RENO 911 star
    Ever had a bad moment spar?

    Now we know.

    !!!CONGRATS to Niecy on her MAY 2011 WEDDING !!!
    {From the picture we saw on the view
    Your fiance’ is all too cute. Oooo!}

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