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Carlina White returns home - long after Jaycee Dugard's return

Okay here’s a BIG STORY I didn’t learn about through CNN
after 23 years kidnapped baby is reunited with kin.

Kidnapped from a NY hospital at just 19 days old –
she grew up under a the watch of “a con artists soul”.

She always felt she never resembled her (then current) kin,
so at 16 years old her “SLEUTH SENSES” began to kick in…

This story seemed destined to conclude with a real bad end –
but the 19 day old baby – has returned home, so the DNA family WINS!

I really can’t believe this story’s exposure isn’t bigger
Could it be – because she’s not blonde – no one pulled the CELEBRATION trigger?

Oh who knows and who really cares? I’m celebrating anyhow – and that’s firm.
Along with DUGARDs safe return home – this is another plus under the Obama term.

So all is well in the camp today, but the medias light doesn’t hugely reflect
The over comings that CARLINA WHITE has made to find her birth Mom & reconnect.

Now that the truth has come to light
Will suing the hospital for negligence – be her right?

Jaycee was recently awarded $20 million dollars for the states negligence.
So the prospect of Carlina being compensated may be in order; hence


Overcoming UNBELIEVABLE Odds

Look at that baby – She’s absolutely adorable still,
I’m Qui
Thanking God for ” baby she”

HAPPY ENDINGS yield me a hopeful thrill.

I just can’t believe this is not BIGGER NEWS. For real?