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Shooting @ Safeway

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NOVEMBER 8th, 2012 — JARED LEE LOUGHNER has been sentenced to LIFE in PRISON. Read the details here: Huffington Post Reports

Shooting in Arizona - Jan. 8, 2011

Congresswoman shot in the head is alive – in a medical induced coma…

AZ [D] Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been shot in the head,
and rushed to the hospital – but thank God she’s not dead.

There was a rally inside of a Safeway some where in Arizona
and a man with a gun walked up and ‘point blanked’ on her.

The bullet entered through one temple & exited out of the other side.
It’s clear that the gunman was seeking to take the congress womans life.

But he didn’t stop there – Oh no. Not there.
He shot others as well – with “specific” care:

A bullet to their heads too. All in all the gunman shot eighteen.
This story is being broadcast LIVE & framed a developing scene.

The congress woman is in surgery now – alert and responding to Dr.’s commands,
I’m Qui
Rallying for peace in US politics – and laying the ill will of others in Gods hands.

PS — It’s being reported that Gabbie’s had a few ‘hater run-ins’
with constituents of the Tea Party kin.
Stay tuned. More details are bound to roll in…

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Looking GOOD Girl!

The new year brought in a new figure for Raven Symone – and I don’t mean the dollar and cents kind, though I’m sure they will closely follow much like Justin Bieber is attempting to #follow her on Twitter. Right? Thats right — the milky J-Bieb has exhibited a little Jungle Feve’. lol! How cute.

Cute like Raven – She looks great!
I wonder what it is she’s TAKEN OFF of her plate
that has drastically changed her full figured shape?
I hope we’ll be seeing more of her in our televisions face.

She’s positive proof that a child star can indeed grow up right in the television game;
In the face of ‘an abstinent struggle’you can resist drugs & maintain your good name.

Now give Raven Symone a hand.

She’s a young Oprah with a revamped figure and a new plan.